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Woe unto he that has to work with the other guy's high level abstractions that are inflexible, internally complex, and only fit the limited set of uses that were encountered during the initial development and are not easily extensible for additional features.

I've spent most of my consulting career crash course hacking (no time/budget for a proper rewrite, incurring more technical debt... I do what I can to improve things structurally) around terrible, terrible pattern heavy libraries that sought to remove every single line of duplicate code and ended up abstracting out all the wrong things. I have literally spent man years dealing with bad object<->HTML mappers.

Code duplication can be overwhelmingly preferable to generalizations that are created too early. I say it is often good to duplicate code until you have a better perspective on what it really makes sense to abstract, and have a better perspective on what a good implementation of generalized abstractions will look like to allow maximum flexibility later.

Design pattern junkies have given me some of my worst days. I don't even know if this addresses your post, but I agree with it. Hacking some terrible code right now.

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