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[dupe] Swift Language Guide (ePub download, no iBooks needed) (dropbox.com)
19 points by feifan on June 2, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

  > No part of  this publication may be reproduced, stored  in a retrieval
  > system,  or transmitted,  in any  form  or by  any means,  mechanical,
  > electronic,  photocopying,  recording,  or  otherwise,  without  prior
  > written permission  of Apple Inc., with  the following exceptions: Any
  > person  is  hereby  authorized  to store  documentation  on  a  single
  > computer  or  device  for  personal  use  only  and  to  print  copies
  > of  documentation for  personal  use provided  that the  documentation
  > contains Apple’s copyright notice.

The EPUB won't open in Adobe Digital Editions (on Windows). I opened it as a ZIP file instead, and it seems like it is probably meant for iBooks only.

Try removing the leading "881256329.epub" from the paths in the linked ZIP to create a (potentially) valid EPUB. If you still have problems after pruning the leading directory, you might also try a ZIP utility that doesn't create an extra __MACOSX directory in the ZIP file to store OS X-specific metadata.

In particular, I can confirm that the file created by running

    zip -rqX ~/path/to/Swift.epub .
from within

after downloading on OS X iBooks works fine without conversion in Google Play Books on Android 4.4.

That's possible…downloaded from iBooks, pulled from the depths of its library and shared on Dropbox for everyone's convenience :P Sorry about that

Opens fine in Calibre for converting to other formats. Thanks!

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