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Pints in the sun (pintsinthesun.co.uk)
83 points by grahamel on June 6, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 47 comments

In case anyone came here thinking about how many pints fit in the sun, the answer is:

2.984×10^30 pints

The slider only goes to 8pm and sunset isn't until 9:57pm tonight in Glasgow. And before you say anything the Sun is shining down brightly at the moment.

The little display on the right with the building models is very cute. Looks like someone has run some vision algorithm over the satellite images.

For me http://www.taps-aff.co.uk/ is usually the go-to site. Certainly a taps-aff kinda day!

I usually joke that here in Scotland people go out sunbathing when the temperature goes over 10C for the first time - sure enough at the end of March I saw a couple walking up from Princes Street Gardens in shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops - the temperature: 11C

We get three days a year to get our annual Vitamin D allowance, it's good sense!

Must be a universal phenomenon. We have a similar thing in Chicago.


Just got back from a semester in Glasgow, can confirm. As someone from the southern US though, I can't blame them. You have to take advantage of any sun you can get.

Although the combination of strong sunlight and your typical peely-wally Scot is often not a happy one.

I think this guy has been using both of these sites: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-27730323

Where are ye...? Location 'London' unknown :(

Everyone knows that you don't get sun in Glasgow.

It's like Brigadoon - whole parts of the country only exist for the once in a hundred years when the sun shines.

As a Sassenach, I often forget that Scotland gets longer days in the Summer.

I live and work just next to Boxpark, and was very amazed that it was able to locate me so accurately without me turning on location services.

Until I figured out that is the default starting position.

I did the exact same thing!

Shoreditch yo!

I think that's where their office is

I'm curious about this, it located me down to the intersection in SF, and I have Chrome set to ask when sites try to geolocate, but it did not ask me on the site...

Lovely idea - but I’m not sure height of the building data is accurate enough.

For example, here in Edinburgh one of the best (indeed rare) beer gardens is the Pear Tree:


Which is notorious for the dreaded shadow of nearby Appleton Tower (8 stories, immediately to the west) curtailing an evenings imbibing..

It gets the building data from OpenStreetMap, there isn't any info on the height (so it must be guessing):


They link to a more detailed description, it isn't very prominent:


Yeh, it mostly guesses as there isn't that much height data ;)

I guess this is a UK thing? I typically look for shaded beer gardens here in the Midwestern United States.

Edit: Plus, direct sunlight can skunk a hoppy beer in minutes.

Hoppy beer is already skunked! (j/k)

But seriously, a cold beer in the hot sun can be one of life's little pleasures, but it requires the right kind of beer - typically one that you wouldn't drink otherwise. For instance, I would never touch a Corona in a bar, but a Corona with a lime on the beach is a completely different experience. However, my go-to sun-beer is a nice Blue Moon with an orange slice, which is another beer I typically wouldn't drink otherwise.

Neat! Two facts about drinking beer outdoors: 1) Norwegian has a word for it: utepils.http://enthusiastslexicon.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/utepils/

2) a hoppy beer in the sun can skunk in minutes. So keep those under an umbrella.

Would work nicely for Amsterdam, except that it considers houseboats down in the canals buildings that throw as much shadow as the buildings around them, thereby eliminating 50% of the options in my neighborhood (all canals, all filled with boats).

Nice! We actually did the same in Paris a few months ago with OSM & d3 :) https://twitter.com/snips/status/452943384702119936

I think the results need to include rain/cloud coverage for pubs in the UK.

Yes, if you included this data then you could add notification alerts to your mobile as well:

"It is now sunny in the beer garden of your favourite pub."

"Clear your schedule, there is an 80% chance of it being sunny in your favourite pub between 1pm and 3pm this coming Saturday."

"Clear your schedule, there is a 5% chance of it being sunny in a pub in your city between 8am and midnight this coming Wednesday."

We need this for SF! For such a (comparatively) sunny place, I've struggled to find good places to sit and drink in the sun (moved from the UK in August).

Seconded! Sunny beer spots seems like secret knowledge passed from coworker to friend to relative around here...

Reminds me of the almost identical https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/beerinthesun/beer-in-th... which was around last year. Looks like their homepage (beerinthesun.com) is now something completely different.

Doesn't work for me. Mac Chrome 35. Clicking search does nothing, tried with extensions off too.

On the idea itself I did this myself using R a few months back for the pubs in Islington to schedule meetups with friends when the sun was out for the weekend. Good to have it as a site.

This data is also available for The Netherlands:


Yes we have height differences as well!

Great idea but right now I'm in East Midtown NYC. Not a lot of sun at any time of day. Don't think this app takes into account height of buildings, which is kinda important...

Nice site, took a lot of refreshes for it to work for me though (console is saying that certain scripts were not loading because they were timing out (jquery, moment)).

Guess this is the hacker news effect, but I can't get the website to yield a single result. Which is a real shame as it's a beautiful day in London town.

I can't either. I'm seeing a cross domain error in the console

XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://api.foursquare.com/v2/venues/search?client_id=FNJEOV.... No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://pintsinthesun.co.uk' is therefore not allowed access.

Ughh, what browser?

Chrome 35.0.1916.114 m on windows 7 64 bit

They've put it all on github so I guess you can try locally:


Works perfectly for the pub I usually frequent in Middlesbrough, where post-5pm half the beer garden is in the shade.

I have to say that I appreciate someone attacking this long neglected problem. Crowdsourcing at it's finest!

Great idea, my friend and I are always choosing a bar based on outside seating and if there is sun or not.

Distance to pub, and possibly link to beerintheevening so it's possible to see reviews could be good.

Is it possible to show a green area on the map for the pub's beer garden/outdoor areas?

You know what's even better than a cold beer on a hot, sunny day?


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