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Great start. So will I be able to run a server where I can gradually switch out Google's implementation of services with these as they mature?

Not that easy. I'm trying that right now on a second phone. I've rolled my own ROM which I'll update this weekend with all the cool new stuff (especially the mock play services / maps v2): http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-nexus/development/rom...

mar-v-in and his µg are corner stones to build a nice free android. As for a server side I'd suggest ownCloud at the moment. I'm running one on ipv6 at home. Works great.

I commend your efforts, but a small rant: One thing that really puts me off xda is that the posts say "open source" but there is no link to anything like how to build the distribution yourself. Just a frickin' binary zip download. And that's served over http from a random site, with no checksums and unsigned.

Only Replicant seem to be doing things the right way, but they are going so slow, and are so unwilling to use proprietary blobs anywhere that there's a space for something like you have here - blobs for hardware features only, no proprietary apps, strongly anti-Google, including F-droid by default - but it needs a bit of proper open source-style organization.

Sigh. The whole ROM scene is a big mess :(

Huh, I have everything on github if you are interesting. https://github.com/gfreed

I am still using the blobs, but I was thinking about gradually replacing parts once replicant reaches a good-enough (e.g. samsung rild, have to try it though).

Btw, if you are interested in building the ROM add me on jabber (arty@jabber.ccc.de). I want to build the next version this weekend anyway and I may as well guide you through building roms, too. Plus I would appreciate help on porting to new devices :-P

[EDIT] I'm unhappy with the ROM scene, too. That's why I started my own ROM in the first place.

I couldn't agree more. I'm using ownCloud with InstandUpload to handle photo backup, and ownCloud itself for the DropBox equivalency. With Cal-DAV and Card-Dav enabled, owncloud let me disconnect from Google Contacts/Calendar. Owncloud support for rainloop means that I have GREAT webmail (which I never use) and more importantly, an IMAP server I run on top of this. It's becoming a lot easier to disconnect, with the sole exception of the Google Play store.

More importantly bitnami makes it a one-click install for all of the above, minus the IMAP server.

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