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Pixel Art + Star Trek = Pixel Trek (pixeltrek.com)
217 points by bane on June 14, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 59 comments

Having this on in the background compliments it ("Star Trek TNG Ambient Engine Noise (Idling for 24 hrs)"): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPoqNeR3_UA

Alternatively to mix BSG into it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOfPGbZoT4Y

If you want a highly customizable in-browser Star Trek ambient engine noise, check out this: http://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/spaceshipNoiseGenerator.php

It says "Ouch, you just hit one of the brand new noise generators! These generators are available to contributing visitors first, then become public after a while."

I say, "Ouch, I've never heard of your site before and just followed a link here. I'll probably never come back. Bye."

In chrome, go to the console.

> loadAllSounds();

But, consider contributing. Looks like the dude has put in a fair bit of effort.

Nice find. I put a lot of efforts, indeed. But I can't take it bad when pros like you are finding workarounds, to make the generator play despite of my poor coded restrictions. I know that you are the same people that are contributing anyway, once you have realised the amount of work behind the scenes. FYI, all generators turn public after a while. Including the Star Trek one. Unfortunately (for me), the link has been shared a bit to early. I may reconsider displaying such a message. Because, I totally agree, it is very frustrating for someone who doesn't know the site, and hit such a page as an entry page. He probably will go right away, without noticing that 90% of the generators are already available to him, for free.

Who ever developed that site has probably never heard of the engagement pyramid[1], you always have fewer contributors than non-contributing users. That kind of crowd sourced content mechanism is only hurting the site's growth. Consider imgur and reddit as examples where it's done right. They're defying reality. You can't turn that pyramid into a column.

[1] http://i.imgur.com/y2Kuz1S.png

Worked for me after reload

play -n -c1 synth whitenoise lowpass -1 120 lowpass -1 120 lowpass -1 120 gain +14

Not the author here, just thought this was cool.

My dream is to find a fully 3d realized model of the Enterprise, with working comm and internal computer systems that my friends and I can all pile into and adventure around the universe.

At least with this I can run around and figure out where all those mysterious bathrooms are.

I realize this is nothing like what you're looking for, but your comment reminded me of it. There's a game called Artemis (http://www.artemis.eochu.com/) that's a ton of fun. Essentially you can get a bunch of friends together with their laptops, desktops, android/iphones, tablets and all play together. You have people manning all different parts of the ship and go have battles in space. It's a lot of fun with the right group of friends, especially since you're all playing in the same room.

Reminiscent of Space Team: http://www.sleepingbeastgames.com

(less serious, shorter play times, jut as fun)

I've had this dream for a long time, too. A while ago I built a little text-based MUD kind of thing for this: http://deepship.com/ where you can have multiple people all controlling a ship in a little universe. There's not much gameplay and I've gotten a lot better at programming since this was made, so I'd still like to build out this kind of idea one day.

With a small transporter you don't need toilets anymore.

Seems like that would require an unnecessary amount of overhead to do something very simple.

with a large transporter you don't need spaceships anymore.

A modeler is making a faithful recreation of the upper four decks in CryEngine[1], which is quite an undertaking because of the multiple, contradictory, and often physically impossible schematics used during TNG's production. CryEngine has some support for in-world user interfaces with mouse interaction (although Doom 3 still did it best), and with Awesomium you could hook it up to a more familiar CSS/HTML stack. Significant modification would probably be required to scale anything to the number of interactive displays on the ship, though. So get cracking on a robust LCARS spec, get the modeler onboard, get sponsorship from Oculus for a virtual Enterprise launch title, and make CBS a pitch they can't turn down.

[1] http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?t=217183

If you have an Oculus, here is a start: https://developer.oculusvr.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=8...

Oh man... I thought I wanted an Oculus Rift before!

Full life-size ship with all rooms filled out has been built in minecraft at least - http://minetrekshipyards.wikispaces.com

Given all the people in this post that are talking about wanting a 3D Star Trek game that lets you explore ships, I think I should plug RPG-X, a free game based on Star Trek: Elite Force that lets you do just that. [1]

Full disclosure: I helped develop parts of RPG-X and I administrate the site where most of the community sits now.

[1] http://www.last-outpost.net/rpg-x/

I was a developer on a Star Trek Online MMO game (at Perpetual Entertainment, before Cryptic Studios). The most requested feature from beta testers was "ship interiors". The game designers were ex-Blizzard people, so they were recreating what we jokingly called "WoW in Spaaaace". People were clamoring for "Star Trek: The Sims", but we wouldn't give it to them, probably because it would only appeal to a small number of hard core fans.

A good example of a "ship interiors" game was Seed, a cartoony MMORPG on board a generation ship. The game play involved collaborating with other players to run the ship.


I still play STO and love it. I don't visit the interiors too often but they are done well.

I'd kill for a SimTrek game where I could just manage a starship and it's daily business.

Voyager would be awesome.

This is pretty neat in the art and navigation around the ship alone. I'm not sure otherwise if I understand the objective :-) Are you planning to make it interactive?

Thanks for the nostalgia.

I opened this page with the expectation too see some simple images, only to find myself walking through the enterprise. Awesome! But then I was wandering around enjoying the scenery with no clue what to do and very little interaction. Don't get me wrong, it's really cool. Please bring more, there's a lot of potential.

In the Foyer...there's ET???

EDIT: Screencap: http://postimg.org/image/6gggn4rsz/

EDIT 2: Btw, I love it. I'm having fun trying to get to the lower decks.

pretty sure I saw tribbles in a storage room too. ha!

Sigh, even retro Starb Trek pixel art is infected by casual sexual objectification of (exclusively) women, with short skirts and huge chests.

This is how the show portrayed women for the first several seasons. Would you prefer a retcon?

If it was even that; the game features many female characters dressed exactly the same as male characters, but the GP (who obviously had not played the game) had to pick on one exception - a screenshot that portrays two people in dress uniforms. Is United States Army sexist as well [0]? Or just maybe one can find gender issues everywhere if one tries hard enough.

[0] - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ea/US-NEW-CL...

This is great. I love the easter eggs, like the one on deck 3. I won't spoil it, but someone in the storage compartment is having troubles.

Captain, we have a problem. https://imgur.com/urAerQJ

This reminds me of Trexels, a print created by John Martz in 2010. It's no longer available in print, but still fun to look through.


Buy yourself an Oculus rift and try this, trust me you will not be disappointed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUD95E3G2wc

Well done!

Just out of curiosity, if "Pixeltrek is a private project with a non-commercial and non-profitable background", then why isn't it open source? I'm sure the community would love to play with it! :)

> I'm sure the community would love to play with it! :)

I get the feeling that this is exactly the reason why the project is not open-sourced yet. It's an art project. Open-sourcing now has a risk that "the community" could take his work and develop it in a different direction than the author imagined or intended.

And immediately I notice a limitation of Flash: unable to zoom in :( http://i.imgur.com/PwvzQyA.png

Next time, WebGL, please :)

This is a limitation based on how the app was coded; not an inherent limitation of Flash.

I've built plenty of Flash apps that can handle zoom. Sometimes zooming in means that the 'sprites' get bigger. Sometimes it means more data is shown on the screen at once. It depends on the app and how it is implemented.

Awesome! I home this project will grow to cover the whole ship and that it will gain some interactivity. I can see a potential for a great starship simulator game here!

One thing bugs me though. How did I get to the battle bridge from the main bridge? :o. I might be misremembering something from TNG, but I was pretty sure the battle bridge was in the middle of the engine section of the Enterprise, not a door away from the main bridge...

In the expansion to the star trek voyager elite force game, it was possible to go through the whole ship for a paperchase.

Is it possible to interact with the other characters or is it just walking around ?

has anyone managed to find Ten Forward or the Holodeck?

Oh, duh. Ten Forward is on Deck 10. Doesn't look like they've gotten that far yet (or else I just haven't figured out how to get there).

Looks good, can you offer more info about what engine you're using etc? Also, is there a point or just wander around and admire the ride?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like it's a Flash engine, which means it's likely custom rather than a game 'engine', so to speak.

Looks great. Visuals remind me of Star Command.


I heard this game was done very badly, especially kickstarters may have been hugely disappointed. Did you play it?

The turbolift doesn't seem to work, I'm stuck on the same level I started on.

The turbolift will only go to floors you've previously reached on foot. There are stairs that lead to different decks, though they can be tricky to find in some cases. That seems to be the only "gameplay" mechanic here. Probably won't be winning any game-of-the-year awards, but I'm having a blast just the same.

How do I get to Engineering?

looks like there will be a way by going to the battle bridge, but there's a locked door with passages behind it, probably still under costruction; check back later.

Right, I personally can't get past the foyer.

that's not how you get to the battle bridge... I can't get past the foyer, either.

Is the Pixel Trek ship layout accurate to the show and published diagrams?

I believe they've taken a few small liberties. As a joke, the Enterprise D had only a single bathroom (to boldly go indeed!), while Pixel Trek has them scattered about.

Make it so! *soon


Jean-Luc, you've really let yourself go, dude.

Please make it with JavaScript and open (no flash), so everybody can make an own real game with the base sources.

This was exactly what I would suggest. If you have no commercial interest, try to make it as open as possible that the community can profit from it as a whole. HTML5+Github+Reddit Thread might result some interesting viral effects.

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