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At the moment, if I should switch from Rails to another Ruby framework, the killer feature would be a well integrated built-in streaming support (something like Lotus::Live in this case), which nowadays is a must for a web framework; otherwise the stability of Rails and the big community around it (people, gems) would win against this project, as against the many other current Ruby frameworks.

Anyway I wish good luck for this project, which was created by a person of the same country of mine (Italy), of the same city (Rome) and which I met at the only Ruby meeting ever done in Rome I suppose, a couple of years ago.

Rails has http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActionController/Streamin... which I never used. It seems that Lotus::Live isn't ready yet. I can't find any docs for it so I don't know how they compare. Could you point me to an URL. Thanks.

Yes, but ActionController::Streaming is not made for long pooling; what I mean is 1) web sockets and/or server side events support and 2) Raisl streaming helpers (models watching, client events, etc.); essentially, the good parts of node.js frameworks.

Lotus::Live doesn't exist, it is a name example for the feature of which I feel the missing.

stop complaining and start a Rome Ruby meetup group. I did that couple of months ago with Ruby Zagreb meetup group. Europe, and especially eastern Europe needs more meetup groups!

I wasn't complaining about it, I just reminded when I met him. I don't feel the missing of meetups, I prefer internet communities (mailing lists, GitHub, HN...)

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