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BZFlag: open-source, portable, online multi-player game (bzflag.org)
30 points by cryptonector on June 17, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

Man, I remember playing BZFlag in college, over 10 years ago. Fun to see it's still running...

Me too, but I remember I didn't like when the rules allowed jumping. :)

There are maps that don't allow jumping. Ducati maps, for example. All sorts of variations are possible.

Every few years I check in with BZFlag again and have a few moments play .. and get absolutely trounced by .. whoever/whatever .. is playing on the server I join. It's been very rare that I play for longer than 10 minutes .. just because its so darned frenetic and chaotic that its hard to get into the flow. I wonder if that has changed this year .. time to go find out. ;)

(I used to love playing Spectre VR [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectre_(video_game)] back in the day, multiplayer.. if BZFlag is too crazy, I may just try to rig up a Spectre VR network locally for my kids and me to have a few bashes...)

There is also ZeroBallistics: http://www.zeroballistics.com/downloads.php

Thanks for that, looks fun! There's something very appealing about tank games, it seems - both from the 'hmm, I'll write my own' angle as well as the 'spend hours in a virtual tank blowing things up' side of things. I guess it really appeals to some primal instinct .. at least, in my case I know its true. :)

Maps can slow down everything. Try Hix in slow motion... (there's also Hix in fast motion, but you shouldn't try that one!)

It's easy to run your own server and invite some equally inexperienced friends.

Probably my favourite game ever. Played mainly by die-hard experienced players. There's always talk of the game dying off, but still, here it is alive and reasonably well! The graphics would not impress anybody who is used to modern multiplayer games, but the gameplay is second to none. Easy to learn, difficult to master. And great fun to boot. Give it a try!

Actually the graphics are way past obsolescence and now in thoroughly classic territory - I believe they are now an asset to this game !

Somehow the red icon on the homepage instantly reminded me of the tank view of Bolo. I remember wasting hours playing it on the university network many many years ago...


Still rocking and the highly stylized graphics makes it great family fun with my daughters !

It's a 3D tank game, with user-designed maps.

There's roughly two types of play: league play, and not. The former are either CTF or 1vs1. The latter are any of free-for-all, CTF, or rabbit hunt.

Head on over. It's fun.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable game, especially with laser beams and the invisible cloak.

We need more league players... It's really fun folks, come on in!

Its in Arch's [extra] repo, which is convenient.

So basically this is Quake but with tanks?

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