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>> Contiki will soon face competition from the likes of Microsoft, which recently announced Windows for the Internet of Things [0]. But while Microsoft’s new operating system will be free for devices less than 9 inches in size, it won’t be open source. And Contiki has an 11-year head start.

What? Why even mention windows here, these two OS's aren't even close to being in the same category other than they share the price tag of "free". I'd like to see windows try to run in under 128mb let alone the 1mb for linux or the mere kilobytes need for Contiki. A windows mention here seems very out of place.

[0] http://www.wired.com/2014/04/free-windows/

Well, it's Wired. You shouldn't be surprised, as it's how the do it all the time :)

Unless Microsoft throws everything out and starts fresh, it's doubtful they'll ever have a serious contender for the embedded market.

Agreed, though Microsoft is trying to push into the area of IoT - I believe part of their plan is to be a vendor of the backend cloud services, running on Azure.

I don't know what the current Windows embedded offering is, but Windows CE has a long history of running on fairly small devices. I've seen it on printers, in-flight entertainment systems, ATMs, oscilloscopes, etc. It's heavier than Contiki, sure, but on par with Linux, from what I've seen.

Yeah it's not really Windows for the IoT, it's Windows for semi-embedded.

Isn't that Windows CE?

No, Windows CE doesn't exist any longer.

CE has become Windows Embedded Compact; and there is a Windows Embedded Standard as well (stripped down components of the desktop OS, if I recall).


That struck me too. 'Oh boy I bet the Contiki crew is shaking in their boots: "MSFT is gonna crush us like they crushed iOS & Android!"' lol... if history is any indicator, they don't have much to worry about.

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