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Yet another vendor implementation, yet more divergent behavior to be expected...

What are some good examples of a vendor implementation that has divergent behavior that affects users negatively?

F5 load balances are a good example, where they reject TLS packets between 256 and 511 bytes in length, requiring user libraries to pad packets in that range to longer lengths.

Google and XMPP

That history has been really sad from the Android side too, not just the users who can't chat together any more. In the first Android beta there were a lot of XMPP classes that were really powerful, if you had all the right permissions and the user had the other people friended and running the same app, you could fire system events (intents) right in the other app through them. But in the second beta the XMPP classes were renamed GoogleTalk classes, and then on release they were all taken away. Now every app has to include a huge smack lib to have even less power than they had in the beta.

80s and 90s Unix.

"Embrace Extend Extinguish".

True but this implies that everyone should just use what's free so it can all be the same; even if the standard has many years-long unfixed bugs and is unresponsive to community fixes. I'm glad it's come to a head if it gets rid of a false sense of security.

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