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> What will end these patent wars?

Make patents irrelevant by rejecting the current culture of consumerism that props up this system.

Some examples: Becoming active & thoughtful citizens, Free Software & Hardware, DIY culture, Decentralization, Buying Local, Black Markets, etc.

Edit: I expect to be downvoted by the sheep & those interested in keeping the status quo. Bring it on ;-)

Ah yes, the old 'clap your hands if you believe' trope[1].

[1] http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ClapYourHandsIfYo...

Hmm, I'm not seeing that analogy & how it relates to this discussion. Maybe you can connect the dots for me?


My interpretation of your statement is that I'm pleading for people to upvote my post. Here's my take:

HN karma is a silly metric. What does it measure? How in sync you are with other HN commenters' opinions?

I see downvotes as people's reaction to something that I view as truth. Most people don't like their viewpoints challenged and will often take measures to punish such viewpoints.

HN is kindof a pulse of the community and receptivity to certain viewpoints.

I'm also curious over the characteristics of people who habitually downvote. Do they tend to be more judgmental, closed minded, & cruel? What is the incentive? Are lack of upvotes not enough?

It's not a really effective way to encourage "correct" behavior. I guess it's a way of weeding out certain people. That's fine, I'm here to let people get their moral buzz by downvoting something they don't agree with.

Go ahead and downvote this post too :-)

Key point: > An old trope, wherein enough belief in something will actually cause things to happen, also known as "magical thinking".

If we all just believe, maaan, we can make these patents powerless over us!

It's more about poking fun at the unrealistic idealsim. But hey, shoot for the moon, if you miss you'll land among the stars! (or come crashing down to earth, showering your hapless spectators in burning kerosene and liquid oxygen).

> It's more about poking fun at the unrealistic idealsim.

Haha, I see. All of these kooky ideas saying something better than what we have now is possible.

Silly statements like intellectual property is an illusion that we all "believe in" and clap our hands to.

I do find it sad that the OP of this thread deleted their post. They asked "What will end these patent wars?".

My assertion is with the way things are going, the wars will never end. Patent reform will never happen. Kindof like our other wars. We will get so close, just close enough to have hope. Then the powers that be who benefit from the situation will ensure such reform does not happen. It's a tried & true script. Machiavelli would be proud.

Maybe wars are the only way forward? Maybe peace is unrealistic idealism?

I say it's time to start thinking "unrealistic" thoughts.

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