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PSLV-C23 Successfully Launches French Earth Observation Satellite, Four Others (isro.org)
203 points by svasan on June 30, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

Today, ISRO's PSLV[1] launched five international satellites into their sun-synchronous orbits - SPOT-7 from France, AISAT from Germany, NLS 7.1 and 7.2 from Canada, and VELOX-1 from Singapore[2]. This was PSLV's 25th successive successful mission.

Here's complete launch video if anyone's interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR5S5nNbd4U (00:45:00 onwards)

This was 114th space mission of ISRO. Here's a complete list of ISRO missions till date: http://www.isro.org/publications/pdf/114%20missions%20Brochu...

Next up, I am waiting for GSLV Mk3 X1 mission in July, in which they're going to test new GSLV Mk3 heavy lifter[3] launch vehicle and a Crew Module[4].





Any idea why the screen blacks out a few times from 2933 seconds? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR5S5nNbd4U&t=2933

> 25th successive successful mission.

You added a word. What is more impressive is the current streak of 23 successful missions going back to 1999.

> successive - following one another or following others

> successful - accomplishing an aim or purpose

What's the extra word here?

There have been 25 total successful missions for PSLV. 23 of them have been successive / consecutive. Considering that "successive" is not a word used commonly and that the fact that the number of "successive" missions was wrong, I thought it was a typo.

PSLV is still constrained by pay-load, it cannot carry more than 2000 kg loads. India should focus more on getting GSLV MK II and MK III to become more reliable so heavier pay-loads are delivered.

This title is neither descriptive nor neutral. The title in the page itself seems to be: "PSLV-C23 [Successfully] Launches French Earth Observation Satellite[- SPOT 7] and four other co-passenger satellites[ from SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota]"

I've put in brackets the parts of the title that I think can be omitted without loss of context. If changing the headline, I imagine adding something like, "Indian Space Organization's PSLV...." to the beginning of that headline is best.

You're right: the submitted title ("Indian Space workhorse PSLV delivers again") was badly editorialized. Submitters: doing that violates the HN guidelines. If it's necessary to change a title (because it's linkbait or misleading), please ensure that the title is accurate and neutral.

In this case the content itself has changed as the satellites were launched, so we've updated the title again.

I am amazed to see that this submission has gathered 65+ points without a single comment before this one.

This "very popular but seemingly not discussable" submission phenomenon is something that also fascinates me.

Is there a clever name for this phenomenon yet? If not...anybody want to attempt to give it one? 'Cause I got nothin'.

It's because comments like "wow that's cool" are discouraged here. If someone doesn't have anything to contribute to a conversation, they'll just leave an upvote. Apparently 65 people thought "wow that's cool" but didn't have anything to add.

I also feel like many will wait a story out, to see the first few comments which set the tone for the discussion and give points to debate/discuss.

very true and every site is different w/ regard to how the community responds/handles link discussion but it does seem that sometimes discussion doesn't seem to be "a thing" for certain links.

It sorta reminds me of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Googlewhack. Maybe it just needs a clever name?

"Like" syndrome?

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