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This keep coming up again and again.

As a PHP perf guy for serveral years, I have some weird questions to ask.

Is this an HTTP serving language VM or just a PHP as a language VM?

Because I spent years fixing the first part without ever really doing anything about the second part of that question.

If it can't listen on port 80, my interest drops a lot in the new VM - I'm not going to write scipy/numba.py problems in PHP, even if I could.

It seems to me that it only lacks a fastcgi implementation (like php-fpm) or something like Apache's PHP module.

Am I missing something?

Even if it is the latter, couldn't you write a pure PHP implementation of a web server, and use that to server your PHP website?

Much like WSGI in the Python world?

ReactPHP does exactly that, heh. Running an event loop on HippyVM with RPythons JIT? Yes please!

They're working on the HTTP server.

Just for the record, I have the exact opposite opinion. If you have the second, you can use it to build anything.

we have a php-fpm equivalent. It's not open source though.

> As a PHP perf guy for serveral years

Sorry, couldn't help noticing, serveral years... :)

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