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So now you're down when you make a mistake and when facebook makes a mistake.

there is a bug in your logic. Correct operator is "or".

Programming use of logical operators and regular speech is not compatible. I agree that this is a bug in the English language but this is a forum, not a computer program.

I'm having a bit of trouble finding the maintainer. Possibly OED, but they don't have much in the way of API documentation and I still haven't found the revision history for the source to submit a patch.

Let me know when you find them. Someone removed Þ from the alphabet a few revisions back but I've got a patch to add it back in.

I too would like to deprecate 'or' in favour of 'ior' and 'xor'. Not sure whether A. A. Milne would like it though?

Today's unofficial but fun to pronounce related word is "specificity".

In this case "and" means "in addition to". "when you make a mistake" describes one set of situations, "when facebook makes a mistake" describes another set, and the "and" acts as a union operator. Nothing illogical here, though you might argue that English is ambiguous.

Even if I don't know you I fell pretty confident that is more probable that you are messing up with the login than FB. So the changes of a downtime are lower. The business value it's another topic...

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