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Show HN: Hublo – Retarget your visitors based on what they do on your site (hublo.com)
66 points by cissou on June 23, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 24 comments

The site/page is designed for people who clearly understand retargeting and segmentation. So you're likely targeting "switchers" -- and I'm not sure your messaging is designed to address the inertia of staying with an existing solution. There's also very little about your company and team... stuff that I believe matters to many.

Hey Lance! You're right in that we aren't targeting newcomers to the retargeting space. We want to prove that event-driven retargeting performs better (both for websites and visitors), and we only can do it with customers already doing retargeting.

This is very similar to what Brad and team did at Perfect Audience (recently acquired by Marin Software). I always liked being able to create my own custom segments off of regex pattern matching.

We're pushing it one step further: you can do the same with events, AJAX interactions, recency of visit, or whatever makes sense for your business. Without modifying the code further, obviously!

Welcome to the retargeting party! We wish you the best of luck.

In fairness, we've been offering this since 2012 via our Segmenting API. Anything that can fire a JS event can be used to trigger retargeting. It's awesome and is in production all over the place: http://support.perfectaudience.com/knowledgebase/articles/21...

Hi Brad ! Congratulations on the acquisition. We're trying to replicate what you did with the API, but with an interface that non-developers can use on their own. What do you think ?

I've played with the UI quickly and couldn't figure out how to actually create a funnel. Yes, I was able to track events, but not relate events to each other (e.g. click on shop + click on buy).

Report functions become available as soon as you place the code on your website!

Love the design overall. You might consider adding some more market-position content. E.g. How do you see Hublo as different than, say, Adroll?

The same as AdRoll conceptually, except we let people in charge of the campaigns (usually marketers, non-developers) add events and segmenting options on their own.

Clicks, form submits, time on site, number of sessions, last seen aren't available in AdRoll. We hope that by making those readily available, we'll be one step closer to make retargeting ads feel more like conversations, and less like...ads!

Thanks, that's helpful!

So you can do this google an events to create targeted lists ? Not sure I understand how this is different - site looks nice though.

If you're referring to Google Remarketing, it gives you the same capabilities, except it's a terrible pain to set up analytics, track events, make them into a list, move the list to AdWords, and optimize from there. We spent a lot of time doing this ourselves and figured, a unified, nice-looking (thanks for noticing :D) interface was the way to go.

Also, we let you target the same people on Facebook too, and Google Remarketing doesn't let you do that, so there's that too!

Sorry if the website feels a bit slow: we weren't expecting this much traffic! Happy to answer your questions here directly :)

What's your stack?

Our stack is Angular on the frontend and Node.js + MongoDB on the backend for now.

The main issue are our servers being on AWS Europe, will move some closer to the US soon :)

As you folks are based in Paris, it would be nice to have proper contact details and an imprint. Can't find either. Reference: Loi n° 2004-575 du 21 juin 2004 pour la confiance dans l'économie numérique (LCEN).

Thank you for your concern, we are not based in France though.

Ah sorry, that was whois based. Anyway, my feedback on the site is: no idea who's behind it and no word about the team or the organisation/company behind it. Landing pages convert better, if this is clear.

Other than that, the offering looks great.

Edit: If I google your company, it's currently incorparated in Paris, France.

As someone who has built and scaled a dsp for retargeting, I wish you luck! You are in for a hell of a ride...

Can you share any more information about this?

I'm a fairly senior digital media guy and am fascinated by ad tech (and almost ended up platform-side when I last switched jobs).

As I teach myself programming, I've been dying for great resources on the underlying guts of how DSPs work, API samples, algorithms, etc. but it seems like most of this is all highly proprietary stuff you only learn from actually working on an existing platform and seeing their codebase (which I'll almost certainly never have a chance to do).

Can you recommend any good resources for an inquisitive soul like myself who just wants to get a better technical view of the systems I've spent so many dollars through?

Appnexus has extensive documentation if you want to build your own bidder

Thanks for the good luck! Can you ping me at cyril@hublo.co so I can get your direct experience feedback? Would be great!

I've seen a couple products in this space lately, definitely makes a lot of sense. Great demo :)

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