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Couple of notes:

* It is easier to just install a Linux 3.15 kernel. I installed the latest RC on Ubuntu 14.04 and that did the trick.

* You should not have to install Mountain Lion first. I made a Mavericks ISO using the script mentioned and it installed without any issues

* The Qemu that ships with Ubuntu 14.04 is new enough. No need to compile your own. Those patches are pretty old and if your distro is up to date then you most likely already have a Qemu that just works.

This posting also has more info http://blog.ostanin.org/2014/02/11/playing-with-mac-os-x-on-...

It would've been helpful if the guide mentioned the required KVM and Qemu versions by their version numbers. Users like me (Arch Linux, Gentoo etc.) and Ubuntu, Fedors users in the future could check and avoid installing from source.

Looking up qemu-kvm in Ubuntu 14.04 now, it's version "2.0.0~rc1+dfsg-0ubuntu3.1", which is similar to the version in my Debian Jessie/Testing machine (2.0.0+dfsg-6). Time to try this out, methinks.

Edit: try this out another time - you need access to an OSX machine to do various steps of the process.

Run the file utility over the DMG that you have. If it comes up as having a boot sector in it (aside from a hfsplus filesystem), you should be able to use qemu-img to convert it to something qemu or VirtualBox can use.

Are you speaking from experience? Because that doesn't work since 10.8 I think. You need to use the script to turn the dog into an iso. It is not just a format change, it actually changes the structure of the contents.

Ah, my source image may have already been modified. Thanks for the pointer.

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