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I love this, I remember back when Adam Dunkels came up with this and feeling proud that he was from Sweden.

Here's a quote of his I kept with me from those days, paraphrased.

    When I program I always try to code as if I'm writing for a PDP-11. 
So no wonder he made such compact C code for the C64.

Slightly OT, but I'm constantly amazed what swedes manage to pull off, considering their small population size they have a lot of impact.

Their government pays people to write free software.

What? I have never heard of this as a Swede, what are you referring you?

In the same way polar bears roam the streets.

The platform I learned to develop on was a very small cellphone; learning to live in tight resources is a skillset that sadly not enough people practice. Even today on much larger systems I still out of habit minimize code and resources more than I need to.

I was never forced to write like that but I have the same habit of wanting to minimize the resources I use and the dependencies.

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