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The slider only goes to 8pm and sunset isn't until 9:57pm tonight in Glasgow. And before you say anything the Sun is shining down brightly at the moment.

The little display on the right with the building models is very cute. Looks like someone has run some vision algorithm over the satellite images.

For me http://www.taps-aff.co.uk/ is usually the go-to site. Certainly a taps-aff kinda day!

I usually joke that here in Scotland people go out sunbathing when the temperature goes over 10C for the first time - sure enough at the end of March I saw a couple walking up from Princes Street Gardens in shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops - the temperature: 11C

We get three days a year to get our annual Vitamin D allowance, it's good sense!

Must be a universal phenomenon. We have a similar thing in Chicago.


Just got back from a semester in Glasgow, can confirm. As someone from the southern US though, I can't blame them. You have to take advantage of any sun you can get.

Although the combination of strong sunlight and your typical peely-wally Scot is often not a happy one.

I think this guy has been using both of these sites: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-27730323

Where are ye...? Location 'London' unknown :(

Everyone knows that you don't get sun in Glasgow.

It's like Brigadoon - whole parts of the country only exist for the once in a hundred years when the sun shines.

As a Sassenach, I often forget that Scotland gets longer days in the Summer.

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