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Basil Zaharoff (wikipedia.org)
30 points by gwern on June 22, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

This is a low-quality article. "Zaharoff has his own evil skills to operate.", "In spite of it, Zaharoff used perverted methods, well-known later on".

That's not the kind of language one expects from an encyclopedia, even if you give the poor quality of the writing a pass. That said, I'm not convinced the international arms industry has grown more honest and open since the days of Zaharoff.

Low quality though it is, it was a great bus stop to exit at. I spent about an hour reading about Peral's submarine, torpedoes, and dreadnaughts. Good trail-head, if nothing else.

A low quality article from Wikipedia? Poorly written? Dubiously sourced? That's unpossible!

More to the point, a low quality wikipedia article on HN's front page.

I think that's because 1) it was submitted by gwern and 2) it's weekend

What's the point of posting non-descriptive link text? The ridiculousness of this policy is demonstrated here.

Don't look at me, my original title got edited.


    Zaharoff was known for his crafty, aggressive and
    corrupt business tactics. These included selling
    arms to both sides of conflicts, selling fake or
    faulty machinery to clients, and sabotaging

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