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Dictionary of Navy Slang [pdf] (goatlocker.org)
29 points by pmoriarty on June 9, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Former submariner here. I'm glad they included my favorite Navy definition, which I think can be important for startups, too.

"50/50/90: Used to describe the phenomenon whereby a question that statistically has a 50/50 chance of being answered correctly is actually answered incorrectly 90% of the time. Used primarily in reference to nuclear operators, who tend to over-think ("nuke") a problem."

One of the first things to hit me when I began working for the Navy was the frustrating amount of acronyms and slang they used. And I'm talking about the engineering headquarters (a very white-collar place), not some base or ship.

At first it frustrates the heck out of you, because you have to look up definitions all the time. Then, before you even realize, you're talking just like everybody else and nobody outside of your organization can understand you.

And I came to the Navy with seagoing experience and education... I can't imagine how confusing the language must be to someone coming from, say, a regular engineering school.

"Beer ticket" is hilarious. I will be in the same situation up on arriving to my motherhood: I've been abroad for 3 years already and devaluation of the local ruble is about 10%/year. Good beer could cost more than 100 000 in local currency.

Did not know the Navy also had such slang - here's some from the Marine Corps: http://4mermarine.com/USMC/dictionary.html

As a submariner, this is very accurate.

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