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> It's more about poking fun at the unrealistic idealsim.

Haha, I see. All of these kooky ideas saying something better than what we have now is possible.

Silly statements like intellectual property is an illusion that we all "believe in" and clap our hands to.

I do find it sad that the OP of this thread deleted their post. They asked "What will end these patent wars?".

My assertion is with the way things are going, the wars will never end. Patent reform will never happen. Kindof like our other wars. We will get so close, just close enough to have hope. Then the powers that be who benefit from the situation will ensure such reform does not happen. It's a tried & true script. Machiavelli would be proud.

Maybe wars are the only way forward? Maybe peace is unrealistic idealism?

I say it's time to start thinking "unrealistic" thoughts.

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