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Would be nice to take into consideration Sales Tax, Income Tax and Property Taxes. In the states it can be fairly misleading if you ignore these factors as some states have no personal income tax as an example and others have crazy sales tax and personal income tax combined with property tax. All these drain a persons resources when they move from one locale to another.

Not sure how to capture "soft" stuff like health care and/or vacation etc. I recently was surprised to learn the in New York an employer doesn't have to pay out unused vacation where as in other states they have to by law. This sort of stuff can certainly catch someone off guard when leaving a job to relocate.

Otherwise it's a very cool concept...

Salaries vary heavily by location; income taxes reduce net salaries, so you can just treat it as a lower net salary for the area.

Sales taxes and property taxes figure into prices of goods. The site already says to include sales taxes, though it would help to have rates noted explicitly. Property taxes should appear as an expense under housing.

Yeah some of the big states are fun.

I'm in NY, my property taxes are about 60% of my mortgage payment.

High property tax rate? High appreciation on your property? Or small mortgage?

Total property tax rate (school + city) is between 2.7 and 3 percent, depending on valuation. I live in an area with fairly moderate swings in valuation.

In small cities like mine, it's killing the housing stock, as taxes are increasing faster than wages, and people are deferring maintenance.

Sales taxes shouldn't be too hard to include, but I noticed the exact same problem in the comparison.

Most countries don't cut that out of the price. Only in the states, I think, do you have to do the math on the price.

In Canada, sales tax is applied at checkout and not included on price tags.

Ok, North America then :)

And projected earnings

numbeo.com has that (but Expatistan's display of price in both currencies is nice)

There are other websites for those things.

I would prefer this one focused on doing what it does right.

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