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Not the poster, but I've written a few small sinatra-endpoints in my time.

For example I wrote a self-hosted comment-system, which is like a very basic disqus service. The back-end is a simple sinatra service that just allows "GET /comments" and "POST comments". (http://github.com/skx/e-comments/)

Last week I wrote a webhook-consumer, again using Sinatra. It receives a POST from github, parses the received JSON, and adds some details of the body into a queue for later processing.

Both services allow simple deployment and total may 50 lines of code each.

Sounds very similar to the things I've done with web.py in Python-land. Very small, lightweight services that had no need for the power of Django. One such example was a GET/POST/DELETE service to vote on submitted items (ideas, in this case).

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