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A recruiter setup an interview for me about an hour or so south of where I live. He talked up how great of a person the C is. I show up early and wait for the recruiter. He showed 10 minutes AFTER the interview was suppose to start and only then actually met the C person.

I started talking to the interviewer and found out that one of the main things on his list for a candidate was to be local. Within 5 minutes we both knew this wasn't going anywhere and wrapped it up.

A long time ago, I showed up in a company for interview after the recruiter told me so. The contact person didn't even know I suppose to be there.

After that, I refuse to go to any on site interview unless I talked to the hiring manager on phone for 10-20 minutes.

If the "lead" is from recruiter to my email inbox, I ask for job descriptions, salary range via email. 98% of "jobs" are rejected base on those info. Good for salary range - No need to "chat" with any headhunter, period!

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