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My suggestion: lose the frantic, cheesy music in the video. It made watching the video thoroughly unpleasant.

Seconded. It's like you're telling me, "we don't believe in our product so have some cheesy music to up the hype". Music was worst part. I was trying to ponder your invention and failed.

Corollary: spend years working on product, ruin it with one stupid customer-facing decision like annoying music. Talk about your one-percenter.

Sorry you don't like the music. I showed it to a bunch of people and they said good things about the music.

The music was actually created via the xiki "piano" command (and then enhanced with garage band). I was going to emphasize that but ran out of time... There are 16 backers so far (and only a few are friends) so hopefully it hasn't ruined it for everyone.

I was also annoyed by the music. Way too many sounds going on. It's a nice demo though, but the video would be better without the music.

Be careful about feedback from friends (or even just showing your stuff to people IRL). Friends and family are often too nice to provide usable feedback. On the internet, people will be brutally honest which is awesome when you want to know of every single little defect with a product.

I don't think that describing it as just cheesy and annoying does it justice, although some people might get that feeling.

Music was a bit over the top but not sure if that was bad or good. It set kind of an epic and exciting ambiance to the video I think. Maybe a bit too much but not sure.

I think if the tool wasn't as awesome it would be too much but it is a badass tool so probably a soundtrack that epic is warranted.

That's nice, a piano command!

But its always better to roll out music that really fits than one that actually misses out the point. Now so many won't know the music came form that! You can maybe update the kickstarter page to include that.

On a side note, music is something that's universal to everyone. Something that we can use to connect with any other person on this earth! Have something really good or inspirational with less actual content in the video, it could still be a success! But if the background music isn't appealing enough, nor the product in the video no matter how great it is! (This is, of course, not the case with all!)

The music was fine, not that big a deal. Altogether the video didn't blow my mind like the short screencast on xiki.org did, but that may be because my mind was already blown.

Unfortunately I have to concur about losing the music. I found it so distracting that I actually couldn't focus on what the voice was saying.

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