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I wonder what the claimed and "aimed for" compatibility with Zend is actually like. How much of the standard library is implemented? How about common extensions? Is the casting behaviour the same?

Performance is meaningless if your VM can't run people's code.

They seem to be using the same test suite as Zend PHP. Which would mean they should be pretty compatible.

Not sure how many of those they are actually passing though. https://github.com/hippyvm/hippyvm/tree/master/test_phpt/Zen...

Looks like they've copied some of PHP's tests, yes. But being able to run run-tests.php and being compatible aren't quite the same thing, really. It's how many tests pass that count.

Technical side-note: /Zend there appears to be just the tests for the Zend engine (i.e. from PHP's /Zend/tests), while the containing directory contains test folders copied from other parts of PHP (like the standard library)

It's also worth noting that not even PHP itself passes their own test suite. At the time of writing http://gcov.php.net/viewer.php?version=PHP_5_5 states:

Overview of PHP_5_5

Build Status: OK Last Build Time: 2 days

Compile Warnings: 611 Code Coverage: 0.3% Test Failures: 78 Expected Test Failures: 42 Valgrind Reports: 44

The "Expected Test Failures" is fascinating. http://gcov.php.net/viewer.php?version=PHP_5_5&func=expected...

That's true, but PHP still passes the vast majority of its tests.


We working hard to be as close to Zend as possible, though we are not there yet. You can try "translate" and run HippyVM against php-src suite.

"Basic" PHP compatibility was achieved which means that most of the syntax and stdlib from recent PHP is there. What we are doing right now is implementing modules (phar, fcgi, ...)

It is meaningful even if it can't run everyone's code.

I disagree. If it doesn't implement much of PHP, it is not PHP.

We are trying to be bug to bug compatible with Zend PHP. And trying to implement more and more extensions.

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