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I am probably just an aging fuddy duddy, but the animated GIFs make me much less likely to share this article with my team.

Is this sarcasm or are you actually being serious? If you're being serious, why are you letting such absurdly superficial issues determine whether to share a genuinely informative and intereseting article?

Someone could ask the same but backward,why waste a good article with childish animated gifs.

Because they're hilarious, that's why. How about having a sense of humor?

When the CERN scientists presented their Higgs boson findings in Comic Sans did you dismiss them because, Comic Sans\?

The gifs aren't necessary, but I found them refreshingly amusing. This article isn't for a professional press release for a scientific journal, it's aphyr's blog.

Why so serious?


Someone spends hundreds of hours of their own time working on a blog post that is amazingly informative and you aren't going to share it because they put some fun in it.

If you work in a conservative shop, this is a real concern – there are still IT shops which have formal dress codes, etc. and managers who frown on anything like this as a sign of unproductive. Yes, that's pointless and wrong but that doesn't mean that there aren't people who have to worry about it.

It doesn't mean that aphyr was wrong to include them – if you do the hard work you can style it however you like – but it wouldn't surprise me to learn that some people do something like run it through instapaper before circulating it to the button-down set.

Personally I thought it was hilarious:

"I lost, like 27 pound."

"Oh my god, what's your secret?"

"... I had my arms ripped off."

"Oh, right."

I read this strictly for the animated gifs.

I'm curious what industry you're in. My impression is that most engineering teams wouldn't have a problem with the irreverence, but that teams in some industries (banking? health care? defense?) have more of a need to look like Serious Grown Ups.

I work in a large, conservative bank. I've already shared this article with the team. If information from this article was to be messaged upwards, that's where it gets placed into a standard branded PowerPoint and all personality/"fun" is removed.

Do you have no comment on the (brilliant, imho) substance of the article, just the presentation?

I don't, except to note that bad presentation is way more annoying when paired with high-quality content. If it was just about anyone else, I'd have closed the tab.

If enough people complain this time, maybe I won't have to waste a couple minutes clicking "Inspect Element -> display: none" on all the animated junk before reading the next article.

Subjective criticism is subjective.

Yes, you are just an aging fuddy duddy.

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