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I'll plant my lawn sign to lobby for support. I think this is such a completely new way of running a shell it's worth investing in to see how far it can get.

Maybe I am a computing retrofuturist, but I like anything that pushes towards a Plan 9 / Smalltalk / Jef Raskin like dynamic, configurable, adaptable, programmable, textual user interface.

Also, recognition is always better than recall. I hate the UNIXy command line. I have limited brain capacity and I don't want to lard it down with knowing that it's ssh -p but scp -P. If this can help with that, awesome.

>> ssh -p but scp -P

I hate inconsistent command line interfaces, too. If you type `ssh` it dumps usage information. Most commands will respond to `command --help` (but not ssh, irritatingly). Failing that, you can write shell functions to wrap your own interfaces around commands -- I do this all the time.

Exactly, and I believe that Xiki is trying to make that flow much more pleasant. :)

Thanks so much sunir! I love the unixy command line. I think there's a path to bringing command line haters and lovers together, to get us all creating and sharing commands that we can use with our UI method of choice.

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