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Seymour Cray, the penultimate "tall, thin man." (microsoft.com)
5 points by asciilifeform 2796 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

Best quote:

Last week Control Data ... announced the 6600 system. I understand that in the laboratory developing the system there are only 34 people including the janitor. Of these, 14 are engineers and 4 are programmers ... Contrasting this modest effort with our vast development activities, I fail to understand why we have lost our industry leadership position by letting someone else offer the world's most powerful computer.

-- Thomas Watson, IBM, Aug 1963 (slide 44)

It seems like Mr. Watson has answered his own question.

-- Cray's response

I started my career in hardware, and Cray was always one of my heroes.

Who's the ultimate?

Carver Mead. Didn't make it to slide 2? :)


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