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Well not for actual code, but how about a medal for repairing a database?

It was 1984. I was stationed at Babenahusen, Germany - Field Artillery. Yes, I was a 13 Bang Bang (13B). At that time, I was the only one to have a PC in the barracks. I used to stretch a phone code to the wall phone in the next building and dial up BBS's.

Anyway, I ended up working on the brigade's Wang System. I got there cause the S2 saw me hacking away on my Commodore one night and thought I was perfect for the job. Next week I was reassigned. Classic for the Army.

The PBO (Property Book Officer) did something, I never found out what - but the system crashed. Many of the personal records were stored in that system (and on 8" Disc's - remember those?). And it was my job to fix it.

I had completed Wang's various training courses so I was familiar with the system. But I had no clue how to even figure out what happened. I ended up calling Wang in NYC. And over the phone their engineers and I got the system back up. It took almost 2 days. And I got at most an hour of sleep.

I got an Army Commendation Medal out of it.

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