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"rm -rf /" was how I advanced in career.

A long time ago, in a job far, far away, I was a lowly CAD Operator making technical drawings of electrical diagrams and switchgear enclosure plans. This was on Tektronix terminals each attached to their own Tektronix servers (which as I recall ran BSD at first then switched to SVr4)

A fellow lowly cad operator decided to try out the "rm -rf" command (at that time we each had superuser access to our servers - innocent days) on his server. In those days you could hear the hard drive access each sector, and so it was I heard the faint but distinctive click-click-click of the read/write head slowly but surely going down the sectors as the rm command took hold, followed by my cow-orker's face gradually but increasingly turning white, going through to green, as he realised that a major project's 2 months of un-backed up CAD drawings were gurgling down the virtual drain (again innocent times - no backups).

Being a bit of an unofficial Unix Nerd (I whiled away my spare times there learning how these boxes worked), I had the chance to show my knowledge, explain what went wrong, and how we could prevent this in the future, resulting in - after 2 weeks of overtime for all to re-draw and catch up with the 2 months of lost project work - removal of root access to the systems to all but myself and other key personnel, and a tape backup system with a rigidly kept backup schedule, and subsequent no loss of data after that.

I eventually became in charge of the CAD dept, and years later ended up as manager of IT at a different company, and now run my own IT company ;)

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