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A more effective approach might be to maintain a peer-reviewed ranking of various large tech companies based upon their patent history and to semi-regularly publicly base your employment decisions upon said list.

I'd argue that merely holding an egregious patent should not be the criterion but rather using it in a unprovoked manner. However, as I say this I wonder whether my bias is showing... against Microsoft (who I am frankly not very fond of) vs Google (who I like much more).

It is clear that with their investment in the patent troll, Microsoft is evil. However, Google has tried to hold up the evil companies by using standards essential patents as well. I can try to justify it in my mind but is Google really better than Microsoft? We have yet to see (as far as I know) Google sue anybody but isn't having a trove of nuclear weapons enough of a reason to distrust someone? It is not like they have to blatantly display it for it to be a part of negotiations (might be hand wrangling if you're on the wrong end of it).

I am conflicted because the more I think about it, the more I doubt my previous assertion. A pledge to not use frivolous patents in an aggressive way is not sufficient. However, wouldn't I rather Google or Twitter hold a frivolous patent knowing they likely won't sue me directly (I have very small dreams and I doubt I'd ever show up on their radar). If it keeps one more patent off of the hands of Intellectual Ventures (or even the likes of Amazon.com, Apple, and Microsoft), isn't that a good thing for the world?

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