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At least one of these companies is a pure protection racket.

"ParkModo was recently offering $13 an hour to drivers who would occupy parking spaces in the Mission District during peak weekend times and then sell the spot through its app, a Craigslist job posting showed.

"'Get paid $13.00 per hour just to park!' the ad read. 'Our company is launching an awesome app that rewards people to sell their on-street parking spots before leaving to people who need a spot.'

"It went on to say that: 'Once you are parked, using the app, you will offer the spot for sale. … Once someone purchases the spot, you will complete the transaction with the buyer and then find another space to park in and start the process all over again!'"

It's as if AirBnB were paying people to burn down hotels.

This is disgusting. Parking in SF is already not easy, and now this cancer is moving in and exacerbating the problem.

Heh, I think you mean exacerbating

Looking for a parking spot is already a form of predatory behaviour in many places. Encouraging people to put a dollar value on a public space can't help.

Where do we go from here? An app to sell your spot in the grocery store checkout line?

Oh man! An app to sell your spot in the line at Centrelink - the Australian government agency who manages the 'Unemployment Benefit' aka 'Social Security'.

Chill people, the city is already doing this by adjusting meter rates with demand to assure that there is will always be a few street parking spaces available for those who are willing to pay for them. Living and parking in SF is not a god given right. EZ John

Do you even know what a protection racket is? Only one party to this affair goes around threatening people unless they pay up and its not Monkey Parking. edit nor ParkModo

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