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At the moment I have no plans to open the data completely.

I do sometimes share the data with particular projects or developers on a case-by-case basis. If you are thinking about using the data for something interesting, you can contact me through the website.

Why not open it in a open data spirit to anyone so incentivise curious people can create nice analysis whenever they feel like it?

This will result in people attempting to outcompete his site using functionally the same business model and UX but superior SEO. c.f. StackOverflow clones.

He could charge for the usage of the data.

I would love to see businesses charging different prices to customers to offset global inequalities.

A simple and easy, but far from perfect, way to do this is to tie pricing to the location of the customer. E.g. 'download this book and pay as much as you pay for an espresso in your hometown.'

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