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Somebody Else's Problem (wikipedia.org)
28 points by todayiamme on June 3, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

I've always enjoyed when a work of fiction manages to make a point so well that it's the most useful and convenient way to discuss a class of real-world situations.

Works particularly well when a work does so in a timeless way. Blunt references to current events or specific real-world analogues don't hold up well to time; the observations that stand the test of time never make you immediately think "oh, he's referring to $SPECIFIC_REAL_WORLD_THING, groan".

Ah, the classics, love THHGTTG. Served me well growing up as an angry teenager. And still serves me well today making me laugh at how ridiculous this entire life, universe and everything really is.

The series to me keeps seeming increasingly prescient as much as it is inaccurate. He hung around a lot of froods and was able to capture a little bit of the subtle underside of tech in society.

For instance, Hacker News's continuing descent into a babbling echo chamber convinced of it's own superiority is someone else's problem. You can safely ignore this comment.

Actually, the article describes a SEP as an actual problem in need of recognition. No matter how much HN becomes redditified, it's still not a real issue, and only affects those who care about it.

So no, it's really just your problem. :P

I hope I didn't just contribute to the problem.

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