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Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (June 2014)
152 points by jader201 on June 2, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 253 comments
Note: This was posted last month [1], and received a lot of up votes and some positive feedback [2]. So re-posting again for June 2014. Also note that I will not be submitting my resume this time due to making a successful connection [3] with an awesome startup as the result of last month's run.

If you're looking to be hired by a company, please use this thread to let other HN members know.

If you're looking for talent, by all means, check out the candidates below and if you see a good fit, connect! Please no recruiters, unless specifically indicated (opt-in).

If you're not hiring/looking to be hired, take a look over the candidates below and connect with them if you're aware of a potential fit for them.

Up/Down Voting: I would propose that up/down voting be reserved to help promote high quality submissions, and push down those clearly not putting in much effort or are off-topic. Use sparingly.

I am loosely proposing the following format (obviously you're welcome to use any format you'd like):

  [Location], [Remote | Relocation], [Full Time | Contract | Part Time]

  Stack: [Comma delimited list of technologies]

  Resume: [Link to resume]

  Contact: [Email address or other means of contact]

  [Brief overview, what you're looking for in a company, etc.]
[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7685170

[2] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7698119

[3] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7833251

Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, northern Delaware | In-House or Remote | Full-Time

Stack (professional): C# + .NET (ASP.NET MVC+Razor, etc), Javascript (jQuery, React, Backbone.js, TypeScript), HTML5/CSS3, MSSQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ/ZeroMQ, Cassandra, Linux (Puppet, Pacemaker, DRBD), Xen, VoIP (Asterisk/OpenSIPS/Homer/etc), Photoshop/Illustrator

Stack (personal): C++, Lua (Embedding, OpenResty, Luvit), Python (OpenCV), Xamarin iOS, more...

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rwftk3pj1jkm676/Resume%20-%20Alex%...

Contact: alex@alexforster.com

I've been programming since I was 14, and started doing it professionally at 20. I'm currently the "jack of all trades" programmer-and-more in a small IT department for a ~2000 employee company. I've enjoyed incredible flexibility to learn and implement different technologies in my current role, but unfortunately, I have to begin looking elsewhere as we're quickly losing our autonomy to our enterprisey parent company.

The approximate responsibility split at my current job is 60% pure software development, 20% devops, and 20% networking. I absolutely adore C#, but since it isn't as vogue as I wish it was, I should mention that I'm almost as fluent in several other languages. I'm proud of having a well-diversified set of skills, and if my "keyword soup" resume piques your interest, I'd love to have a more in-depth conversation with you.

I'm tied to the area for family at the moment, but I'd be happy to spend a bit on a coworking space and work remotely.

Sao Paulo/Brazil, Remote / Relocation, Full time

Stack: Ruby, Node.js, Elixir and PHP. I can work with a variety of databases from RDMS's(mysql, postgres) to NoSQL(mongodb, neo4j). I'm currently studying R and data science.

Resume: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/thiago-fernandes-massa/51/91a/24...

Contact: thiagown@gmail.com

Github: https://github.com/thiagofm

  Whenever I have time, I write opensource on github: I currently maintain popular Ruby gems such as carrierwave and minimagick. I have made my own which is memcached-manager and I'm almost finishing a memcached binary protocol client in elixir(memcachedx).

  What I'm looking in a company:

  Sorry for the expression, but I'm willing to shove shit for your company in order to work and live abroad. I'm very interested in moving to the US, Canada or Europe.

   I code since I was 10. I'm a very all around software engineer and currently work for one of the major media companies here in Brazil. I deal daily with mid-large scale issues and develop a inhouse CMS(in Rails) that powers the R7.com website and A LOT of webservices in node.js and sinatra.

   I've worked in my past for Rocket Internet in a taxi app and as a lead engineer for a Square clone called Payleven.

   I _promise_ I'll deliver very good software for your company. I accept tests that involve doing remote work or anything, feel free to talk with me about anything.

San Francisco. Local or Remote. Full time.

Stack: Python data science stack (pandas, numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, matplotlib, etc), other Python libs (requests, Flask, etc), D3, SQL, Hadoop, Pig, Git, C++, R, more.

Website: http://roycoding.github.io

Projects: http://roycoding.github.io/data

Contact: roy.coding+hn@gmail.com

I'm looking for a data scientist position in San Francisco or remote. By training I'm a PhD computational physicist, but have been working as a data science consultant for the past year and a half. I am a generalist, with a focus on analysis and simulations, but have experience across the whole spectrum of data science (i.e. data acquisition, cleaning, modeling, machine learning, evaluation, etc.). I'm looking to join a team of really smart people working on something interesting. I love learning new stuff and hearing about what people are working on.

Belgium, Europe (for now). Remote. Maybe on-site in London. Occasional travel possible as well. Full time or contract

Stack: Mobile (mainly iOS -> objective-C), C/C++, Java (+JNI). Back end (PHP, some python, MySQL, SQLite, RabbitMQ). Some Bitcoin experience. All sorts of other random things I've been playing around with.

Resume: Upon request

Contact: See profile

I'm an independent developer who has launched two apps that have sold well (concept -> finished app). Looking for a company where I can leverage that experience. Could be dev, product or a mix of both.

My specialties are mobile apps (also: C/C++ on mobile, audio code, OpenGL ES, websockets), real time systems, security and encryption, and multi platform portable software and libraries (e.g. that run on mobile, desktop and embedded systems).

Would love to talk if you're doing cool stuff with either mobile or Bitcoin (or both!).

Location: Relocate to London from Budapest (EU citizen)

Stack: I am a PHP/JS developer (1.5+ years of working experience) but I want to move to Scala

Resume: on request

Contact: luosathn@gmail.com

If you are looking for a junior scala programmer in London I would gladly relocate. I am learning computer engineering at the Budapest University of Technology but I only finished the 90% of the BSc. I am a student now but I decided it would be better if I get some fresh air outside my home city.

In 2010 I worked 3 months as a "data management" intern in a bank. I did the intern things of looking things up in the bank's databases, learning about the systems, writing Oracle, MSSQL queries. From 2012 to the end 2013 I worked part and full time (when I had time besides the school) as a PHP developer at a small company. My task was to maintain and develop PHP and MySQL/MSSQL applications. But sometimes I had to tackle things like XSL.

In the meantime I started my own company to operate a family business, my work was to set up webshops, managing the hosting and small developments. We tried ourselves in the social buying hype too but it did not work out as planned. I usually used prestashop and joomla for these.

In late 2013 I decided to focus on school but I just could not get into the right mindset so I decided to try something new and try to relocate to London.

Last year I started working on a hobby scala-play project and I started to like the language. I think it is the most usable language I used (despite its quirks). I am managing the Linux VPS which this app runs on, so I am somewhat familiar with linux systems, my desktop is linux too. I tried several technologies like rails, node.js or laravel but these are just to improve my knowledge.

I am looking for a scala job opportunity mainly in the webdevelopment/distributed-systems part but I am interested in other type of jobs too. I am a webdeveloper but I really like solving IT Security problems (like the Stripe CTF) too.

I am currently living in Budapest so I need time to relocate. If the company could help in finding a room that would be good but if not, that is not a problem.

Would you be interested in remote, contract scala work?

Ontario, Canada. Remote or Local (no relocation). Full Time | Contract | Part Time

Stack: C/C++, Python, Lisp (Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, Hy), OpenStack

Resume: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11810776/cv.pdf

Contact: In my CV, profile

10+ years of experience across a wide range of technologies. My passions are distributed systems, graphics, artificial intelligence, and compilers. I've worked on large and small web projects, object storage, devops, and contribute to open source projects such as Firefox, WebGL, Openstack, Hy, and others. I am completely self-taught.

I'm currently catching up on chemistry in my spare time. I'm enthusiastic about following the work of T.J. Hutton on artificial chemistries, artificial life, etc and even more recently, agronomy. I just built a raised garden box in my backyard and am setting up some sensors (based on the arduino board) to detect and report water levels. My goal is to find (or develop if I must) cheap (ish) sensors to detect more complex compounds such as phosphorous, nitrogen, carbon, potassium, etc. I hope to turn crop rotations into a constraint search/machine learning problem. Along the way I may end up optimizing the component cost of my raised boxes to make dense, affordable urban farming accessible to busy urban dwelling people (automate all the things!).

If you have a challenging problem or unique application that requires someone who is methodical and passionate about their craft then I might be the person you're looking for. I'm interested in projects related to science, game development/graphics, distributed systems, or computing environments (I believe the power of programming should be available to anyone who needs it in environments and languages they're accustomed to). I prefer to work on Open Source software where possible. If you need a technical co-founder for a really interesting project (something that could help us avoid the post-antibiotic future, adapt to climate change, are interested in exploring programming-system-as-operating-system, or bring back people traumatized by mathematics) you should send me an email and get in touch.

San Diego, CA | Local, remote, open to relocation | Full Time, Part Time, Contract Stack: Python generalist with some Flask and HTML/JS/CSS. NLTK, Pandas, etc. - please see my linkedin profile for a full list of keywords. Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/brandon-devine/7/a6a/82b and https://github.com/morpheme?tab=repositories Contact: my.name at gmail

I'm a recent graduate in Computational Linguistics who's looking for an opportunity to do interesting work in various aspects of NLP, as well as general data science and web dev-related work. I also have a background in GIS from a former career and it would be particularly awesome to find a position that allows me to tie mapping and data analysis together. Most of all, though, I just want to get my hands dirty in the nuts and bolts of your app and help you build something cool -- an API, a recommender, analytics tools, or whatever you have in mind. I love learning about new verticals and if you're in a niche industry that isn't "sexy", all the better! At this point in my career, company size isn't a huge issue for me; I feel that I can learn a lot in any situation. Local to San Diego or remote would be great, and my family and I would consider relocating to the Bay Area, Austin, or D.C.

Madrid (Spain), Remote, Contract

Stack: Java, Groovy, Python, Objective C, Javascript, main web frameworks(Angular, Grails, Play, Dropwizard,Spring), MongoDb,MySql,Orient DB

LinkedIn: http://lnkd.in/RM5RjY

Contact: matteo.fiandesio at gmail dot com

Full stack developer with over 8 years of experience. I'm comfortable coding in Java and Groovy on the server side as well as hacking Javascript at the front-end and whatever lies in between (DB, NoSQL, messagging, search, map/reduce). Three years of experience developing iOS applications.

London, will consider remote within a couple of timezones, FT

Stack: Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, Javascript/Coffeescript/JQuery/Angular. Got the accessory skillset down - Git, XUnit/Rspec, enough bash to get by, (My|Postgre)SQL

Resume: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69139419/cvJamesTurley.d...

Contact: jamesturley1905@googlemail.com, 07969475469

I'm a junior-going-on-intermediate web dev - I got bitten with the code bug two or three years ago, although I've been conversant in HTML and CSS since 2004. I'm a stubborn autodidact, and my day job consists mostly of using Javascript to compensate for extraordinarily limited access to an outsourced server app, for a medium sized B2B publisher, largely unsupervised - I am the dictionary definition of a duct-tape coder. In this capacity, I have fallen in love with AngularJS. I also write small APIs mostly using Rails (yes, it is overkill, but it is very quick to get up and running), and do freelance work, the biggest job so far being a Django site.

Looking for a company that'll take a chance on a feral junior matching the above description, making interesting web apps in Ruby or Python (or JS), and most of all an environment where I could level up - bigger ongoing projects with modern development practices. (The benefit to you: so far I've been very good at the level grinding.)

Groningen(Netherlands), Remote: yes, Relocation: yes, Full-time Stack: nodejs, javascript, express, html(5), css/less/sass, handlebars, meteor, high5, jquery, ractivejs, python, django, twisted, ... Resume: nl.linkedin.com/in/jvanveen/ Contact: j.veenvan@gmail.com Info: https://github.com/jvanveen

Passionate & dedicated frontend & backend webdeveloper with a special interest in websocket/webrtc/isomorphic webapp implementation & design. I'm currently writing an open-source isomorphic p2p web-framework called high5. Together with a former collegue, I wrote a simple but effective webrtc video-conferencing prototype app(https://r00my.com/) as part of an YC-application. The past year I worked on a few Meteor projects and learned some things about reactive programming styles and two-way data-binding. I also worked on projects using Python, Django, Flask, Pyramid, Twisted & Plone.

I'm looking for a mid-sized, informal & inspiring tech-company, with nodejs in it's backend stack, and is offering a challenging and interesting backend/frontend vacancy with relocation option or with the option to work remotely. Feel free to email me for more information.

Location: Vancouver, Canada. Remote/Local/Relocate on West Coast, Full Time

Stack: C#/WPF, Objective-C, Java, Python, C++. Platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows. Additional Languages: French, Japanese.

Resume: E-mail my username @ gmail.com

Contact: As above

Overview: CS grad as of August at top CS school, contracting in Bay Area late June / early July so available for interviews at that time. This is my 2nd degree, I am a mature new grad in my early 30s with a deep and diverse resume straddling audio engineering, music and audio software, HCI/interactivity software, AAA game development, and graphics/animation research including VR. I work obsessively at things I am most interested in, so if I am interested in your company's product, you can count on me for great ROI. I have worked +5 years in research labs over both of my degrees, won engineering competitions and am developing a new file standard.

In academia I have developed several technologies I am planning to one day base a start-up from, that extend from music education/audio production software, through real-time gestural interaction environments, to 3D audio for virtual reality libraries, but I prefer to bootstrap these in my spare time while working full-time for a company whose product I firmly believe in. I am looking for any position that can combine my domain and programming experience.

Chengdu, China | Remote

Stack: Any server or embedded. C/Java, Python, Lisp, SQL, Web, etc. People skills.

Resume: http://neolefty.org/bill-baker-resume-2014.pdf

Contact: bbbaker@alum.mit.edu

I'm an experienced developer looking for meaningful projects. I'm happy to make connections in China or work purely remotely. Currently teaching AP high school and setting up a MOOC for the same program. I can work part time or full time, long-term or short-term.

Bern, Switzerland, Remote | Relocation, Full Time

Stack: Ruby, Clojure, ClojureScript, JavaScript, [something I don't know yet]

Careers 2.0: https://careers.stackoverflow.com/featureenvy

Contact: andreas+hnjobs@featureenvy.com

Currently in the process of getting a Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering (mostly doing image analysis, coming from a Bachelor's in Computer Science) and looking for a new challenge. Besides the two degrees I have worked for 2 years on web applications and web security development.

I don't like to retire and tell people who ask me that I spent my time making it possible for people to share more cat pictures. I would love to work on something a bit more meaningful. For example supporting scientists with visualization or replacing Excel files with a webapp. Considering my Biomedical Engineering background, biologist would be a perfect fit, but I would also accept mathematicians, physicists, and other scientists. As long as I can learn something new, preferably not just programming related.

Or of course you could offer me good working conditions, a mentor and some time/money for conferences and other educational things, that would work, too.

So if you are looking for someone who likes to push the boundaries, doesn't accept "acceptable" as a solution and loves to learn new things (not just programming related!) then you should drop me a line so we can talk.

Beijing, China, Remote | Willing to Consider temp Relocation, Internship

Resume: http://arverma.me/resume.pdf


Website http://arverma.me/blog/index.html

Stack: C/C++, Python, Java, HTML/CSS, Git, GNU/Linux (Debian based primarily but experience in Red Hat based systems)

Contact: averma2 [at] binghamton [dot] edu (also in Resume)

Hey Everyone! Long time lurker first time poster. I am a Junior at State University of New York Binghamton studying Mathematics and Computer Science. I am currently in the market for an internship to help develop my skills further, along with contributing to an awesome company. My summer ends on August 28th and am open to new experience till then. I am looking for a company that is slightly crazy in their goals and I am willing to help push them to it!

I am in my time studying Web Development, reading Pro Git and learning some Latex. I am also pursuing a goal of reading 14 non CS books over the summer. I am currently reading "Surely you're joking Mr. Fenymen" I hope if you are readin g this you have something for me and I have something for you!

Feel free to contact me again at averma [at] binghamton [dot] edu

Portland, OR. Remote | Relocation Possible. Full Time

Strong: iOS, Objective-C, Cocoa-Touch, Xcode, git

Some Experience: Node.js, MongoDB

Learning: Ruby, Swift

Resume: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62841066/ReeseMcLeanResu...

Contact: See Resume

I have been a classroom high school math teacher for the past 5 years. In may spare time I have worked to develop and launch several apps that help students learn and that help teachers teach. I am now looking to move full time into software development, preferably in educational technology, although I would be interested in other areas as well.

I am most comfortable with iOS development; I have some experience with Node.js and am willing to learn other technology stacks.

I have open-sourced ClassCast, a iOS client and Node.js server that lets teachers send URLs to student iPads as push notifications which take students directly to the correct webpage/app. You can see these projects at http://github.com/reesemclean.

Other apps I have developed are available in the app store, including Algebra Tiles: Visualize Math which allows students to see Algebra in a visual way: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/algebra-tiles-visualize-math...

Data Analyst

Budapest, Hungary - would like to work for a remote team.

Stack: R, social APIs (facebook, twitter, wikipedia, reddit, stack exchange, github - off the top of my head), some PHP, mysql and python scikit-learn

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/metish

Contact: demy.mail [at] gmail.com

About: I am a social media data analyst/product manager. I lead www.diktiolabs.com (coming up with products we offer, doing market research before the company started and then preparing the actual reports, mining and analyzing data, talking to customers, holding workshops and conferences and leading a team of 5 people since then). We deal with mining and analyzing social media data using network science.

I have a background in mathematics (almost finished my BSc before transferring to computer science recently) and an MA in New Media. Academically, I am interested in computational social and political science; professionally I am interested in interesting datasets and questions to solve.

I have recently also realized that I really like talking to customers and coming up with new features and tweaks to products.

I am looking to work largely from home on interesting datasets and feel like a large part of an exciting company. My programming skills are sufficient to mine and analyze data. I have been coding in PHP for about 2 years now, but use R and python for most of my analyses. I am fluent in Turkish, Hungarian and English (I also speak a little French).

Location: Portland OR - willing to relocate to NYC, SF, ??, - Full Time

Tools: Omnigraffle, Bootstrap, Photoshop, Balsamiq, Silverback, POP, etc

Stack: HTML, CSS & JS for prototyping, some experience with Python, SQLite, Processing

Portfolio: http://drewshimomura.com (please inquire for more work examples, including case studies)

Resume: http://bit.ly/1jMJqtY

Contact: ashimomura@gmail.com

Looking for: A company that expects great work and offers the opportunity of mentorship in both UX/IxD design and UX/business strategy.

UX/Interaction Designer with 5 yrs exp, seeking a full-time job in a new place. Previously worked for a startup for 4 years as the first hire. I've since worked at agencies & as a freelance consultant for companies including Intel, VMware, Aon, Genentech. Experience w/ desktop, mobile, responsive, Windows 8, iOS & Android apps, consumer internet, large multi-touch screens. I also have experience in information architecture, user research/testing, and user analytics as well. Personally interested in 'future interfaces' (i.e. Oculus, Leap, MYO, etc). FWIW, I was accepted into SVA's IxD MFA program recently, although I wont be attending.

Berkeley CA | Willing to work anywhere in the Bay Area with a preference for San Francisco | Full Time

Stack: C, Python, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Scheme Linux

Resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B88PYjSG7mH3bVhOTW9rdnVfRTA... http://www.linkedin.com/in/samkaz

Contact: can be found in resume

I graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in computer science and applied math 2 weeks ago. I am now looking for a full-time software engineering position. I have worked on compilers in industry and computer networking in academia. I also have experience in web programming but have moved away from it the last several years.

I am open to working for either a small startup or a larger, more established company. I am broadly interested in computer systems- operating systems, distributed/networked systems, and programming language systems- and this is what I expect to work on in my job. In the construction of computer programs, I like to pay special attention to correctness and so I have a particular interest in techniques which facilitate reasoning about programs.

Boston, MA. Local or remote preferred. Full-time, contact or part-time.

Stack: Full-stack developer; JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Python, PHP, Perl, Java, native Android, Mongodb, MySQL, Amazon AWS, Ruby, C#, ASP.net, C++

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benjaminhutchins

Contact: ben(a)hutchins.co

I've worked primarily as a font-end web developer for the past several years, however in the past I've worked as a security consultant working to add encryption and privacy practices to software and as a junior-level systems admin and database admin. I've created several native Android apps on the side of my main projects and work on several open source projects to expand my knowledge https://github.com/benhutchins/

I'm a level 2 Sr. Software Engineer at my current company and am looking to join a company I can be passionate about, building a great product or service. I am not interested in moving at this point, but if the offer is reasonable enough I'd consider it. Prefer to work for a smaller company or startup where I can put to use my full stack of skills and to join a great team or a growing team.

Currently located in Vancouver, B.C. Open to remote/relocation, currently looking for part-time/contract, available for full-time in January 2015

Stack: HTML, CSS (SASS|LESS), PHP (CakePHP, SlimPHP, etc), JavaScript (jQuery|AngularJS|BackboneJS), Databases (MySQL|MongoDB|Oracle|MSSQL), Git/SVN/Perforce, Java, C++

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9fto5ypl4x9ryyw/Jay%20Huang%20-%20...

Contact: hn [at] [fullname].org

Experienced full stack web developer, looking for any web development related position (preferably front-end). I previously co-founded Windows7Center.com and Windows8Center.com (2008~2011), which ended up being the second biggest online community dedicated to Windows 7 at the time.

Two of the posts on my blog [1] have also made it into the top 5 and top 3 here respectively.

After putting college on hold to work for 2 years, I've returned to finish my diploma. I'm currently off for the summer and am looking for part-time/contract work, hopefully with an awesome company/team that I can work with full-time once I graduate in December.

[1] http://jayhuang.org/blog

Namur (Belgium), remote, contract or part time

I am a capable Haskell and Python developer. To get a feel of what I can do:

My side project is Reesd, a redundant storage service for developers. It is made of:

    - Several Docker containers (linked together on multiple machines through Tinc),
    - Web frontend,
    - SCP reimplementation with account permissions,
      bucket plan limits, and on-the-fly SHA1 check,
    - Redundant backend store,
    - PostgreSQL synchronous replication + WAL archiving (using scp@reesd itself),
    - Background jobs to check files SHA1 to detect early corruption,
    - Payment done through Stripe,
    - Nginx and HAProxy,
    - Email through mandrill.
To read more about it: http://hypered.io/blog/2014-02-17-building-reesd

Vo Minh Thu

Reesd: https://reesd.com

Email: noteed at gmail.com

GitHub: https://github.com/noteed

Twitter: https://twitter.com/noteed

LinkedIn: http://be.linkedin.com/in/vominhthu

New Delhi, India| Full Time [Available For Relocation]

Skills: Intersection of Marketing, User Growth & Technical

Resume: https://linkedin.com/in/pallavkaushish/

Contact: pallavkaushish [at] gmail [dot] com

Current Situation:

* Working as a technical marketer.

* Learning Node.js (express framework) with mongodb.

* Working on a side project; an intelligent CRO tool which uses popups - www.onehopper.com

Looking For: Working with a startup in the growth team. Being a young and passionate startup guy I can immensely contribute with my skills I've picked up in the last 2 years. I've done more than I can explain here. Best way to know more about my work is to have a quick chat or by visiting my blog mentioned below.

Interesting things I have done:

* Worked with 2 startups at a time (almost full time) - http://snooptank.com/what-i-learnt-by-working-with-two-start...

* Always got a job through connections and self marketing. Never made a resume except for Linkedin.

* Tried starting a music business in college and signed over 50 artists without a product.

* Documented my other interesting startup stories at http://snooptank.com

Location: Jacksonville, FL | Remote | Full Time or Contract

Stack: Linux, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, WordPress, Responsive Web (HTML5, CSS3). Business and People Skills.

Learning: More Linux, More Bash, Agile, Ruby, Rails, Puppet, Python, NodeJS, AngularJS

Resume: http://adamboulware.com

Contact: adamboulware (at) gmail.com

Overview: Recent IT, Computer Security Administration Graduate. 7+ years of technical work experience, currently full stack engineer/sysadmin/IT who also does pre-sales and project planning. I enjoy digging into the full software stack, as well as tuning linux systems. I also enjoy the customer-facing role, as I’m skilled at relaying technical info to non-techies. Always looking to expand and hone my skillset, excited to optimize for better performance, and definitely a lifetime learner.

I’m highly interested in the DevOps movement and constantly working on my sysadmin and full stack skillsets. Would love to find a DevOps apprenticeship. Also interested in positions such as: full stack developer, SRE, infrastructure engineer.

Looking for a company that values knowledge across multiple disciplines, fosters an environment for learning, and encourages strong communication amongst the team.

Bay Area, Full Time

Stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, JavaScript, AngularJS, Git, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jmnh4ogsqr9vd50/BrewerResume.pdf LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesbrwr/ Github: https://github.com/brwr

Contact: james (at) brwr.org

At this point in my career, I consider myself a generalist. Most of the work I've done so far has been web-related, but I'm always eager for a chance to pick up new skills outside of a typical CRUD app. While I may not specialize in anything in particular, I can get up-to-speed with the problems I'm given and be productive very quickly. I love learning and understand that learning has to be balanced with shipping. Big data, search, and space are just a few of the things that interest me.

If you are solving hard problems that require some serious brainwork before diving in and are looking for a generalist, let's chat.

Boulder, CO; San Francisco, CA; other western US[1]; remote; or periodical onsite (any US).

Timeline: If relocation is required, 3-6 months.

Stack: C#, ASP .Net (MVC & Razor), WCF, WPF/MVVM, Javascript/Jquery, HTML5, CSS, SQL Server, Java, C++, AWS S3/EC2/SQS/RDS, R, Matlab.

Other Skills: Machine learning (regression, classification, clustering, neural networks), product design, API design, data acquisition/cleanup/modeling/analysis, team management, pretty good at Street Fighter.

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rjcantrell (more info and references available upon request)

Contact: rj@rjcantrell.com

About me: Spent six years at a consulting firm owned by Microsoft, writing logistics and package-tracking software for two of the big three US mail-delivery services. Consulting means variety, and this broad experience plus passion for technology means I am a quick learner and quick to deliver value.

More recently, I worked two years at a burgeoning financial startup on a OAuth/REST API and their custom automated credit-underwriting engine, where I developed machine-learning techniques in addition to traditional expert-derived classification of risk. Not averse to UX/front-end work, but it's not my greatest strength.

[1] I'm currently located in Atlanta, but looking to move. My wife and I are very outdoorsy and are interested in destinations which might provide some city flavor with easy access to rock climbing, mountain biking, trail running, mountaineering, etc. Make me an offer I can't refuse! ; )

San Francisco, Full Time

Stack: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Backbone.js, Node.js

Resume: http://www.ty-brooks.com/assets/pdfs/Ty-Brooks-Resume.pdf

Personal/Portfolio: http://www.ty-brooks.com

Contact: brooks85.ty@gmail.com

I'm a web developer with an interest in the ways technology can improve our education system, our food system, and pretty much any aspect of our daily lives.

My background is a little unorthodox: I come from an education background, and almost went to law school (I got a 99th percentile LSAT score), and ended up pursuing coding when I realized it was a great way of pairing my lifelong interest in computers and technology with my passion for problem solving challenges, not to mention a great way to build cool things with interesting people.

I'm looking for a position where I can work with a passionate team and contribute to a project that makes a difference. I'm a Rails guy with experience with Backbone.js on the front-end, but I'm also very interested by the possibilities of full-stack JavaScript development with Node.js.

Turkey, Remote/Relocation, Full Time/Part Time

Stack: Ruby, Rails, Javascript, AngularJS, NodeJS, PHP, Wordpress

Resume: http://www.mehmet.pw/m/resume.pdf

Contact: m@mehmet.pw

I've started programming when I'm 15 and I'm graduating this month from BS in Computer Engineering.

I'm experienced with Rails for almost 2 years. You can check my github profile for my projects. Currently I'm working on ConfDeck app. It's a open-sourced SAAS conference management app. Code is available in Github.



I have experience with Javascript and AngularJS. There are some simple projects I've done are available on GitHub.



I live in Turkey, I can work remotely but I want to move to USA if I have a chance.

I'm a startup type of a person, I want to work in a small team which I can make big impacts by what I do.

Github: https://github.com/beydogan Blog: http://www.mehmet.pw

Node.js, JavaScript, PHP developer. Based in Mumbai, India. Looking for a full time remote job

I'm currently working in one of the country's largest ecommerce setups. I have a lot of experience and insight in large scale problems: high load web apps, handling a large amount of data, syncing between different systems, API design, task queues and task distribution, designing and building scalable architecture and services.

I have a strong database background in mysql and mongodb, and I've also worked with postgresql. Redis is one of my favorite weapons and it always forms a vital part of my applications. Apart from the JavaScript and PHP, I have worked with Ruby Sinatra and python before. I'm currently working on a small Golang project and I find it very cool. I'd love to do more work in golang, given the chance. I'm not afraid to pick up the right tool for the job and learn on the go though. I've experimented with storm, zeromq, Statsd too.

I'd like a job where I can utilize my skills and work on something that excites me. Email me at munim2020@gmail.com if you have something interesting for me. Thanks for reading!

* Junior Engineer / Growth Hacker seeks interesting London Startup *

Location: London, UK / Relocation - Full Time

Stack: Ruby, Rails, Bootstrap, Heroku, LESS, AWS, Postgresql - (More than happy to learn new technologies)

Resume: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_HE0eSeECpDZyFQhVrxOWygo...

Contact: See Resume for email

I'm a young 'technical generalist', looking for an exciting opportunity to make a difference to a startup in London, whether that's in an engineering or growth role. I love to learn, whether that's exploring a new Gem, analysing and optimising a key metric, or wrangling some code from an idea into existence.

I have spent the last 6 months 'deep-diving' in Ruby on Rails, learning to work with APIs, write well organized test-driven code, use front end frameworks, and deploy on cloud services (Heroku, AWS.)

Concurrently, I have been building two project businesses - a traybake subscription service, and a press release service to connect startups with journalists.

Enabling awesome things to grow is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Location: Kochi, India. Remote or temporarily on location but not considering relocation. Full time/ Part time/ On contract (Any format depending on my bandwidth as a freelance consultant).

Stack: System programming on Linux(mostly C programming for embedded environments), Linux kernel based operating systems like Debian/Ubuntu/RH/CentOS etc Android Embedded distros like OpenWRT Buildroot based, Linux networking and firewalling, scripting Bash/Perl/Python, Basically 10+ years of working with Linux systems.

Resume: http://josephjustin.com/2012/05/31/justin-profile/ Elance profile: http://josephjustin.elance.com (100% job completion and has the project details) Have similar profile on Odesk. These are from earlier freelancer days.

contact: justin@josephjustin.com

I am more interested in working with small and medium entities and startup's and be part of their growth story, solve their technical problems and get their business rolling.

Tacoma, WA - Remote or Onsite(preferred) also a combination of telework, flex-schedule and commuting as far as Seattle, or a bit further, is fine.

Stack: PHP (Drupal, WordPress, and Laravel and Codeignitor experience, some Symfony), JavaScript, some Python. Prefer to move in either more of a front end position or Nodejs work.

Resume: http://daniel.gilfoy.us

Contact: dgilfoy@gmail.com

I really started out doing work with PHP (Java was my goal, but a PHP internship is what I landed, and later a PHP job though I tried to get an entry level Java job).

I started falling in love with JavaScript though, and front end development is something I have enjoyed doing. I've played around with some Nodejs in my off time and really like it, but I also enjoy Angular and Backbone and working with CSS and HTML a lot (I'm also one of those oddballs that enjoy the challenges of cross browser support), so wouldn't want to get constrained to a back end only position.

I'm probably still a Jr level developer (~5 years), maybe mid level, though I've never worked on anything that requires scale, so I'm going to go with Jr.

Chicago, Full Time / Contract

Stack: Full-stack Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML/CSS/SASS, Amazon AWS, Linux admin, rspec/capybara

Portfolio/Resume/Contact: http://www.kurtpreston.com

GitHub: https://github.com/KurtPreston

Full-stack web developer looking for a Chicago-based company. Currently freelancing but open to full-time if the right opportunity came along.

On the back-end, I've worked on financial algorithms, audio + video processing, custom ORM. On the front-end, I've worked on responsive design, interactive charts, simple animation, server administration. Created and contributed to numerous open-source projects (JS plugins, Ruby gems, etc.)

Ideally, looking for a smaller company utilizing Ruby and doing interesting work with either a JS MVC (i.e. AngularJS), node.js, or mobile (i.e. PhoneGap). I have a particular interest in working on data visualization, interactive UI, or multimedia. Prefer working on-site with team, but also am seeking flexible working hours.

Belfort, France (would remote, no relocation possible :/)

Part time would be best, or contract.

Stack : Play Framework (Java), Flask/Django (Python), Backbone.js, Javascript, Bootstrap

Website: http://cnicodeme.com https://github.com/cnicodeme

Resume : http://careers.stackoverflow.com/cnicodeme

Contact : contact at cnicodeme.com

I love building web application and I love making them separated between frontend and backend (RESTFul servers). I already built some services in this way, like http://getinvoicy.com (demo@getinvoicy.com / demo) (It's in an early version), and the whole 2lead.in package (https://github.com/2leadin).

I'm at ease with Java and Python for the backend even though I did more than 10 years of PHP before and that I'm generally enthusiast to learn new languages if required :)

Washington DC | Remote / Local | Part-Time / Contract / Volunteer

Stack: Linux, Windows, AD/Exchange, AWS, VMWare, Netapp, Python, Shell, Networking

Used: Ruby, Objective-C, Ansible, Chef

Enjoy / Learning: R, GCE

Resume: Email for resume.

Contact: hn.incision ‘at’ gmail.com


I've been working in technology for going on 17 years, primarily in system administration with coding, management and writing as needed. I've held senior positions in multiple 10,000+ internal user environments where I've successfully completed several infrastructure projects in the 1M+ range. I can and have done something of everything - implement virtualization infrastructure one month, mock up a mobile app the next and write-up an Executive overview contrasting various migration paths the next.

I’m looking to for a change from the comfortable, but heavily political, glacially slow pace of consulting in the public sector. Education and machine learning are of particular interest to me and I would consider volunteer work for the right organization.

This isn't a throwaway and I'm an open book so my post history on HN wouldn't a be a terrible indicator for how I might fit.

Location: Frankfurt, Germany | Remote| On Site | Full Time

Stack: Java, Java MapReduce, Pig, Mahout, ZooKeeper, Accumulo, Hadoop, Python, C#, C, Shell Scripting, Maven

Resume: www.linkedin.com/pub/zachary-radtka/12/3/508/

Contact: zachary.radtka[at]gmail.com

My wife has accepted a position in Wiesbaden, Germany and I am looking to continue my career. We will be moving mid August and I am an engineer with over 10 years of experience across a broad set of skills in software engineering, system architecture, and solutions engineering. Recently, I have focused on Hadoop engineering and have been involved in a number of production and research projects. Previous experience includes mining larges sets of vulnerability data from computer networks to determine trends and discover new attack vectors. Current focuses are developing Big Data analytics and applications on large multi-node clusters utilizing Pig, Java MapReduce, Zookeeper, Accumulo, Mahout, and Greenplum.

I also love learning new things and tackling hard problems, so I am open to learning languages and creating interesting products.

Seattle WA | Remote / Willing to relocate to SF Bay Area | Full Time / Contract / Part Time

Stack: R, Python, Tableau, PHP, Linux, Windows, VMWare, SAN/NAS/Storage, Backup/Recovery/Archive, Hadoop/Map Reduce, Big Data, LAMP, AWS

Resume/Portfolio/Social: LinkedIn Profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/guptaak, Personal Project https://www.peercube.com, Blog http://andirog.blogspot.com, Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/anilkg

Contact: username at gmail


Interested in Data Analytics, Data Science, Big Data, and Data Storage opportunities in Sales Engineering, Professional Services, Consulting, Data Engineering, Solution Architect, DevOps. Presently, doing consulting projects in modeling, backtesting, and peer to peer lending portfolio analysis for hedge funds and financial institutions.

Location: Australia (Able to work in most of Europe and Canada without visa sponsorship) | J1 for United States, Relocation, Internship

Stack: Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, C# .NET, C++, General Web

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k0m2ik2fykbc5fi/Resume.pdf

Blog: http://www.brendonbody.com

Contact: brendon.body@gmail.com

Github: https://github.com/bbody/

I'm a startup enthusiast looking to get my feet wet in the startup world. I love coding and am currently working on http://www.codingcomps.com to help other programmers find Programming Competitions. I am interested in interning in the United States at a medium sized startup to get experience, write code, make friends and hopefully find a future employer. I have worked in multiple roles across multiple industries within development, so I feel I can fit in anywhere!

Edit: Fixed up links.

China, Shenzhen (French Expat) | Full & Part Time | Remote

Main Languages: PHP / JS / HTML&CSS

Current favourite tools: Laravel(3 years XP), BackboneJS(3 Years XP), AngularJS (Few months), Meteor(Few months), AWS

Secondary Languages: NodeJS, Python

Resume: http://cn.linkedin.com/pub/emmanuel-chappat/21/541/624/

I am a completely autonomous full stack dev with roughly 10 years experience. I can build a product from the ground up, from design work to maintaining & setting up Unix servers. I have strong product sense & write agile and future proof code.

My latest app: https://nota.io (personal project). I am now looking for the next product that will get me passionate about.

I can be reached via that nota.io domain's email, my handle is manu.

PS: For the right opportunity of learning an interesting tech, I can take a few week off to get up to speed. I already know quite a few languages as a hobby so chances are that I won’t have to start from scratch.

London or Remote, Full Time

Stack: Java, Hadoop, Storm, Python, Flask, Celery, JavaScript, node.js, Backbone.js, Backbone.Marionette, HBase, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Kafka, RabbitMQ

Resume: https://bit.ly/es_cv , https://github.com/emilssolmanis , https://linkedin.com/in/emilssolmanis

Contact: emils.solmanis at gmail dot com

I'm a data engineer / full stack developer. I have close to 5 years of professional experience, have a machine-learning background and am passionate about distributed systems and scalability. I'm currently looking for a London based or remote position, preferably in a start-up, with a great team of positive people. It would be nice if the product is data-driven -- scrapers, recommenders, analytics and the like are a perfect fit!

NOTE: I'm not currently in London, but I'm moving there on July 14th, just starting the hunt.

San Francisco, Remote/Relocation, Full time/contract

Android, Javascript, Php, jQuery, Phonegap, CSS, whatever-is-needed.

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e59rzm7q75zwik4/PamelaProsperi-Res...

Contact: pamepros@gmail.com

Overview: I'm from Argentina, but currently in San Francisco looking for a full time position. I started programming frontend web while in university 10 years ago, before moving to more complex PHP backend systems for a company that built web applications for enterprise businesses.

I moved into mobile about 4 years ago and for the last year and a half, I've been working on my own startup. Our first product is Kuesty, a Yelp-like mobile app for restaurants ratings in my hometown of Rosario, Argentina. This has allowed me to choose the projects I work on and to lead a small team of 2 engineers. While I've enjoyed working on this and have learned a ton, I believe I have more to learn and want to be part of team with a bigger vision.

Location: Norwich, VT | Remote or local (no relocation) | Full time

Stack: C++/C#/ASP.NET/WebAPI Azure, AWS, AngularJS, Flex Framework, QT, SQLite, MS SQLServer

Resume: https://medium.com/@jeremyx/hire-me-a9d77fee3f1e

Contact: jeremyx@gmail.com

15 years experience coding mostly full-stack web apps. Some native C/C++ with QT framework and SQLite. I am the type of engineer who can pick up new languages and frameworks and quickly come up to speed. My passion is working on software that genuinely helps people and is delightful to use.

In my job search, I am optimizing for a good cultural fit. I enjoy working on challenging problems, but more so I love working with smart people who want to do quality work and care about the details. I understand the balance between ideal code and getting software shipped. I like working within a development process that facilitates a tight feedback loop of developing new features and getting feedback. Call it agile, call it whatever.

New York, Remote, Full Time | Contract | Part Time

Stack: Linux, AWS/EC2, VMware/VirtualBox, Python/Cython, C++, Bash, git, Jenkins

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/dan-lovell/4/655/922, https://github.com/dlovell

Contact: dlovell at alum dot mit dot edu

Overview: "data scientist" looking to develop quantitatively oriented systems requiring automation.

I am the primary developer of CrossCat (https://github.com/mit-probabilistic-computing-project/cross...), the backend of BayesDB (https://github.com/mit-probabilistic-computing-project/Bayes...).

I've developed infrastructure to

* programmatically create VMs for deployment, https://github.com/mit-probabilistic-computing-project/vm-in...

* programmatically deploy a Jenkins server to EC2 to run performance diagnostics for stochastic systems, https://github.com/mit-probabilistic-computing-project/jenki...

* numerical experiment infrastructure for performance evaluation https://github.com/mit-probabilistic-computing-project/exper...

Charlotte, NC | Remote or In-House | Full-Time

Stack: C#/Winform/Xaml, ASP.NET/MVC, Javascript, HTML5/CSS3, SQL

Resume: Please contact me for my resume

Contact: Vissa7@gmail.com, irc.freenode.com #csharp nick: smiles

In 2010 I help start the local hackerspace, and since then have been working on a multitude of technologies. I am a linux fan boy that runs lubuntu and debian for all my OS needs. Charlotte is a .NET city so most of my dev experience has been .NET focus on C# language.

For the past 2 year I have been working along side senior developers. Learning and improving my skills while diving deep into understanding of OOP and design. I have work on many private projects with a team of 6, collaborating remotely with the use of Bitbucket and Github. Using development methods such as scrum and TDD.

I am looking for a entry level position with a company that has a solid dev team. I am willing to learn any language or framework to get the job done, and can hit the ground running. I enjoy coding back-end software, and working with a team focus on producing good clean code.

Location: Switzerland - Remote

Stack: Golang, Scala, Java, Netty, Akka, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Redis, Reactive

Resume: https://github.com/silenteh/cv/blob/master/silenteh_resume.p...

Contact: HN_USERNAME@gmail.com

Looking for a company where code simplicity and performance matter! I do not like to waste CPUs cycles, memory and I/O in general.

I have more than 13 years experience as a developer and I have been designing and implementing scalable, distributed and resilient systems and software, to handle over 40 million unique users per month, for the last 7 years. I am proficient with Scala, Java, Netty and Akka and I really enjoy coding in Golang. I have a strong passion for cryptography and IT security in general. On my free time, I am working on a Golang Elasticsearch client which uses the tcp transport. I am an open minded, friendly and business driven person who loves technology. So for any questions drop me an email !

Me and my wife would both love to be considered for awesome jobs!


Dallas / Ft Worth Texas | Local, Remote, or somewhere awesome | Full Time or Part Time

Stack: Writing, Modelling, Udacity Python, Illustration

Resume: http://goo.gl/8zfFFl

Contact: meggymyers@gmail.com

Megan wears lots of hats, and wears them well. She's an obsessive self-taught neophyte programmer who also does artistic nude modelling and the occasional visual arts show or children's book. She would really love to find something that paid decent entry-level wages and let her pour coffee and hang out with programmers and grow as a programmer.


Dallas / Ft Worth Texas | Local, Remote, or somewhere awesome | Full Time or Part Time

Stack: Cowboy coding for gentleman science with lots of BASIC bash and Prolog, Professoring (TESOL), Writing, Marketing

Resume: http://goo.gl/P1aOnb

Contact: kenmyers@gmail.com

I'm an ESL professor who finished a Georgetown fellowship in Manila last year and I haven't found anything awesome in Texas since.

I'm also a writer. My blog has topped HN a couple times with posts like "A Rough Guide to Social Skills for Smart Awkward People" and "Why God Hates German Words."

You've probably seen this map I've made at some point, too: http://i.imgur.com/CK6aONG.jpg

Mark Manson called me a "really, really, really fucking good writer", and I think I'm good at getting lots of eyeballs on things.

Belgium, Relocation OR Remote, Full Time / Contract / Part Time

Stack: python, numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, pandas, C, Fortran 90, MPI/OpenMP, git

LinkedIn: http://be.linkedin.com/pub/mark-szepieniec/89/7a6/53/ GitHub: https://github.com/mszep

Full resume available upon request.

Contact: mszepien gmail

My name is Mark, I expect to complete my PhD in computational physics this summer, and am looking to become a data scientist. With a background in electrical engineering, I'm especially interested in applying the tools of machine learning and data science to systems in the real world. I've really enjoyed completing Andrew Ng's online machine learning course and participating in Kaggle contests, and I can't wait to get started making a difference at your company!

I'm an EU citizen, and willing relocate elsewhere in Europe, or North America.

Location: San Francisco, CA, Relocation, Full Time

Stack: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Backbone, SQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, C, C++, Intel Assembly

Resume: http://www.andrewchen.io/assets/pdf/Andrew_Chen_web_resume.p...

Contact: andrew.ac.chen@gmail.com

Background: I am a junior level software developer. I have a minor in Computer Science and have taught myself web technology platforms. I have a heavy work experience in research, development, and engineering prototype medical devices. However, I've realized my passion is mostly in software after having to use C to program a single board computer for DNA reading.

In order to teach myself the latest web technologies, I created forgeteam.com as a project to understand, learn, and implement a website with an MVC (Ruby on Rails) framework backend that uses a RESTful API to communicate to an MVP (Backbone.js) framework frontend. The web application is of a single-page type.

Vancouver, BC / Paris, France | On-site or remote | Full Time

Stack (pro): Ruby, Rails, Javascript (jQuery, AngularJS), Clojure, PostgreSQL/MySQL, Redis, AWS, Chef

Stack (personal): Go (Golang), Erlang (and Elixir), Rust, Docker

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/xperez

Github: https://github.com/DuoSRX

Contact: jobs@xavier-perez.com

Other infos: http://xavier-perez.com

Full stack developer with a strong preference for the back-end part of web applications. I'm currently working for KissKissBankBank (the leading European Crowdfunding website) in Paris (France) but will be moving the company and moving to Vancouver BC in August. I'm already authorized to work there, no boring visa paperwork for you!

I'm looking for the next big challenge, ideally in a small company or startup. I love to learn new stuff every day and work with a team of cool people.

I can't edit anymore but I obviously meant "will be leaving the company", not moving!

Anyone looking for creatives? I'm a graduating senior at the University of Chicago looking to break into the SF scene in a marketing and UX/UI design capacity. I'm a marketer with design chops, and want to put my balance of creative and analytical skills to good use. For the summer after graduation in June, I will be working in a marketing, design capacity with some data analysis, for a couple of months at an e-mail marketing analytics and recommendation startup.

[San Francisco, CA], [Relocation], [Full Time, Internship]

Resume: http://ow.ly/wsQNm

Portfolio: http://joymao.com

Contact: joymao [AT] uchicago [DOT] edu

Stack: Adobe Creative Suite, Email Marketing (MailChimp, Emma), Social Media, Digital Analytics (Google Adwords), Web Design (Balsamiq, Drupal, Wordpress, Squarespace), javascript, (starting level), HTML, CSS, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Photo Manipulation

Poland | Remote, open to relocation,( I'm from Toronto)

Stack: Pen & paper, post-it notes, whiteboards, HTML/CSS/JS, Sketch.app

Portfolio: http://j4n.co

Resume: http://j4n.co/content/04-jan-drewniak/resume.pdf

Contact: my email's on my resume

I'm a UI Designer/developer with 5 years experience designing & coding web-apps. I've designed & produced entire API-backed front-ends with angular.js, R.o.R. I've done all the standard startup stuff and I'm looking to do some more. Full-time or contract is ok.

elsewhere: http://codepen.io/j4n https://github.com/j4n-co http://www.linkedin.com/in/jandrewniak

Location: Boston, GA, Remote, Full Time | Contract | Part Time

Stack: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Git, SVN

Resume: http://bit.ly/1kxMoHO

Contact: http://bit.ly/1hQYFCu

Looking for: I have 10+ years experience in front-end web development. Currently learning Python and Flask.

I focus on writing consistent, semantic code and read dev books when others sleep. If I'm not

I also have more than 15 years experience in the graphic design field. Having received a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree, I have an expert comprehension of design principles and while coding, make every effort to follow the designers style, paying close attention to every detail.

I'm a well rounded front-end developer/designer looking to work remotely for a company that values it's employees, challenges them, and knows that it takes a team to create an incredible product.

Faith and family are my highest priorities.

Guatemala, local/Remote fulltime/contract

ASP.NET MVC,WebAPI, C#, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, SQL Server, AWS, MongoDB, NodeJS, Bootstrap

Resume: http://fernandosegura.me/fernandoseguracv-v3.pdf


-Mail fernandosure@yahoo.com

-twitter: @fernandosure

Experienced Web Developer and early adopter

- 10 years in technologies like ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, HTML and CSS

- Full stack Hacker

- Knowledge in several industries like Automobile, E- commerce, Retail and others

- Patterns and best practices enthusiast

- Always learning the best new tool for the job

- Self-taught and early adopter

- Specialties: ASP.NET, SQL Server, Web Development in general, Scalability, AWS, Best practices, Multi-tier application development.

- Currently learning Node.js, Python

I'm currently specializing on single page apps using AngularJS or EmberJS. In my previous projects I've developed a Giftcard platform top to bottom for Latin-American countries, also a remittance platform, internal dashboards all of them using angular and I’m in love with it. I've been working with the .net platform since the beginning and I considered myself a top notch programmer. Previously I developed desktop applications (ERP, CRM, etc.)

You can review my profile in



if you would like to have a word with me, you can reach me at skype: fernandosegura2007

   Info: [NJ/NYC, Relocation, Full Time],
   Stack: [Python: [web.py, Django], 
           Javascript: [jQuery, D3.js, ember.js],
           PHP: [Wordpress, CakePHP],
           Others: [R statistical language, Demandware E-Commerce Platform, git, svn],
   Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/znv6589pqa16x9y/patrickfmurray_resume2014.pdf,
   Contact: patfmurray@gmail.com,
Overview: I'm currently a front-end developer working on a e-commerce SaaS. I'm looking for a new opportunity to build interesting things using all available tools (regardless of backend/frontend) that try to have a positive impact on people's lives. Currently my personal focus has been on learning to use technology to enhance journalism through open data and visualization. I would be excited to work for any company that sees the technology as an engine for positive change.

Sofia, Bulgaria,Remote, Full Time

Stack: C#, asp.net mvc/webApi (3,4,5),SignalR, EntityFramework 5&6, Sql Server, CouchBase, Nginx, Git & Svn, Javascript where needed ( jquery, knockout, handlebars,momentjs <noun>.js ) Basically i can setup my own server (windows/linux) (and have been doing so for few years now), install whatever i need, and get something to production

Resume: I started coding back in 2009 using PHP on a LAMP stack doing mostly WordPress development. After that i started using CodeIgniter to build a CMS for a client.

In the last two years I've been reading books, watching videos on C# and the .Net Framework and working in a company as a C# web developer. Then i moved to a startup to be the single developer that maintains and updates the site with cool new features.

I get really excited when i have to do performance optimization and automating processes. I really love writing code and making tools and utilities that help people save time.I also love prototyping with the latest alpha or beta versions of software and libraries.

I enjoy reading about security, psychology and code ( well that's obvious , isn't it ?). I am very passionate about technology and i'm eager to try all the latest alpha/beta builds of software i use day to day but use only what makes sense a.k.a the right tool for the job.

http://careers.stackoverflow.com/nikolasivkov http://bg.linkedin.com/in/nikolasivkov/

Contact: nikola+hireme@dotfinity.eu

I'm looking for a company with interesting product and fun colleagues that need a full stack .net web developer. Also feel free to contact me if you are looking for a co-founder on a salary, stock is optional.

Location: outskirts of Ithaca, NY. I'm not relocating but up to 50% travel is possible.

Stack: I've programmed in just about everything, but lately I've been focused on deep Java, Hadoop, and cloud native systems.

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/paulhoule/

I succeed where others fail when it comes to Linked Data, RDF and generic databases that reflect the world of human experience. I've spent the last year developing tools and techniques that let me repeatably do in 24 hours what other people will put a team on for six months with a 30% chance of success.

I'm interested in developing systems that make subjective decisions, such as full text systems. I'm frustrated with both how most search systems ignore the TREC evaluation methodology but also with how academics are all to happy to beat their competitors by 1%. I'm looking for people to work with who need precision that users can feel.

Contact: ontology2@gmail.com (607) 539 6254

Santa Barbara, California. Remote or Relocation (within California). Full time.

Stack: Full stack Web development: Python, JavaScript, Django, jQuery, Knockout, Bootstrap, SQL Query Optimization, Oracle, MySQL, OLAP, AWS.

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dcmart . Will provide resume privately upon request.

Contact: dcmartin65 [at] gmail.com

Full stack Web developer with 5+ years of professional experience looking to relocate to the Bay area or Los Angeles/Santa Monica. Currently splitting my time 80/20 between writing code and managing junior devs on several new projects/features. I helped build software that has been used to manage and sell hundreds of thousands of homes. I also co-founded a startup to connect parents and teachers. Above all I'm looking to expand my technical knowledge and work on a close knit team (even if that's within a larger company).

San Francisco, CA | Full-time Stack: Excel, SQL, Powerpoint, MySQL, Tableau, Google Analytics, Photoshop, Picasa, Spanish Resume: http://bit.ly/1jnJmkZ Website: www.eddie-hernandez.com Email: eddiehernandez at alumni.usc.edu

I am an expert, versatile problem-solver with 9 years of pre/post IPO work experience whose passion is turning data into actionable insights and strategic recommendations. I have experience working with front level sales to senior management to executive teams and across 8 business units / office locations (each with its own distinct business model and data warehouse structure, management style, and remote office location).

​Roles: Business Operations, Strategy & Analysis, Marketing/Product Analytics Industries: Mobile, Local Discovery, Fashion, Ecommerce, Marketplaces, Cloud Computing, HealthTech, FinTech

Mt Shasta, California. Remote or Relocation, Full Time Stack: I'm an iOS developer. Objective-C, iOS, Cocoa Touch Resume: http://www.zekezack.com Contact: zeke.shearer@gmail.com

I'm an iOS developer. I have about two years of experience and have worked on some high profile projects. Published apps I've worked on: AP Mobile, TakeLessons, ArtSpan, Law.com, ALM Reader apps (14 apps that are reskinned from the same project), Mount Shasta, SpearFysh, Name3, and MSUSD. There are a couple more projects that I work on which aren't in the store yet, and I have worked on some enterprise apps which won't be sold in the App Store for companies including Comcast and AppTree.

I am looking for a fast paced, challenging environment in a growing company where I can contribute to important projects and improve my skillset in mobile app development.

Junior Full-Stack Web Developer / Junior Front End-Web Developer

Location: San Francisco, California -> Full Time | Part Time | Contract Work| Remote Work

Stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Javascript, AngularJS, Postgresql, Git, HTML, CSS

Resume: Kindly visit my Linkedin account - www.linkedin.com/in/kevinrogerteng/

Contact: You can contact me through Linkedin

I am a passionate developer seeking to work for an opportunity to further learn and expand my skill sets. I am very used to fast paced environments and can learn very quickly. I have spent the last 7 months self teaching myself in Ruby and recently completed General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive course. I have a very diverse background which is a great marry to being a developer. I am confident that I have great potential to contributing significantly to a company’s success. I currently have no preference with industries or company size. Feel free to contact me.

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user: kevin@gmail.com password: 123456

Europe (preferably London/Berlin, but other locations possible), US Relocation/Remote, Full Time/Contract

Stack: SAS, R, Python, SQL, Java/Scala. Lately learning and coding a lot on Hadoop stack (incl. Hive,Pig,Scalding).

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=182852425 specifics in PDF on request

Contact: zielinski.michal0@gmail.com

Data scientist/data analyst, currently with 2+years experience in risk (credit scoring, claims collection, fraud detection) and customer intelligence (deposit withdrawals, credit prepayments). Very good theoretical and practical background in machine learning/data mining. Great in-depth knowledge of SAS, experience in R and Python (scikit,numpy etc). Would love to work on big-data problems using Hadoop/BDAS, including areas outside risk/ci (quant?, biotech?).

Atlanta, GA, Remote or Onsite. Onsite preferred. Full Time.

Stack: JavaScript/HTML/CSS/ minor Python / Ruby

Resume: http://www.scribd.com/doc/31551151/Sam-E-Lawrence-Resume

contact: sam@samelawrence.com

I've been working in tech in a variety of roles from sales / support / consulting and now QA. I'm looking for my first role as a full time developer, where I can use my self-taught skills and hopefully learn a lot more than I currently know. I'm at a very junior level of knowledge, but I approach problems well, and enjoy writing clean code. Growth and culture are far higher priorities to me than salary. Would prefer something in the Atlanta area or remote. Would prefer full time, as I'm looking to leave my current company due to the culture (they call us "resources", etc....)


Philadelphia area. I'm experienced with and prefer mostly remote work, but local is good too. Full time.

Stack: Clojure[Script], Javascript (Node & browser), Haskell, Go

Resume: Available on request

Contact: brandoncarrell@gmail.com, http://bcarrell.me, https://github.com/bcarrell

At my current day job (a large megacorp), I build web applications and automation solutions using modern tools in support of internal workflow and process improvement. On a more general level, I love working with (and talking about) functional languages and write most of my code with a functional slant, and I'm comfortable working on both the front-end and back-end. I'm not a designer, but I value a good experience. Be sure to reach out if we have something in common or if you'd like to talk.

Guruprasad, Bengaluru, India Skills/Experienced in: Debian, Python, Django, C++, Storage (particularly storage management software) Code: https://github.com/lgp171188, https://bitbucket.org/guruprasad Twitter: @LGuruprasad Website: http://www.lguruprasad.in/ Prefer remote/relocation opportunities for full-time jobs. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0By4tOruhioffYk8ySEdweTZEdWc/... Looking for exciting work on new technologies which I will be willing to learn if I don't know them already.

Going to Canberra, Australia soon. Remote, Part Time


    Python-centric stack - Django/Flask, Scipy, Numpy, Requests, Beautifulsoup and all that jazz. 

    Database - Postgresql, Mongodb. I work equally well with ORMs (Django's ORM and SQLAlchemy) and raw SQL.

    Systems - DevOps in Ansible, async programming with Celery + RabbitMQ. Familiar with git, bash and general Ubuntu systems programming.

    Frontend - Decent in Javascript (React.js, jQuery), basic CSS/HTML.
Resume: Contact me.

Email: lee+hn[at]weiyen.me

Skype: wei.yen.22

Links: https://github.com/yen223

I'm a generalist software engineer, with a heavy emphasis on Python development. I will be pursuing my Master's Degree in Computer Science in July. I'm looking for part-time jobs (20 hours/week) for rent money. Will consider jobs in Canberra, or remote jobs.

Birmingham UK, Will Relocate, Full Time

Stack: PHP, Ruby, Java, Machine Learning

Resume: http://www.aaronkalair.co.uk/personal.html

GitHub: https://github.com/AaronKalair

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akalair

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AaronKalair

Email: aaronkalair@gmail.com

I'm looking for a graduate / junior developer role. I completed GSOC last year working for ThinkUp building a YouTube crawler and have experience writing code in Ruby, PHP and Java but I'm willing to learn new languages.

For our masters project we developed a cross-domain Twitter sentiment analyser using supervised learning with F-measures competitive with the literature.

Hong Kong, Remote | Relocation, Full Time | Contract

Stack: Python, Django, Flask, Javascript, Backbone, React, Node.js

Resume: http://wyuenho.github.io/

Contact: See resume

Having hands-on experience with the entire large scale Web application's technology stack in the past 10 years, I am currently transitioning my career from the exploration phase to the exploitation phase. I'm currently looking for opportunities outside of my resident city where my various skills can be fully utilized to their greatest potential in service of a product that I love.

From the very beginning of my career at EditGrid.com (acquired by Apple in 2008) to my most recent job with Muneris Services (funded by Intel), I have had a tremendous fortune to be working from the front-end all the way to the back-end on every subsequent job that I took on. In the past 10 years, I had emerged from being a beginning Java programmer to being a very proficient polyglot software engineer well versed in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Java, Python and Scala, in additional to a number of other static and dynamically typed languages and software technologies. I firmly believe that my skills will be of tremendous value to my future employer.

In my free time, I'm also an active open source developer within the Javascript and Python communities. My most recent success is Backgrid.js, which within 2 days from announcement on Reddit, it had been submitted to Jeremy Ashkenas (creator of Cofferscript, Backbone.js and Underscore.js) himself to HackerNews and stayed on the front page for 2 days.

I have grown enormously by working with many talented and inspiring individuals in the past. I firmly believe that the key to personal and organizational success is a culture of continuous learning and practice, and a culture of passionate dedication and respect. I am looking forward to working for a company that aspire to these ideals in my next venture.

San Francisco | Local | Full Time

Stack: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, SQL, Backbone.js, jQuery, Rspec

Resume/Blog: www.pingram.co, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1MKypbD3Dk_cGtUR2lEX1NZUE0...

Contact: philip.d.ingram@gmail.com

I'm a web developer specializing in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. I studied mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt University and received both a B.E. degree and an M.S. degree there with research in wind turbine design. After school, I moved out to the bay area and worked for 1.5 years in technical support. A few development projects in, I decided coding was my true interest, and left my job to pursue web development as a full-time career.

I've since been developing RoR and Backbone apps with an emphasis on clean code and intuitive user interaction.

Los Angeles, Remote or local, Contract

Stack: Haskell, C#, F#, Java, Scala, Javascript, TypeScript

GitHub: http://github.com/paf31, http://github.com/purescript

Specialties: Domain specific languages (DSLs), Compiler implementation, Framework implementation, Statistics, Geometry

Resume/Blog: http://functorial.com

Contact: my username at cantab dot net

Experienced developer with a strong background in Mathematics looking for small to medium projects (approx. 20 hrs/week). I enjoy writing reliable code in strongly typed functional languages, or using the techniques of strongly-typed functional programming in other languages. Contact me if you're interested in using those techniques to write verifiably correct code.

Location: France, Remote || Relocation, Full Time Stack: Front-end => JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Polymer Back-end => NodeJS (Express, Koa), NoSQL (MongoDB, RethinkDB) Resume: LinkedIn => http://www.linkedin.com/in/davyduperron Github => https://yamafaktory.github.io/ Contact: => davy.duperron[at]gmail.com Atypical profil (from LAMP dev to police officer / now willing to take a u-turn in my career as a full stack developer!). 'Expert' on https://hackhands.com. I am fond of learning everything related to the web and using bleeding-edge technologies.

Germany, Sweden, UK or Norway | Relocation | Full time or Contract

Stack: c++, qt, qml, java spring, linux, c, system, programming, gps, bluetooth

Resume: http://linkedin.com/in/balazsbela (I will send a more detailed one, just ask).

Contact: balazsbela@gmail.com

I am a C++ developer working on applications for Embedded Linux devices. I specialize mainly on the Qt framework. I am looking to relocate to the aforementioned countries and work on challenging projects. I also have a java web background and fairly solid knowledge of javascript and html5. In my free-time I work on my open source projects and I am currently learning low level system programming (linux syscalls, kernel modules). I am curious about new technologies (rust, julia, etc) and I also have an interest for functional programming.

San Francisco, Local. Full Time

Stack: Android, Java, HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3, PHP, C/C++, SQL

Resume: http://neiti.at/resume.pdf https://www.linkedin.com/in/mneubrand http://mneubrand.github.io/

Contact: markus.neubrand [at] gmail.com

I'm looking for an exciting opportunity in mobile app development. I have extensive experience with various programming languages, stacks and environments. Asides my recent work in mobile I've previously worked as a web developer doing back-end work with Java or PHP and some front-end development in JavaScript. Before that I've done fat client development with Java Swing and Eclipse RCP.

Will Relocate to any where in US, Full time

Website: http://www.ifp.illinois.edu/~magulur1/

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tfyqvcu9n6tbxtw/resume.pdf

Contact: Check website or resume

I am finishing up my PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and will be graduating this summer.

I have strong theoretical and mathematical foundations. In grad school, I have been working on optimal resource allocation algorithms for cloud computing and networks. I have strong background in Stochastic Processes, Optimization, Algorithms and Queueing Theory. I have done a wide variety of courses in ECE, CS and Maths including a few courses and projects in Machine learning.

Location: Anywhere (I'm from Italy, currently in Shanghai), Relocation and/or Remote, preferably Full Time

Stack: JavaScript, php, Java, C++, HTML (any), CSS (any), jQuery and more.

Resume: https://goo.gl/QifQtI

GitHub: https://github.com/zntfdr

LinkedIn: https://cn.linkedin.com/pub/federico-zanetello/88/1b1/50b

Contact: my username @ gmail.com

I'm graduating this October in Computer Science from University of Padua, Italy. Born and raised in Italy, I'm now ready to work with super talented people around the world, to solve the most exciting and competitive problems, and to plan and execute tremendously complex projects.

North Idaho; Remote | Relocation; Contract | Full Time | Part Time

In SF until Sat.

Stack: Ruby, CoffeeScript (backbone.js, spine.js and their ilk)

Github: https://github.com/k2052 Book I wrote on CoffeeScript Frameworks: https://leanpub.com/building-coffeescript-frameworks

Contact: k@2052.me

I know MV* js/coffeescript frameworks like the back of my hand. I can code clean API-first ruby apps that are fully tested and easily deployed. I'm most productive with Sinatra/Padrino/Grape/Scorched/Other Minimal frameworks but can easily tackle Rails to. I'm a polyglot that has played with everything from Clojure to Nimrod; could easily dive into anything and get up to speed quickly.

Denver, CO | Full Time

Stack: Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js, JavaScript, Git, jQuery

Resume/Blog: www.EricKenney.io

Contact: ekenney5@gmail.com

I'm a web developer specializing in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript development. I began playing with web development when I was in grad school. The more time I put into it, the more I realized how much I enjoyed it and eventually decided to make the leap from engineering to web development.

I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder where I received BS and MS degrees in Aerospace Engineering. Before transitioning to web development, I worked as a Software Test Engineer at Raytheon on the GPS program. Since the transition, I've been working on developing Ruby on Rails and Backbone.js sites. I mostly develop using JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML, and Backbone.js, but I am always looking to add new tools.

Location: Czech Republic, Prague (EU citizen) | Remote or relocate | Full Time | Contract | Part Time

Stack: Mobile Development - Android and iOS and also Web Development - Scala (Play) and ASP.NET

Resume: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8YfgX2OAeDccDN3QnJISzZOMjA/...

Contact: In my CV.

Looking for a job where I can work as a mobile developer specializing in iOS and/or Android. In my current job I develop applications for both platforms. I am also able to work as a Scala developer or ASP.NET developer but I would prefer working as a mobile developer. Looking for a company that uses modern technology and design is important for its. I am willing to relocate or work remotely, also we can start with part time or contract.

Rochester, Willing to relocate or remote, Full Time

Stack: Ember.js, Node (specifically with ember), RoR, Basically anything on the web

Resume: contact for resume

Contact: jakejuby@gmail.com

I'm a web engineer at the beginning of my career, looking to keep working with front-end and back-end web technologies, specifically looking to grow with a company.

San Francisco, Boston, NYC, Berlin or London, Full-Time or Contract (Remote, on-site, or mixed)

Stack: JavaScript, Node.js, AngularJS (since July 2012), Ruby at many companies, R, Postgres, MongoDB, Neo4j, Java, Python.

Worked directly with founders of Twitch.tv back at Justin.tv and founders of YouTube at MixBit/AVOS. Also experience at Brightcove and Wolfram Alpha. Lots of personal projects. BS C.S., B.S. Math. Thank you.

Resume: http://linkedin.com/in/yazhbin

Portfolio: http://vlad.github.com

Contact: https://twitter.com/vla, https://angel.co/vla, or LinkedIn above

[Saint Petersburg, Russia], [Remote or Relocation (preferably relocation)], [ Full Time ]

Stack: AngularJS, PHP, JS

Resume: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/oz or https://github.com/jamm/resume/blob/master/resume.pdf?raw=tr...

Contact: normandiggs@gmail.com

At this moment I'm senior developer at boutique.ru so I make AngularJS apps for internal needs (behind the main site - WMS, ERP) and manage team of developers who will replace old boutique.ru with new AngularJS SPA.

I have 10 years experience in PHP and web development in general, so I can learn any new web-related technology in short period of time. I like to learn new things :)

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Looking to freelance with clients all over the world, or an on-site job in the city.

Stack: I'm a generalist developer for over 13+ years, officially (career-wise) working as a frontend and backend developer with PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript. Unofficially but decent: C#, Python, PostgreSQL, Android, GIS and a bit of 3D development (Unity and WebGL). I also enjoy setting up and manage servers.

Resume: Upon request. Previous employers include my country's government, a large mobile gaming company, high-traffic websites and credit report providers with reasonably large databases.

Contact: ar_freelancer@yahoo.com

My timezone is beautifully aligned with most of the US and I'm offering attractive rates that would make patio11 cringe. They start from $15/h for HN'ers, depending on commitment.


SV SF Bay Area, Remote 50%+, Full Time

Stack: Chef, Ubuntu, Centos, Debian, Redhat, AWS, GCE, Azure, VMWare, Openstack, Postgres, MySQL, Redis, Cassandra, Hadoop/HDFS/Hbase, Rabbitmq, zeromq/0MQ, Logstash, Graphite, Networking, Apache, nginx, squid, haproxy, Nagios, sensu, ThousandEyes, NewRelic, Python, Ruby, Bash, Perl, etc..

Resume: Email for resume

Contact: devopsthrowaway@gmail.com

I'm looking for a new job that will allow me to move out of California and still do fascinating and exciting online technical operations. If your company is in California, I can come back 10-40% of the time. I can work w/ you full time for 3-6 months before transitioning to remote. If your company is good with 100% remote, then this will work great.

I have 10+ years experience and love to work with smart, nice, motivated people.

Derby/Nottingham, UK, Remote

Stack: Site localization and optimization (Drupal/Wordpress too), Linux, LAMP/LEMP, CSS/SASS

Resume: http://lukespear.co.uk/ - Translator, translation agency owner, translation startup founder with technical ability.

Contact: contact [a.t] lukespear.co.uk

Looking to assist remotely with localization and translation projects between the world's major commercial languages (and some smaller ones) as well as implementing foreign language content with existing systems. Also keen to consult on site and server issues for Drupal projects, optimizing Drupal or Wordpress for performance with Nginx/Apache on Linux.

Based in the East Midlands, UK, happy to work with teams or solo-founders around the world or locally.

San Francisco/San Jose/Bay Area, Full-time

HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, Ruby/Rails, Python, PHP

Resume at http://www.danielkimbel.com/documents/Daniel%20Kimbel%20Resu...

Email - dkkimbel at gmail dot com

I'm a full-stack junior web developer, more experienced in the front-end but equally excited to work the back-end. I have a genuine aptitude and love for code, and would be thrilled for the opportunity to demonstrate that by completing any given exercise, sample project, or contract job. My portfolio is at www.danielkimbel.com, and my GitHub is at www.github.com/techowl. I also love learning new technologies, and have most recently been playing with famo.us.

Chicago (city only, not interested in suburbs, sorry) | Fulltime.

Sysadmin/Devops: Linux, Windows, LAMP, AD/Exchange, Networking, VoIP

Stack: PHP development, Drupal, Wordpress, scripting (bash, powersh, python, etc)

I'm looking for a devops position in Chicago that can help a startup or established business migrate to its next level. I'd love to build your environment, run your CMS, do your networking, etc. I'm also very security conscious and can help you achieve PCI or HIPAA, lock down your environment, etc. I have a mix of for and non-profit experience and am comfortable in both.

Sorry, must remain anonymous for a variety of reasons. Please reply to this with a contact or with a note of interest. I can also setup an anon contact form or disposable email if need be. Thanks.

Currently in San Francisco, Would remote from Houston, TX or Relocate to Austin, TX, Full Time.

Stack: Objective C, Rails, Backbone, D3, Javascript.

Website: www.rismay.com

Contact: cmonterroza@wrkstrm.me

I am passionate about location based apps and the quantified self movement. I would like to work on freeing personal data from the silos they are currently kept in and eliminating the need for manual input.

I got started by programming a prototype for an ambient location platform. As a result, I am fluent with the majority of CoreLocation and MapKit. However, I have spent the last two years learning about general Objective C programming. Recently, I picked up Ruby and Javascript. Coincidently, they are perfect languages to have learned prior to the Swift announcement by Apple (aside from actually knowing Swift).

Toronto, Remote, Contract

Stack: Javascript (Node/Single Page Apps (home-brewn arch/Backbone/Angular), Ruby, RubyMotion + CocoaTouch, Python

Resume: https://github.com/fromheten/ http://www.linkedin.com/pub/martin-josefsson/62/175/473

Contact: twitter @axhlf, josefsson.martin+hnhire@gmail.com

Fresh from Berlin and Tokyo, going to Toronto this July. Been deep into modern Javascript, functional and OO programming. Worked with many server side frameworks, both for web apps and JSON api's (Rails, Node, express, websockets, etc).

Interested in your company, so please write me a line about who you are :).

Location: Eastern WA, Remote, Full Time | Contract | Part Time

Stack: Full stack dev, PHP (Laravel, as of late), C# (ASP.NET MVC, WebForms, et al), Python, a few types of SQL, various Linux server tech (apache, memcache)

Resume: http://www.stephenleefischer.com/resume

Contact: gmail - fischer.stephenl

Overview: I'm looking for remote work solving interesting problems, preferably focused on the backend work. I've spent a fair amount of time working with Windows servers at my day jobs, but run Linux at home and for most of my side projects. I've been paying the bills as a web developer for a while now, but I'm looking to get back into creating the server tech for client/server software.

Joinville Brazil, Remote | Relocation, Full Time | Contract Stack: C, Embedded Systems, Linux, Sales Engineering, Project and team Management

Resumé: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lmck-xE9u3NCXjb9JQ17Bwgh...

Contact: adilson dot oliveira at gmail dot com

I'm a quite seasoned professional (over 20 years experience in IT) and my objective is to work anywhere that thrills me. I'm quite fond of linux, embedded technologies, cloud computing and niche markets. If it's related to education specially (I'm a volunteer teacher), I'm all ears! I'm available right away, local, relocation and remote.

Switzerland, Geneva. Remote or Local (no relocation). Full Time.

Stack: C#, .NET MVC, WPF, SQL Server, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Swift

Resume: http://ch.linkedin.com/in/nicoschuele

Personal site: http://www.nicoschuele.com

10+ years of experience building software (fat-clients, server-side, web) mostly for financial companies. Currently looking to branch out of the corporate world. Strong experience in project management and technical coaching as well.

Personal projects: - http://www.railsbricks.net - http://www.howtocode.io

Boston, MA, In-House, Full Time Experienced admin/IT guy.

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samphinizy/ Contact: sam.phinizy@gmail.com

I'm an experienced jack of all trades office/admin guy. Worked at non-profits most of my career, often times modernizing IT systems, managing large projects and handling a variety of back office tasks. Currently at a large NGO and looking for a change. Worked on a Harvard President's Award runner up social enterprise that focuses on modernizing land rights issues in Colombia.

Outside of work I'm a pretty big nerd. Learning Node right now and have played a bunch with Ruby/Python working on procedural generation.

Boston | Willing to work remotely or relocate to New York City | Full Time

Stack: Proficient ASP.NET MVC, Beginner Ruby on Rails

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/keokizee

Careers 2.0: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/keokizee

Contact: cold.boston.hawaiian+hnjobs@gmail.com

4 years of professional web development. I was laid off December 2013 during company-wide layoffs at my previous job. I've been teaching myself Angular.JS, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails in the meantime, as well as answering questions on Stack Overflow, and editing existing questions and answers to make them more useful and easier to find for future readers.

Los Angeles | Willing to Relocate or Remote | Full Time

Stack: C#/.NET, Java, PHP, Javascript, Backbone.js, Node.js, Facebook React, AWS Expertise.

Resume: http://j.mp/badar-cv

Contact: In Resume.


Are you looking for someone who can solve your business and engineering problems? It is hard finding good engineers who can contribute to product vision end to end.

I like contributing to bigger picture product vision & solving the nitty gritty technical issues. If you are a young startup I would love to have a chat with you and find out about your vision, technical issues & challenges and potentially help you accelerate product development.

For more technical details: http://j.mp/badar-cv

Munich, Germany. Local, Remote, Relocation. Full Time.

Stack: HTML5, JS, CSS, Python, Node.js, PHP, C, Linux, Drupal, Git, HCI and User Interface Design

Resume: Available on request

Contact: daniel+hn@dgsiegel.net

I am a software engineer interested in the future of computing and the interaction of humans with computer interfaces. I try to make the products I design and build as simple and intuitive to use as possible while still having a unique aesthetic appeal. I love Free and Open Source software.

As CTO, I co-founded, built and scaled up the world's leading fashion designer platform in 2007. In 2013 I felt it was time for something new and joined a large consulting company as an expert for open web technologies, HTML5 and Free and Open Source software in their emerging technology team.

Columbus, OH | Remote or On-site | Full Time

Stack: - (Current) Ruby, Ansible, Puppet, JunOS, NETCONF, SLAX, Linux - (Previously) Java, C#, Symbian/C++

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mpfefferle Contact: matthew.pfefferle@gmail.com

I'm currently working for an established networking equipment vendor after having entered the company via a startup acquisition. My experience includes from mobile, enterprise, web, ops, people management, and lately, network automation. I'm coming up on 10 years work experience.

I'm looking for an organization that is trying to make a dent in the universe. I expect to have to wear multiple hats and learn lots of things on the fly.

Moscow, Russia | Relocation to US(H1, J1 eligible)/UK | Full Time

Stack: Java(Spring, Hadoop, Ambari, Hive, Camel), Scala(Scalatra, ScalaTest, ScalaCheck), Clojure(Compojure, Processing), Javascript (Angular, D3, Node, Express, Grunt, jQuery), UI (Bootstrap, Less, Jade), MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, Android SDK.

Resume: http://bit.do/int128

Contact: Google brings a group of distinguished Russian developers to its Google IO conference(including me), we can meet in person in SF since June 18th till July 3rd, otherwise my email address is in my CV.

I am looking for a company to help it grow with all my experience in software engineering, data science, public speaking and nurturing new developers.

Location: India [Full time] | US (H1B)

Stack: Python (Flask | Django), Javascript (backbone | ng | Grunt), Node.js, HTML5/CSS3

Resume: https://github.com/prakhar1989/cv/blob/master/cv.pdf

Blog: http://prakhar.me

Contact: prakhar1989@gmail.com

I'm a web guy with good experience shipping projects on multiple technologies. I'm interested in working at a company where I can push my technical skills forwards and help contribute to a good product. I recently graduated with engineering degree in Computer Science and completed a couple of years doing MBA. Can contribute to multiple roles in a startup!

Location: Eugene, OR Will relocate, especially to portland or seattle, Full Time Only

Stack: ASP.NET / C#, MVC, Javascript & TypeScript, Durandal, Knockout, amplifyJS, Ninject, xunit, fluent validation, automapper, SQL Server, RavenDB

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9nct0jdzf7mu4wa/Josh%20Charles-Res...

Contact: josh.charles@gmail.com

I'm looking for a position in a larger city, working on web applications. I have a diverse educational background and the ability to pick up new skills and technologies very quickly. I've been on the Microsoft stack for a decade now, but I also have experience with Ruby on Rails and PHP.

Pittsburgh PA, Remote, Full Time

Stack: Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, jQuery, jQuery UI, AngularJS, Twisted

Resume: http://mtdavis.org/Resume-Michael-Davis.docx

Contact: michaeltdavis@gmail.com

Website: http://mtdavis.org (work in progress!)

Dependable and detail-oriented fast learner looking for new challenges. Five (almost six!) years of experience in software development. Professional experience is split about 60/40 between the front-end and back-end. On the front-end I've mainly worked on single-page web applications using jQuery, and recently I've been teaching myself AngularJS for side projects.

Denver, Colorado, Remote, Full Time

Stack: very strong in C/C++/Python, moderate in a bunch of others, advanced signal processing knowledge and linux systems programming. Resume: available through email.

Contact: hnjobs@inboxalias.com

Interested in moving into the big data/analytics/machine learning field. I've started working on some of these problems and find myself more and more interested, so I'd like an opportunity to learn more and contribute in this area. I've done stuff in computer graphics, networking, GPGPU, image processing, classification and more. I like to cultivate a broad range of skills and drill down when I need to, so I consider myself able to contribute in a wide variety of ways.

Boulder, Co, Local/remote, full time/contract/part time

Stacks: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, python(django/flask), c++, java, ruby(rails), sql, apache nutch, hadoop, lucene,

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1zpo6nrlirqjsbm/resume2014.doc

Recommendation letter: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vnlsdbbt3st8wx2/DEMARCO%20recommen...

Contact: erikmingo@gmail.com

I love to learn. Looking to join a company that moves quickly, and will challenge me every single day. I am in love with solving problems, so send them my way!

Philadelphia, PA, USA, Remote, Contract

Stack: Ruby, Python, Zookeeper, Solr, Hadoop, VMWare, Javascript, Redis

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrismacnaughton, https://github.com/chrismacnaughton

Contact: chris [at] cmacinfo [dot] com

I'm currently a systems engineer with experience as a Ruby developer. I have experience with AWS and DevOps at my previous employment and am currently working with VMWare to handle server virtualization. I have extensive experience with Apache Solr and have worked with Apache Nutch and Apache Zookeeper in a deployment and monitoring capacity.

India, Remote | Relocation within India, Full time

Stack: Full stack development (LAMP), Codeigniter, CakePHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, Git, Shell, Python

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j65hhbe3cadf0kr/Shubham.pdf

Github: https://github.com/shubhamjain/

Website: http://coffeecoder.net

I have been programmer since I was 16. I am an enthusiast who loves to play with new technologies and work on challenging jobs which put me out of my comfort chair. I like to solve real world problems creating something which is useful for others.

Malaga/Amsterdam/London, Remote (on location can be discussed), Full / Part time can be discussed

Stack: C#/F#, Java, Mobile (Xamarin, Objective-C, Java), C/C++, Haskell, Coq, Clojure, JS (Node), HTML5, Idris, Hadoop, Cassandra, Linux (can do drivers/kernel modules)

Contact: tycho@e-lab.nl

Recent experiences: EMV (software, hardware, embedded), Bluetooth, running iOS code on Android, formal verification and writing/auto translating a ton of mobile apps (iOS, Android), devops on Linux.. Can/did manage teams and lead research (related to software dev and formal methods).

Looking for a challenging job in the dev tools, programming languages or verification space as well as mobile and/or embedded development.

New York City, Remote|Local, Full Time|Part Time

Stack: Scala/Java, R, Python, Numpy, Scikit-learn, C, Ruby, Bash, Perl, Regex, Javascript, D3, HTML5, Markdown, LATEX/TEX, Git, Vim, Eclipse, Maven, Jenkins, Yourkit, Apache Tomcat, AWS, MongoDB, MySQL, Matlab, SAS, Stata, SPSS, Linux/Unix, docker, Windows

Resume: http://lnkd.in/mkKdAx PDF resume available upon request.

Contact: sychopx@gmail.com

Currently a Data Scientist at a NYC startup focused on fraud prediction. Looking to be part of challenging project/venture, solve interesting problems within a solid business model/framework. Background in Statistics and Machine Learning. I love working with data.

Seattle, WA/Anywhere, Local/(partial) remote, Full Time/contract

Stacks: Frontend: HTML, CSS(+SASS), Bootstrap, Javascript/Typescript/Coffeescript, jQuery, AngularJS, Rx.js, qUnit, WebRTC, emscripten, WebGL

Backend1: C#, ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, SignalR, EF|raw SQL, SQL Server, Azure, TDD(mstest/nUnit), Teamcity

Backend2: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Git, Cucumber, Heroku

Mobile: iOS/Objective C (Ipad app), Windows Store app (C#/XAML/etc)

Contact: volodymyrotr@gmail.com

Resume: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/volodymyrotr

Looking to start/join a company working on a product to make people lives better; should have a reasonable remote policy.

Hire me to analyze/curate large data sets, extract insights, and build predictive models.

Previous work:

- Used machine learning to automate $1MM service at Umbel (Austin Startup)- recommended ads for clients to run to Facebook by analyzing 1B+ data points

- Used local Twitter sentiment to predict quality of life (model used to predict poverty rates, population density, etc)

- [Current] Using machine learning forecast concert ticket prices

I'm a triple major student at UT Austin with an almost perfect GPA. Graduating this year, lover of all data. Email me at jayshahtx [at] gmail dot com or visit me at www.jayshah.me

[Location] - remote or Austin, TX

[Technologies] - Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, general data science, most work in Python

[Contact] - jayshahtx[at]gmail[dot]com

EU, Relocate to LA / SF (H-1B needed), Full time

Stack: HTML5, CSS3, Less, Bootstrap, RWD, JavaScript, AngularJS, Node.js (Express.js), MongoDB

Resume: http://fr.linkedin.com/in/florentsuc

Contact: http://www.florentsuc.com/contact/

I'm a Web and Mobile Software Engineer. I graduated with a master's degree in Information Systems. I love building web and mobile applications and I care about UI and UX.

I'm looking to keep working with front-end and back-end web technologies on web/mobile web applications.

I would like to relocate to LA/SF area, but I will need H-1B.

Connecticut, Remote, Full Time

Stack: PHP, JS, CSS, HTML, design for web and print

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e63u4ehdvb9bddc/Sergey_Chernata_Re...

Contact: Listed in resume

As a generalist, I shine in small agile teams. I can design and I've been heavily leaning into coding for a number of years. Currently this makes me a sort of "one man army" to my employers, which is great value.

What I want is to work with a team of people as passionate as I am about building great products for the web. I want to contribute in any way I can while at the same being being challenged and constantly learning.

Cupertino/Bay Area/San Francisco, Internship/Part-time

Stack: HTML, CSS, Javascript. Design and UI/UX. Basic Node.js knowledge

Resume: http://jliu.me & http://jliu.me/resume_small.pdf

Contact: sicong.liu98 (at) gmail.com

I'm a 16 year old high school student seeking an internship in frontend development and/or design. I love creating interfaces and experiences that bring joy to the user; I believe I'm a very competent frontend dev/designer, and can bring value to the product. I'm in it for the experience and learning aspect of the internship.

SF Bay Area, CA Relocate (J1 Visa) | 4 month internship starting in September

Stack: Java (Android), Objective-C (iOS), Python, Ruby (on Rails), HTML5, JavaScript (D3, Angular, Node, Express), SQL (PostgreSQL), NoSQL (MongoDB), Git

Resume: http://pluszero.ca/resume

Contact: a3gnanac [at] uwaterloo [dot] ca

I'm currently looking for a 4-month internship in the SF Bay Area. I have 4 years of programming experience and a lot of mobile development experience, particularly with Android (got a few published apps available for your perusal at my website).

I'm super eager to learn and I'm looking for a worthwhile opportunity to develop my skills even further.

Mexico, Remote, (Full Time | Contract | Part Time)

  Stack: iOS

  Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0j6sohdvkunjsur/ChristianRoman_resume.pdf

  GitHub: https://github.com/chroman

  Portfolio: http://chroman.me/portfolio

  Contact: chroman16@gmail.com
I’m a software engineer based in Mexico with almost 4 years of experience. My expert area is native iOS development. I've been developing for iOS since iOS 3.0.

Over the last 3 years I’ve worked on more than 20 native iOS apps including client, in-house and own App Store apps.

I love challenges and I’m always looking for opportunities to do awesome things.

Toronto, Remote, FT/PT/C

Stack: JS, PHP, C#, Python

Resume: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/alexpineda77

Contact: http://alexpineda77.com/contact

The previous posting did land me an interview I just didn't get the spot unfortunately.

I'm a dabbler. I love product. I'm currently working on a niche-product (kwollo.com) on the side. I can build things quickly in php, c#, and am building up my front-end skills. I have a good sense for design/usability. I'm not afraid of linux or the command line. Data science is becoming interesting to me.

Berlin, Germany. Full time.

Stack: Full stack Web development / DevOps: Python, JavaScript, Django, jQuery, Backbone, React, PhoneGap, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Salt Stack, Fabric, AWS, Heroku, GAE. But I'm always happy to learn new things.

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michalodnous . I can provide a standard CV privately, on request. No recruiters please.

Contact: odi.root (at) gmail.com or through LinkedIn.

I love good engineering and look for interesting problems to solve. Web development is preferred but I can make a pivot. A serious career not a gig. Good working conditions instead of perks.

New York, NY | Long Island, NY | Remote, Full Time

Python (Django, Flask), Bash, HTML, CSS, Processing, Java (basic), Javascript (front-end)


Contact info is on resume

Currently working in IT, but looking to move to a developer position. In addition to programming, I'm proficient in graphic design (Photoshop) and music production (FL Studio). I'm bilingual in Spanish and English and consider myself an honest & sociable person. Feel free to contact me even if you just want to keep in touch.

Saint Petersburg, Florida, Remote/Relocate, Short to medium term contract, part time

Python, C#, Javascript, PostGIS, ArcGIS, OpenLayers, MapServer, Geoserver, ArcGIS Server, Django, jQuery.

Resume: available on request

Contact: danielbporter@gmail.com

Web developer and desktop application developer with 4 years experience. Primarily interested in working with GIS, especially interested in research oriented development, e.g. I just built a remote sensing system with commodity hardware for mapping out citrus trees, and we're working on publishing a study based on it. I'd love more of this in my life.

I'm willing to relocate for contract work. I'm also interested in part time remote work.

Mobile Software Architect

San Diego || Remote. Full time || Contract || Part time if interesting

Stack: iOS, objective-c, Mac OS X. Familiar with most frameworks but have extensive experience with Core Motion, Core Location, mapping, as well as Cocos2d & SpriteKit. Also experienced with writing php/mysql backends and json based APIs to power apps. Statistics based software experience including recommendations engines. Business degree + programming career gives me a unique skill set to contribute to both dev and product. I can help you take your software from concept to delivery.

Resume: Available by request

Contact: adam at swelltown dot com

I'm interested in discussing your mobile software needs.

Edinburgh, Scotland UK, Remote (preferably), Full Time or Contract

System Administrator

Resume: Available on request

Contact: steve@steve.org.uk

I'm a Linux & Unix system administrator, who was a developer in a past life. I'm well-versed in C, C++, Perl, and Ruby for development, but capable of using PHP, nodejs, and similar too.

I've significant experience with Debian in particular, having been a member of the Debian Security team for some time, and having audited software for security issues for many years. Contributions to projects include screen, less, emacs, and more.

All the experience you'd expect setting up, automating, monitoring, and managing large numbers of servers - whether real or virtual.

Weston, Florida, USA, Remote | Local, Full Time

Stack: C# ASP.NET, SQL, PHP, Bootstrap, HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, KendoUI, Objective-C, Java for Android, SVN, JSON/ XML, LINQ, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL/ MariaDB, Apache, Telerik

Resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3H08OK8C88Wd1VpRTJ6aDcybGs...

Contact: pedroestrada.86@gmail.com

I'm looking for new opportunities in mobile development or C# .NET. I have 3+ experience developing with iOS and Android, as well as with .NET Web Applications. I'm looking to focus in a specialty with a great company.

Location: Florida. Open to Relocation or Remote, Full Time

Stack: Enterprise Data Management and Analysis, mainly in the geospatial data realm: ESRI Software (ArcGIS, ArcSde, ArcObjects), Python, PL\SQL, Some C#, Javascript, Oracle Spatial

Resume: www.linkedin.com/in/robertgodfrey

Contact: through Linkedin

Highly experienced in the management, analysis, and quality assurance of enterprise data. I work for a fortune 500 company and would like to see what other opportunities exist. Although my experience is mostly in the spatial realm, I am open to changing industries. I am happiest when discovering new ways to use technology to analyze data and visualize the result of the analysis.

Des Moines, IA, remote/possibly relocate, Full Time

Stack: Linux/Windows, MSSQL (clustering), Exchange, Oracle, VMware (ESX/View), Citrix (PS 4.5-XA6),EMC (VNX, RecoverPoint, XtremIO), F5, Cisco (UCS, NX-OS), Perl, Ruby, Python, Bash, Powershell, VB, OSX (enterprise interop/mgmt)

Resume: (please contact for resume)

Contact: hackdsm (at) gmail

I have a background in sysadmin work both server/application level and also have background in security (monitoring, scanning, analysis and remediation). Looking for a collaborative environment to join no problem is too big or too small! Remote or within the Midwest but open to the idea of other places if the fit is right.

Philadelphia, PA. Willing to relocate anywhere, full-time or contract is preferable.

Stack: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, LESS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Adobe Creative Suite

Resume: http://zachtaylor.me/docs/ztaylor.pdf

Contact: zachwtaylor (at) gmail.com, http://zachtaylor.me

I'm a self-taught front-end developer who's worked in a freelance capacity for several years. I'm looking to move into a full-time role at a small company or startup where I can expand my technical skillset and work with a team of cool people on something interesting.

West Coast (preferably California), Relocation, Internship for this summer (+Full Time after I graduate in December)

Stack: C/C++, x86, Python, (others listed on Resume)

Resume: http://goo.gl/1lN4A1

Contact: anujpasricha01[at]gmail[dot]com

Most of my experience has been in hardware design and low level programming, however I am trying to expand my horizons by learning more about artificial intelligence and machine learning. So I would like to work for someone working in those fields. However, I am open to any and all options because I really want to get a feel for what the technology culture on the West Coast is like.

Campbell, CA, Local to Bay/Remote, Full Time

Stack: Super communicator, extroverted, PHP, HTML, CSS

Resume: http://bit.ly/1pA0wTF

LinkedIn: http://lnkd.in/bh6qsGn

Contact: taylorishere@gmail.com

After working in the entertainment industry, and now Client Services, my strengths lie in communicating with clients and customers to make sure their needs are met.

I'm looking to join a team that needs a super communicator, in the Customer Service/Community Manager/Marketing/PR departments.

I can also do web development with Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS, and I can also do the splits on command.

Zurich (Switzerland), Remote, Full Time or Contract

Stack: Java, Scala, Groovy, Play2, Grails, Dropwizard, Akka, ElasticSearch, Solr, Gradle, Mongo, Cassandra, Oracle Soa Stack, Puppet

Resume: http://d.pr/f/qQnn

Contact: luciano@fiandes.io

I'm a JVM hacker with 18+ years of experience. Mostly focusing on back-end, I can code in Java, Scala, Groovy (and Python).

In the last 3 years I have also enjoyed quite a lot working with Puppet and Amazon Web Services.

If you need to build production-ready RESTFul API using a solid, scalable back-end, I can be your guy. Very much into stable, readable, well-tested code.

Also experience in JVM tuning and all-things performance.

Southern Utah, Remote, Full Time

Stack: Ruby, Rails, HTML/CSS/JS, Puppet/Chef, MySQL/Postgres, Asterisk/Freeswitch, Redis/AMQP/XMPP, Git

Resume: https://www.github.com/JustinAiken, https://www.linkedin.com/in/JustinAiken

Contact: justinaiken@me.com

Full stack engineer in web (and VoIP), looking to bring commitment to high quality, well-tested code into a longterm employer - huge bonus if building an end-product that's fun, useful, exciting, or has potential for positive change.

São Paulo, Brazil, Remote | relocation, Full time

Stack: C/C++, C#, Objective-C, Python

Resume: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B33_gHEXKq_wTkJyQ3VQRGJpVGs/...

Contact: enzo.matsumiya AT gmail

I like to solve problems. The "stack" doesn't really matter as I will adapt to whatever technology I am introduced to. That being said, I think that the area the most challenges me is driver and/or embedded systems development, which I am very interested in to. I also am an infosec enthusiast, and would be very happy to work with that too.

Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Other bay area cities, Full Time

Stack:Python,Node.js,Java,Couchbase, Redis, Riak, Other NoSQL technologies,git, SQL.



Overview: Software Craftsman who loves to solve business problems, With domain experience in the enterprise and ad-tech, looking to make an impact in my next role building data pipelines, analytics platforms and tools that the business needs. I also have an interest in machine learning algorithms, Gave a talk on Computing Document Similarity using nltk(link in resume) at the Bay area Python Interest Group.

Liverpool, England, Remote/Relocation, Full Time/Contract

Resume: http://lockyy.com

Github: http://github.com/lockyy

Contact: daniel@lockyy.com

I'm a Ruby on Rails developer graduating from university with a degree in Computer Science later this month. I also have experience working on a small team on the development and launch of a popular medical revision website.

I'm looking for a junior position working on software that people love to use. I would prefer to work on a small team but don't mind otherwise. I pick things up fast and love to learn.

Location: Washington, DC / N. Virginia, Local Only, Full Time Only, Commercial/Nonprofit Focus (not Federal Gov.)

Resume: Upon request

Contact: See Profile

Not a developer. Seeking business development, strategy, operations role. Technology background (CS degree from a top-tier public university; Python, Java, PHP, SQL, JS, HTML, CSS experience; product/project management; enterprise lifecycle). 6+ years internal and client-facing management consulting experience in strategic planning, business case development, market research, pro formas, process, training, sales, proposals, etc. Used to leading small teams with visibility to sr. leadership.

Portland, OR Remote/Relocation, Full Time

Stack: Linux, Django, PostgreSQL, Python, Node.js, Socket.io, Apache, Nginx, R


Contact: raphael [at] thugrobot.com

I graduated with a math degree 4 years ago and have been realizing my career aspirations since then. My salary history encapsulates my success (feel free to ask), but I want to do what I enjoy: program computers. I am specifically looking for a position as a full stack developer, but am excited to hear about other positions as well.

Thanks! r0fls

Columbia, SC, Remote or Local , Full Time

  Stack: C#, PHP, SQL.

  Resume/Contact: faetless.com

  I've been working on personal projects for the past few years as a way to learn new technology. I'm quick to pick up new things. My most recent project is http://www.chazzen.com as a way to practice integrating with other website's rest/api.  The biggest thing I am looking for is an interesting project. I've been doing a lot with automation/scripting and it is something I enjoy. I use windows and mac daily and have been apart of the LUG for 10+ years.

San Francisco, Local | Relocation, Full Time Stack: Ruby on Rails, SQL, Backbone.js, JavaScript, HTML/CSS Resume: http://cristischeye.com Contact: cristi.scheye@gmail.com

Web developer based in San Francisco, CA with experience in Ruby on Rails stack technologies. I previously worked as a market research analyst and led the company’s transition from Excel to SQL for storing and analyzing project data. Currently seeking a junior engineer opportunity with mid- to late-stage startup or established company, either running on rails or other technologies.

Fairfax, VA, remote or on-site, full time

Stack: a number of assembly languages, c# .net, java, c, c++, python, javascript, spring, ...

Github: https://github.com/xCKtmdl

Resume: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/res/4500771175.html

  Right now I do c# .net web-dev. I really hate web-dev,
 but hey everyone needs a job and I got hired. My love
 for programming began with asm and hardware programming.

  I would really love to be doing asm for my job.

London, Remote, Full Time or Contract or Part Time

Stack: Hadoop, Storm, MongoDB, Flume, Sqoop, D3, HBase, AWS, EC2, Java

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/prashbabu GitHub: https://github.com/P7h Full resume available upon request.

Contact: prakruthb (at) gmail

Overview: Almost 12 years in Java world and the past 3 years in slicing and dicing data and Big Data analytics and visualization. Please check my GitHub account and LinkedIn profile for a brief about me. I am an Indian citizen travelling to London soon.

Location: Toronto, Canada, Local/Remote/Relocation, Full Time (for the summer, graduate in December)

Stack: Go, Docker, Node, Javascript, Mongodb, D3, Python for Data Sci, R (but I prefer Python :))

Github: http://tinyurl.com/pb8wgk2

Contact: dluna132@gmail.com, more info on request

I'm comfortable doing any role. I've worked on backend, frontend at a startup and done data related activities on the side or through online courseware I've taken (I've done a lot of this).

Ideally I'd love to work at a startup where I work on a mix of backend and data/ML roles.

Location: Europe, but I'm mostly looking for full time remote work.

Stack: Java, .Net, C++ (not fresh), KDB/Q, shellscripting. OS: rather Linux than Windows. A bit of Scala and Matlab.

Contact: hn@glia.io

I am a generalist engineer who always tried to work on highly performant and/or distributed/heavily parallel applications including a lot of low-level work (things like debugging the CLR JIT, etc.). I have a lot of finance+enterprise knowledge and quite significant neurobiology+modelling+academic experience and I've also seen devops stuff and PM. I have I am looking for remote jobs, preferably full time.

Location: Kansas City, MO | Remote or relocate (for right opportunity) | Full Time

Stack: Full stack Django dev since 2006. Python/Django, HTML/CSS, JavaScript/CoffeeScript, front-end JS frameworks such as Backbone.js/jQuery/D3

Portfolio: http://zacharytamas.me/portfolio/,

Meta: https://github.com/zacharytamas, https://www.linkedin.com/in/zacharytamas

Resume: Prefer to share privately

Contact: zacharytamas@gmail.com

Starting out in web development in my early teens, I was full-stack by necessity: the types of things I wanted to build required me to do everything. I'm naturally curious in all things engineering, which is probably why I took such a diverse collection of courses in college: networking/devops, operating systems, assembly programming, C++, etc.

Above all, I love learning new technologies and ways of doing things, and my professional development career has included a broad array of learned technologies (see the list on my portfolio), sometimes where I picked up a language/framework I didn't know for a single project just because it was the best way to do it. I really enjoy this kind of continuous learning.

For the majority of the first half of my career I was designing everything in additional to full-stack development, but without proper design education. Part of my latest endeavor is to fill in this weakness and really get into UI design and develop my front-end skills above generalist-level to deliver greater user experiences. I'm finding designing and developing interactions and experiences to be very personally rewarding.

A desirable position would be primarily in design and front-end development, but as I do have experience and enjoy full-stack challenges, I'd say something like 60:40 front-end:back-end would be a happy combination of challenge. A position/company where I could develop these skills and feel part of an influential team would be quite awesome indeed.

Boston/Portland, ME, Remote, Full Time

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jnorthrop

Contact: jeff@jnorthrop.me

I'm an expert on privacy. If you read Meeker's 2014 Internet Trends, you read the slides that said "troves of findable and shareable data" were the "biggest re-imagination of all," as well as the next slide that warns "potential impact to personal privacy will remain [an] on-going challenge." If you are monetizing findable and shareable data, I want to ensure you conquer that challenge.

Brazil. Relocation or Remote. Full Time, Contract or Part Time.

Stack: C++, C#, Python, git, Unity3D, Basic OpenGL, SDL, Linux Administration, Basic Xen.

Resume: https://copy.com/pard61GOV8T9VTtO, http://github.com/hstefan

Contact: hugopuhlmann@gmail.com

I'm looking for a software develoment position, preferably related to game development but I'm open to work with other kinds of development. I can also work with system administration, having more experience with Linux on that field.

Brunswick, GA | Relocate | Full Time

Business Development, Account Management and Sales/Marketing

Resume: https://angel.co/doug-thorpe

Contact: dougthorpe101 [at] gmail [dot] com

I have over two years of Business Development experience where I helped create and launch a company. I’ve served over three years in an Inside Sales / Account Mgmt role and one year experience as a Sales Manager. In my free time I consult for a few startups.

In total, I have over six years of Marketing experience. I've worked in corporate America, in a startup environment and as a consultant.

Seattle, local or remote, Full Time / Contract

Stack: embedded, mobile, wearable, graphics, games, ARM, C/C++, Objective-C, OpenGL, computer vision

Resume: http://bit.ly/1mljoj7

Contact: sean@seankelleher.org

Senior Software Engineer with 15 years at startups, Microsoft, AT&T, and Disney.

Mobile and embedded software architecture. 2D and 3D graphics for mobile devices. Embedded real-time software, device drivers. C, C++, Objective-C, assembly language, PERL, Python, Java, OpenGL.

I'm seeking a senior developer role in wearable computing, embedded systems, graphics, computer vision.

Seattle | Will consider both Remote and Relocation, but probably not to SF | Full Time

I hack Supply Chains and physical Operations. I use a diverse set of tools[1], but I either use what I know or I learn what I need to. I know and love data, and always try to find ways to let data make better decisions than I could, or any other human for that matter.

email on user page

[1] I use extensively: R, Clojure, SQL, Mathematical Modeling and Programming, Constraint Programming. I dabble in: Julia, Scala, Rust. I can use "Big Data" just fine, and I know its place, but rarely use it because it is rarely necessary.

I'm not finding your email on your user page.


San Francisco, CA. Relocation or Local. Full Time

Stack: Ruby, Rails, JS, Backbone.js

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7fhe1f7pxfhi8ur/resume.pdf

Contact: rhonsby@gmail.com --

From writing raw SQL to the integration of Backbone with a back-end Rails API, I enjoy developing on every layer of an application’s stack.

I’m seeking a company where I can constantly contribute to pushing new features and truly influence the product(s) being built.

You can find my latest work at http://roberthonsby.com.

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland, Remote or Local, Full-time only

Stack: User Experience, HTML, CSS/Sass, Javascript, jQuery, GruntJS, Git, Agile/Scrum, Responsive-design/mobile web, AngularJS, UI Design

Resume: http://bit.ly/myResUmE (Careers 2.0 profile)

Contact: andy.mc.fee [at] gmail

I'm a Swiss-American UX Developer looking for a role where I can create create value by solving real problems through engaging experiences for a product, service, or idea and focus on designing and developing for the user's needs with a talented team.

San Francisco, Remote or Local, Full Time | Contract | Part Time

Stack: Ruby on Rails, Javascript (JQuery, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Node), HTML/CSS, UI (Bootstrap)

Resume/ CV: www.esthersweon.com

Github: www.github.com/esthersweon

Contact: Esther.S.Weon@gmail.com

I am looking for a company that offers opportunities for full-stack web development and that places equal emphasis on web development and creativity, on technical knowledge and innovation. I have a background in film/TV production and new media, so the potential to work for a company that deals within either sector would also be very exciting for me.

New York City, Remote or Local, Full Time

Stack: PHP, CSS, HTML/XHTML, Adobe Air/ActionScript, JS/jQuery, NodeJS, SQL, WiFi Security

Resume: Would like to be given privately

Contact: m.pivonka@codedninja.com

Github: https://github.com/tehcodedninja

Website: http://codedninja.com/

I'm primarily a PHP developer, I enjoy playing with mostly any type of data along with reverse engineering anything I can. I currently program but would love to do something pertained more about data / databases.

Hong Kong, Remote, Full Time

Stack: Front-end: HTML, CSS (SASS & LESS), JavaScript (BackBone.js, Angular.js & Node.js)

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0wyi7yqc2b2xeqt/CV.pdf Contact: Can be found in my CV

I'm looking for either a startup building a product, or an already established company building a great product. I would love to build something that users love using, something that I can improve and make better.

I'm also interested in performing A/B tests and looking at user behavior.

Remote/Relocation (almost anywhere), Full Time/Contract

Stack: Java (SE, EE, Concurrency, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat etc.), MySQL, MongoDB, Linux, Perl, Bash, vim etc. A little bit of HTML, CSS and JS. Currently learning Clojure.

Resume: available upon request

Email: kovrik0@gmail.com

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=150589292

Github: https://github.com/kovrik

Looking for a company (or a startup) which makes world better, does real things and helps people.

Location: Bolivia, Remote, Full Time|Contract|Part Time

Stack: ruby on rails 4, asp.net mvc 4, html, scss/less/css, responsive design, front end, back end.

Resume: http://www.github.com/sergiotapia - https://www.odesk.com/users/~01c99c3199c2ba5734

Contact: sergiotapia@outlook.com

Overview: UX/Software Engineer that primarily works with Ruby on Rails 4 and ASP.Net MVC4 (C#).

I'm an ex-pat from Boston, living in the heart of South America for the past 9 years, in Bolivia.

My main talents lie in Ruby on Rails development. I take pride in building fast, insanely optimised websites using the latest proven tools in the Rails world including Sentry, NewRelic-rpm, Bullet and RSpec.

I enjoy making responsive websites using Twitter Bootstrap 3 or Foundation Zurb, I'm great with front end work. I also leverage Go to build highly concurrent, well-tested system services and backend processes.

Experience deploying to Heroku, AWS, Rackspace, DigitalOcean. I leverage open source tools such as Capistrano to assist deploys. I invest heavily in research material and training books in order to keep up with current standards and emerging practices. All of this helps me be on the edge, making sure your software is built the best possible way using proven methods.

My forté is taking wishy-washy requirements and fleshing them out into robust problem solving software. My job here is to add value to your business - to save you time and frustration, keeping you attention on the important things.

http://www.sergiotapia.me http://www.github.com/sergiotapia https://www.odesk.com/users/~01c99c3199c2ba5734 My email: sergiotapia@outlook.com

--- I'd love to join your team or help you get an MVP off the ground. Feel free to send me an email and we can discuss on Skype. :)

Denver, CO // Remote // Freelance

Stack: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, Leaflet.js, D3.js, Node.js (Express.js, Sails.js), MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Resume: http://itskrish.co/resume

Contact: krishna.dholakiya(at)gmail(dot)com

I'm looking for some short-term freelance work, and my services range from landing pages and organizational websites all the way to prototypes/MVPs of web products, so hit me with your best shot :)


San Francisco, Local or Remote, Full Time

Stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Html5/Javascript/CSS, Backbone.js, node.js, SQL

Website: http://rsahai91.github.io Contact: rsahai91@gmail.com

I have a background in mechanical engineering and most of my software experience is building robotics applications in C. I've been intrigued by web development since school, however, (graduated last June) and I'm hungry to build great products! I've built several applications in Rails, Backbone, and most recently Node.js.

Location: San Francisco, Local, Full Time

Stack: Ruby (including Rails), JavaScript (including Backbone.js), Python (including webapp2 and pandas), Git, SQL, PostgreSQL, JSON, HTML, CSS (with Sass), R (including ggplot2)

Resume: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s3u67MUtKtcj8h6VI_xLShZj...

Contact: maggie@missmaggiemo.com

I'm a web developer looking to join a smallish team where I can learn and grow, as well as have a material impact on a product.

Adelaide, Australia. Location: Remote or in Australia

Android Developer

Resume: http://pedroloureiro.net/cv-pedro-loureiro-android.pdf


I have 5 years of Android experience. I have worked for great companies like Bloomberg and IG. I have moved from London to Adelaide after my partner received a job offer here.

You can see my portfolio (which includes an open source Android app) here: http://pedroloureiro.net/portfolio/

Devops or Developer, i don't know hot to format text here in HN

Remote or São Paulo/Brazil - better remote!

Work with:

- FreeBSD (5.3, 6.0, 6.1, 7.1).

- Linux (CentOS, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware).

- VMWare (ESX - 3.5/4.1, ESXi - 3.5/4.1).

- Solaris (10, 11).

Knowledge in:

- Web servers (Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx, Cpanel).

- Aplication servers (PHP e Python em Fast-CGI ou Modulos no Apache, Supervisord).

- Relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL).

- No-SQL (Redis).

- VCS (CVS, Subversion, Git).

- Proxy/Reverse proxy (Squid, Varnish).

- Memory Caching (Memcached).

- Firewall (IPTables).

- Monitoring (Nagios, Cacti).

- SMTP (Sendmail, Postfix).

- Antivirus/AntiSPAM (SpamAssassin, ClamAV).

- IMAP/POP3 (Cyrus).

- Alta Disponibilidade (Heartbeat).

- Hardening (Chroot, AppArmor, Read only FS).

- Resource control (Cgroups, LXC - Linux Containers, Docker)

- Automation (Puppet).

- Log indexing (Splunk).

- Data Mining (Scrapy, Apache Nutch, Apache Solr).

Developed with:

- C

- C#

- JavaScript

- Perl

- Python

- Golang


- Shell Script

- Nginx + Lua

Web stack:


- CSS.

- JavaScript.

Framework Stack:

- Twisted (Python Network Framework).

- OpenResty (Web Application Server/Framework ).

- net/HTTP Golang web Framework

- Node.js

Call me at leandrodsferreira [at] gmail dot com

Oklahoma City, Remote or OKC, Contract to Full Time

Stack: JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, HTML, CSS (SASS|LESS), Database (MySQL\Maria), Deployment (Git|Nginx|Apache), Design (Illustrator|Photoshop)

Resume: http://snelling.io/resume

Contact: sam@snelling.io

Looking for:

- A cross-functional position where I can help a business in several different areas.

- A scrappy company looking to try new ideas, technologies and services.

Me - Somewhat full stack. Love ML, NLP, and big(ger) data. Love connecting the dots between data. Self taught, willing (and still hungry) to learn new technologies

Knoxville TN USA, Remote | Local, Full | Part Time

Stack: (Professional) Cyber security program management, cyber program development, security consulting, security planning, security architecture

Resume: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/nancy-spiers/a/191/5b4/

Contact: nespiers@gmail.com, 865-924-8996

Experienced cyber professional with a focus on building quality cyber programs. NIST/CNSS/US government requirements expert. Cleared. Available to travel as much as needed.

Location, UK Central London (or commutable from Bedford) Full-time / Contract Stack: Perl,Mysql,PHP,Python,Java,html,javacript,Fortran,Pl/1G, hadoop Sysadmin,mogodb,node.js plus Networking TCP/IP and OSI Resume: http://hauntingthunder.wordpress.com/cv/ Contact: @neuromancer

Looking for interesting work ideally in a big/data environment (preferably not aws based)

BTW no payday loans! but military/defence work ok would go for SC or DV if required

New York, Full Time or Part Time

Stack: NodeJS, PHP, Python, MongoDB, MySQL, Java, C++

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hhhtznfu16odl86/Ashish-Pandhi-May-...

Contact: ashish@pandhi.me

I'm looking to work at a great company in New York City that allows me to build amazing products while allowing me the flexibility to complete my degree.

I have a strong focus in Web Security and Web Development. I have worked at and built startups that are constantly used by thousands of people.

Green Bay, WI | Remote | Full Time Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, AngularJS, SASS, Ansible, NodeJS Contact me for a resume Twitter, Github, or username[dot]com using the same username you see here.

I just finished up the front-end of a large pilot project for a fortune 500 retail company (in-store, touch-screen) using AngularJS and SASS and I'm at a good point to look for an opportunity if one arises. My preferred backend is Ruby on Rails but I've previously done multiple projects with Python and Django (also Flask.)

New York, NY, [Full Time | Contract | Part Time]

Stack: .NET, C#, ASP.NET, Domain Driven Design, EF, SQL Server

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q07t04pegmihgw8/Resume-2014-hn.pdf

Contact: emailandynow(remove parenthesis and this phrase)@yahoo.com

A software architect possessing over a decade of full-stack experience in implementing high profile software projects for network television, a Fortune 500 financial services corporation, and a large e-commerce site.

Edmonton, AB, Canada, Remote||Relocation||Local, Full time

SysAdmin/DevOps: openstack, docker, python, storage, virtualization, information security, object storage

Resume: http://serverascode.com/2011/04/10/resume.html

Contact: curtis@serverascode.com

I'm interested in the DevOps paradigm and working somewhere that I can learn from people who know a lot more than I do. :) Local and remote work would be preferred, but would also relocate for a great opportunity.

Austin, TX | Full Time

Stack: Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, RSpec, JavaScript (jQuery, ReactJS), PostgreSQL, Git, HTML/CSS/SASS (Bootstrap and Foundation)

Resume: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bprovost/

More info at: http://pr.ovo.st

Contact: provost.dev (at) gmail (dot) com

I am mostly a Ruby on Rails developer but am currently working on MEAN stack project to get into Node.js and Angular.

I am looking for a role as a RoR or JS engineer on a good team in Austin, TX.

Stack: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, SQL, Backbone.js, jQuery, Node.js, HTML5/CSS3

Personal Site: www.zhyliana.com,

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/us8otkabl4256ee/Zhyliana%20Garcia%...

Contact: zhyliana@gmail.com

Latest (and current) project: www.sketchmate.io (It's Cards Against Humanity meets Draw Something)

Web developer with previous project management experience in mobile technology, and an educational background in computational genomics from UCLA.

Saint Petersburg, Remote | Relocation, Full Time

Ruby/Rails (6+ years), Node.js, Ember.js, SVG

Resume: http://resumup.com/ilya.cv

Contact: gmail — somebody32

Currently I'm working as a team lead who also write a lot of code everyday. It will be perfect if my work tasks include team management, product planning (from the tech perspective), product development process enhancements and of course code writing.

I'm very passionate about JS now (server-side or complex UIs) and looking for new challenges.

Florence (Italy), Remote, Full Time

Stack: Python, Django, Flask, Redis, Elasticsearch, MySQL, GNU/Linux

Resume: http://it.linkedin.com/in/giorgiosalluzzo/ / https://github.com/mindflayer

Contact: Linkedin for the first one

I'm looking for a company using only fresh ingredients (no proprietary software), with a "slow food" mindset (software is ready when is well-cooked).

South Bay (Sunnyvale, Mountain View, San Jose, Palo Alto...etc) Full time/Contract/Part time.

Stack: QA, QA automation, Perl, Java, SQL, Selenium, File system testing, balck-box/white box testing, Linux scripting.

Resume link: http://goo.gl/Mlm494

Contact: Please see resume.

Posting for wife. Looking for a company where her skills will be enhanced and she can build here career. Any domain is fine. Looking for Junior to Mid level position.

[Originally posted in the other job thread doing rounds...)

Location: Irvine, CA (Orange County), Local/Remote, Full Time

Stack: C#, PHP, Python

Resume: http://goo.gl/0nUe9A

Contact: Please see my website or profile for my e-mail address.

I'm a passionate, hands-on, full stack developer with a focus on web service and REST API development. I enjoy playing with new technologies and frameworks, and am an evangelist for better development practices, trends, and tools.

I'm pretty happy at my current company but am always open to discussing other opportunities.

Orlando, FL - Remote/Relocation, Any/All

Stack: PHP, Mysql, JS, jQuery, Ajax, HTML, CSS

Contact: nick@12perks.com

I am looking to join a team that is passionate about what they're working on. I've worked for startups and contracted for international corporations for the past three years. I love engineering solutions with technology and am always expanding my stack knowledge. I enjoy engineering front-end and back-end aspects of applications. I have no problem working remotely, but would consider relocation if necessary.

Boston, MA | Remote / Local | Contract / Part-Time / Full-Time

Front end web developer- JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, knockout.js, backbone node, grunt, yeoman, bower, sass, jade, coffeescript, stylus Ruby, Sinatra, PHP, MySQL, Amazon AWS, Git

vim tmux ssh i3 docker.io

Portfolio: http://hspindesign.com

Hi, my name is Gerry, I am an experienced front end web developer that prefers to live on the command line.

Over 10+ years of development work. Agency experience.

Ruby experience and hacker mentality.

Ready to build something cool.

Dubai, UAE. Open to full time opportunities and freelance work.

I design interfaces that are beautifully functional. I can also make those designs come to life because I'm a full stack software engineer. I know my way around design software and am proficient in JavaScript, Python (with Django) & CSS.

Stack: Design, Python/Django, Javascript, SASS

Resume: http://tiny.cc/a1ytgx

Contact: http://tiny.cc/c2ytgx

Hamburg, Germany or London, UK, Remote, Full Time

Stack: Generalist developer (10+ years), lately requirements engineering, func and tech specs (last 3+ years) on and with all business levels. Technical background would be C, C#, Python, Golang, XSLT, SDL Tridion and whatever is needed to get the job done

Resume: Upon request

Domain: ERP, CMS, Middleware of all kinds

Contact: mavoapp@gmail.com

Looking for a team that's passionate about what they are working on, who love their clients and work closely with them to make the projects long-running success stories.

Georgia, Europe. Remote or periodical onsite.

Experienced C++ engineer with a diverse background, including systems programming and rich cross-platform software development.

Interested in projects involving:

Stack: C++, C, Go (Golang), F#, Erlang, Prolog, Haskell

Domain: Games, AI; Systems programming; Complex desktop or server systems; wxWidgets, Qt; Mobile apps; Logic and functional programming; Compilers/Interpreters/semantics

github: https://github.com/zura-kh

Contact: zura.jobs 'at gmail.com

Location: Chicago, Remote, Full Time|Part Time; and open to any travel required.

Stack: HTML5, CSS3, SASS/LESS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, Node.js (MEAN stack along with Yeoman, Grunt and Bower), Twitter Bootstrap 3, responsive design

I have 5+ years of experience, some of which is for high profile Fortune 500 companies, digital agencies and tech. startups.

Github: http://www.Github.com/ShanSM

Email: samk9080/at/gmail (Mention HN please)

Los Angeles and South Florida, Remote, Contract.

Stack: Ruby, Rails, JS, iOS, ReST / API creation, HTML, CSS, MySQL, MongoDB; previous C, C++, Java, VB, some Python/PHP; expert in scalable infrastructure, elegant UI, complex business rules. CTO capable, but absolutely love to code and have maintained solid developer/designer skills. Contact me through Angel List or E-mail below.

Overview: http://bit.ly/1m5Fnu5

Contact: jamescann [at] gmail.com

NYC or Long Island, Full Time Stack: VBA, Common Lisp Resume: On request, or https://github.com/bcoburn3 Contact: bcoburn3@gmail.com I'm working as a Mechanical Engineer and finding that I enjoy the bits of my job in which I can program more than the parts where I'm doing mechanical design. I'm looking for an entry level programming job with interesting problems and smart teammates.

Location: London-UK/Anywhere, Relocation, Full Time

Stack: PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Python, C++, MySQL, Project Management, Pen-testing, Photoshop, Agile and full stack development

Resume: http://bit.ly/girishCV

Contact: (in the resume)

Recent BSc Business Information Systems graduate with multi skilled potential to be highly organized and performance focused.

I am looking for a company where there is strong collaboration vibe and to work with passionated people to achieve something.

Location: Cambridge / London (UK) • 3 days remote 2 onsite mix preferred • Contract preferred

Stack: Angular, Ionic, Cordova (Phonegap), node, express, javascript, jQuery

Resume: http://stefanow.net (you should find "formal CV" section)

Contact: mstefanow@gmail.com


First website build in 90s, first job in 2005. MSc in Computer Science. Currently work as mobile web developer for Fortune 500.

(and when I see so many great resumes out there it is so motivational, it makes me want try harder)

Cologne, Germany, Remote, Full Time, Contract

Stack: C, Java, Python, Lua, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL/MariaDB, Hibernate, Backbone.js, Angular, Mercurial, Linux, OpenBSD, Android, Shell Script, Perl, Arduino, Nginx, Postfix, OpenSMTPD, ...

Resume: Available on request

Contact: hnhired@gmail.com

I've been developing software since ~ 1995, professionally for about six years. I know my *nix systems but can work with windows based machines just as well. I'm mostly self taught and eager to learn more and new technologies.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Remote or Local; Full Time | Contract | Part time

Stack: .NET, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Knockout, Dacpac,, JS/jQuery, SQL Server, Entity Framework, SVN, Mercurial

Resume: Prefer to send by email

Contact: xkcd@outlook.com

8+ Experience of working for Education, Publishing, eLearning, Finance developing web based systems. Primarily developing with .NET stack (MVC) but open to other frameworks as well. Also have experience developing django based applications (open to sharing and demoing).

Stafford, UK. Remote or Relocation, Full Time

Stack: C#, Ruby, Javascript, SQL Server

Resume: Nothing online right now, but my Github is available [0]

Contact: matt@mattryder.co.uk

I've (just this month) finished a Computer Science degree, looking like a first-class but nothing official yet. I'm open to anything really, especially C# stuff.

I took a year placement as part of my degree, writing WinForms stuff, wouldn't mind following on that, but ASP.NET MVC looks like a nice challenge.

Also fairly fluent in Ruby, and the Rails framework.

[0] github.com/MattRyder

Bandung, Indonesia | Remote, Open to relocation | Full Time, Part Time, Contract

Stack: C/C++, Python (Django), PHP (Laravel, Cake), AngularJS, KendoUI, C# + .NET

Resume: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27432212/CV.pdf

Contact: arrosyidbh[at]gmail.com

I still very young, currently pursuing my degree at ITB, expected to graduate on October 2014. Currently developing knowledge on application security, especially web.

San Francisco, Full Time

Stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Backbone.js, Node.js, HTML, CSS

Resume: www.andrewwong.io/arw-resume.pdf

Contact: arwong09@gmail.com

Hello HackerNews, I'm a mid-level full-stack web developer looking for a mid to large sized company. I have a background in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and am open to learning different languages and technologies. Check out my recent project: www.cycletree.co to see a demo of my skills!

P.S. some of my interests are travel, retail, food, health and fitness, and education.


Location: London. Happy to consider relocation - passable German skills. Full time

Stack: Python, C#, JavaScript, xSQL, C++, Java, Ruby

Resume: Available on request*

Contact: offbynone@gmail.com

Overview: Mid level, full stack tech generalist seeks challenges. Short - Physics background, highly varied software experience, advocate for good practices

Long - Spliced first computer together at 14 from skip parts. Gained programming experience at a security and currency printing firm, high energy physics laboratories, and a software consultancy. During this period my code has progressed from horrific to passable, now a keen advocate of testing and other beloved practices. My time is currently split into development and tech lead/architecture work, mentoring, and client relations.

Small selection of projects I have completed that I am proud of: Wireless mesh network to provide internet access during my school years - made of pringle cans and abandoned PII PCs Image analysis and QA tool for a banknote production - saw need and pushed an initiative. Taught self python/programming principles while creating requirements and functionality. Widely used SSL distribution site - created full stack web application allowing institutions to request and generate new certificates from the CA of a small TLD. Written in C#, with unit testing, front end testing via Selenium and continuous integration. Involved significant UX and design work. Real time national medical study model - developed mathematical data sandbox with interactive and exploratory visual front end to allow the leaders of a national cohort study to adjust parameters on current models for instant feedback on decision paths. Created with a python back-end and a JavaScript application at front. Dealt with an extremely large number of stakeholders bearing different interests.

While I am not a deep expert in any one methodology of technology, my large range of dabbling has meant that I have been able to quickly acquire necessary knowledge whenever needed. Ideally, my new destination will let me continue to embrace my passion for learning and dispense plenty of opportunities for hands-on growth.

*More complete answer - Older resume quite out of date, newer resume in state of construction. Happy to package some snippets of relevant experience together for whomever requests it.

EU, Relocate to LA / SF (H-1B needed), Full time

Stack: Objective C, C / C++.

Resume: please contact me for a resume

Contact: cos.log.n@gmail.com

I'm looking for iOS or C/C++ engineering jobs. I'm interested in Computer Vision, have a degree in CS. I did some work in action recognition on video data. Familiar with OpenCV and many CV and ML algorithms and principles like Neural networks, SVM, PCA, image processing, OpenCL, OpenGL, etc. Would like to relocate to LA/SF area, but will need H-1B.

St.Petersburg, Russia; Relocation, anywhere in the US; Full Time / Internship

Stack: JS, Ruby, C, Node, Rails, AWS, UNIX

Resume / Contact Info: http://thdr.me/f0sU01VRBDWo

Web (mostly backend) developer. Main accomplishments I'm proud of:

— Devtools Terminal project. 866 stars on Github and it was featured on html5rocks.com.

— web/Mac app called Thunder (https://thunderapp.me/).

I'm a full stack developer who's looking for remote, contract work.

California, Remote, Full Time | Contract | Part Time

Stack: Python, Django, Ruby, Rails, C, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, MySQL, MongoDB

Resume: http://davidkw.com/resume

Contact: davidwong.xc@gmail.com

I'm looking for interesting work for the next three months. I'm still a student, but I've worked remotely for other companies before and can provide references if needed.

México, Remote, Full Time

Stack: Appcelerator Titanium, Objective-C

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/reymundolopez

Contact: reymundolopez@gmail.com

Overview: I've been working in a lot of backend, frontend and mobile development, last 2 and half year most of my time was spend doing mobile apps (iOS, Android and mobileweb) and teaching Titanium.

I would like to continue working with mobile, don't mind to do backend development

Dallas, Tx. Relocation or Remote. Full Time Stack: C#, HTML, Javascript, C++ Resume: http://www.sjmosley.com/resume.html Contact: On my website and profile.

I am looking for a position on the west coast, most preferably the bay area. Game development would be my preferred industry as I am trained in both design and development but I am open to a wide variety of opportunities.

SF, Remote, or Relocation if city is fun :).

Stack: Ruby, Rails, JS, Front End MVCs(Backbone Ember Angular)

Resume: testimonials and wacky blog at www.stepanp.com , and code at www.github.com/stopachka

Contact: stepan.p@gmail.com

For the last 2 years, I've been consulting in China in Rails and front end MVC's. The big goal is to move focus to a single company, to grow technically / as a person.

If you're into trial by fire environments, and are creating disruption, I'd love to be a part of that!

Seattle, Local (maybe Remote or Relocation), Full Time

Stack: hardware development (CAD, CNC, laser fabrication), sensors, optics, MATLAB, Python, LabVIEW, microcontrollers, . . .

Resume: http://guavaduck.com/resume

Contact: matt at guavaduck

Looking for interesting hardware-development or data-analysis problems to work on. Finishing up an experimental physics PhD in a group doing precision tests of gravity with mechanical sensors.

Buckinghamshire UK, Remote (preferably), Full Time or Contract

Stack: Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails

Resume: Available on request

Contact: rish.hn@gmail.com

Been a dweller of the web for 14+ years. Mainly experienced with WordPress but looking to branch out into more modern technologies (Node.js + Rails). I'm more fluent in front-end although I do cater for the full stack. I'd be chuffed to be working remote for 75% of my time. Happy to travel for meetings etc.

Podgorica/ME/Europe, Remote, Full Time | Contract | Part Time

Stack: Node.js, PHP (various frameworks), Groovy/Grails, Python, iOS, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, MySQL/Postres/NoSQL.

I have about 12 years of experience in web and mobile development.

Resume: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6383404/YuriSubach.CV.pd... Contact: ysubach@gmail.com

Halifax Canada, Remote | Relocation, Full Time

Stack: R, Python, Bash

Resume: https://db.tt/8WKIarQP

Contact: Cashelle: cashellef at google's mail service

Just finished my Honors degree in Statistics and hold an Honors degree in Biology.

Interested in opportunities to get my feet wet turning my existing skill with Stats and R programming into business value in the professional world.

Competency with bash and python as needed to move the data through the tubes.

Location: Chicago+Remote Contract(Maybe Fulltime) Stack:

Strong with[ C++, R, C, Python, Objective-C, .NET ]

Dabble with[ node.js, javascript, sql, redis ]

Developer+quant background. I worked as trader for the last 4 years. I researched alpha, devised intraday valuation methods, and developed code to make markets in a variety of asset classes.

I like trading a lot, but I'm open to non-finance jobs. I'm curious about startups and mobile development in particular.

Contact: alphagen at gmx dot com

Lithuania, Europe. Remote | Relocation (after some time?)

Stack: PHP, Javascript (jQuery), HTML, CSS,

MySQL/PostgreSQL, ASP.NET (starting out), Git. Minimal experience with: Java (Android), Python, Go, C (Arduino).

Resume: Contact me for that.

Contact: gmail - andriussev

Looking for interesting, creative projects. Would love it if it would not actually be a corporate creating of websites kind of work. Maybe some bigger project, have a part of it. Would also love to be someone else other than a programmer.

Seattle, Local | Relocation, Full Time | Contract

Stack: JavaScript, Python, Node.js, Angular, jQuery, git

Resume: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/59559503/Alex-Miranda-Re...

Contact: alexandermichaelmiranda@gmail.com

Overview: I am looking for a company that is composed of a close-knit team that has high standards for product quality (TDD and/or BDD).

Location: London, willing to relocate, Full Time.

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ut1wm0n1nvrwlzj/Tom%20Layfield%20-...

Contact: me at tommizzle dot com

About: Product Manager and ex-startup founder with 4 years of experience. In my most recent role, I lead Product for a small SaaS startup. See my resume for more details.

SC (United States), Relocation, Full Time

Stack: JS, Angular, Dart, MongoDB, Firebase, MySQL

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnsonjake

Contact: jakejohnson.me

Full stack developer with an eye toward security. I was a security analyst in my last life. 3 Years experience in security. 1 Year as a full stack developer. I would love to work on a full-scale Dart/AngularDart application.

I am currently living in Austin tx I am will willing to relocate for a good opportunity I am seeking full time or contract work Stack: java,python,javascript,sql,html,css Resume: http://42lublog.com/Resume.pdf Contact: sbforman@gmail.com 512-589-3550 Im looking for a place where I can start my career and the work will be challenging.

San Francisco, local, full time.

  Tech: Ruby (Rails, RSpec), JavaScript (JQuery, Backbone.js, learning Node.js), HTML5, CSS, Git, SQL (SQLite, PostgreSQL, HiveQL)

  Website: http://www.tpeguero.com (linkedin & github at bottom of page)

  Contact: contact [at] tpeguero [dot] com

  Hoping to find a small shop where I can work with sharp, driven people to solve interesting problems.

I do.

Anywhere in the US, Canada or Makatea.

As Dev (Last working environment: JavaScript/jQuery, HTML5, PhoneGap, Ruby, Sinatra, PostgreSQL, Heroku, AWS, Google Geo API) or as PM (Last project: from napkin to App Store in 6 months).

Resume: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ronilan

Other info: http://www.ronilan.com

Email: anything @ronilan.com

Los Angeles (or surrounding area), Full Time

Stack: Python / Flask & Django, Javascript / Node

Resume: please contact me for a resume, I'd like to keep my job search below my current employer's radar

Contact: tgwnb@appixie.com

I'm looking for an engineering position at an early stage startup. I've got work experience in file system forensic analysis and backend web dev, but I'd like to expand that to encompass the full stack.

Berlin, Bay Area, Austin, Full Time

Stack: Ruby/Rails, javascript, iOS

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/arfd3rgs8w27mlc/resume.pdf

Contact: bernardogzzf at gmail dot com

4 years ruby on rails, 1 year iOS looking to work with talented people where I can solve interesting and challenging problems and improve my skills as a developer learning from others.

San Francisco, Local, Full Time

Stack: Ruby, Rails, Backbone, Javascript, jQuery, Python, git

Resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2auhoOAWqRBUkJzZXVTS01JVGs...

Contact: brett.cassedy@gmail.com

I'm looking for a company doing work in an interesting space. Ideally I'd be part of a hard working, close-knit team.

San Francisco, California. Full Time.

Stack: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Backbone.js

Resume: http://goo.gl/yHeoOW

Contact: arwong09@gmail.com

Hey all, I'm an experienced Web Developer, looking for a full-time position at a personable company, where I can ship production-ready code everyday. I like making light-weight, stylish, and user-friendly apps. Send me a message and get in touch!

San Francisco, California. Full Time.

Stack: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Backbone.js

Recent Project: http://cycletree.co

Contact: arwong09@gmail.com

Hey all, I'm an experienced Web Developer, looking for a full-time position at a personable company, where I can ship production-ready code everyday. I like making light-weight, stylish, and user-friendly apps. Send me a message and get in touch!

Location: India, Remote|Relocation within India, Full Time | Part Time

Stack : C/C++, Java, PHP, python

Resume : https://www.dropbox.com/s/zpg7hmy1r3t6tku/Pooja_Resume.pdf

Contact : pjkumar2@gmail.com

I am a fresher and have just completed my bachelor of engg in CSE. I am looking for a challenging job which helps in building my skills.

San Francisco, CA(In-house). Anywhere(remote). Full-time.

Stack: AngularJS + many other back and front end tools.

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/company/angularjobs-com

Contact: edwin [at] angularjobs.com or https://www.angularjobs.com/client/start

Estonia, Remote, Full or Part Time

Stack: Ruby/Rails, JavaScript (browsers, ember.js, some node.js) and all things web. And C for a good measure.

Resume: upon request

Contact: vasily.kolobkov@gmail.com

Diggin deep into client-side js apps, have the back-end covered and try to keep things nice and pleasant looking and gracefully functioning. And keep an eye on distributed systems during the lunch. If that's what you do - i'd love to join!

Wisconsin, Remote, Full Time or Contract

Stack: PHP, Laravel, Objective-C (+ cocoa touch), CSS, HTML, SEO

Resume/Code Samples: Available on request

Contact: HireMeHN@gmail.com

Web/mobile generalist. Been working in a corporate SEO role for some huge sites for about the last 18 months. 12 Years of startups and SEO projects before that. Looking for a company working in an interesting space where I could pitch in on development, marketing, etc.

New Hampshire, Remote, Contract

Stack: Android, Java, Javascript, HTML5, SQL, Linux

Portfolio: http://www.wordsaretoys.com/portfolio

Contact: wordsaretoys@gmail.com

Looking for Android app development contracts. I'll work from your specs, or we can design them together. Will provide regular prototypes and testable versions during development. Reasonable hourly rate.

Currently in Karachi, Remote, Relocate. Full Time | Part Time

Stack: Javascript (Nodejs, Front-end), HTML5(Bootstrap, Canvas), C#, C++

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zlmhaksgdujry4c/resume2.pdf

github: https://github.com/asadlionpk

contact: asadmemon@outlook.com

SF/bay area, relocation, full time

stack: ruby/rails, html, css, js (jQuery, backbone), postgresql/mysql, vim, linux CLI, git, Java, PHP, C, Haskell

resume: available upon request

contact: 865pn9mfqa@sneakemail.com

I’ve been doing rails development for a large company for over a year now. It’s my first job and I have been quite happy with it so far, but I would like to move the the bay area so I am looking for something new :)

Porto, Portugal. Both remote and relocation would be considered, depending on the required engagement.

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JS, some responsive design Some experience deploying web server

Interested in anything not involving sit & listening zombie-mode like most classes.


Mumbai India, Remote/Open to Relocation, Full Time

Stack: Javascript, Angular, React, Node, HTML, CSS, LESS, Django

Resume: Available on request

Contact: vigmaneats@gmail.com

Being experienced with writing maintainable and performance-profiled front-end code, I am interested in working on complex front-end architecture and am looking forward to working with a team who are equally passionate about writing such code.

San Francisco, Local, Full Time

Stack: Rails, Javascript, Backbone, HTML5/CSS3

Resume: http://linkd.in/1n9g0uR

Junior Dev looking to work my tail off for you. Comfortable with both front and back ends but really passionate about front-end engineering and creating seamless, enjoyable end-user experiences using JS/Backbone etc.

Boston, Remote|Relocation, Full Time | Contract | Part Time

Stack: Some Ruby on Rails, Java, HTML/CSS

Resume: www.linkedin.com/in/thaiqnguyen/

Contact: thai [at] startupdigest.com

Looking for co-founder opportunities or PM/Marketing at early-stage startup. I have previous experience as a PM@Intuit, entrepreneur@DreamIt Ventures; currently, I'm a curator @StartupDigest SV.

Bay Area, CA. [Full Time]

Stack: Java, Wicket, JavaScript, Backbone.js, Require.js

Resume: I can provide upon request.

Contact: codyhansen92@gmail.com

I just graduated from college with my Computer Science degree and I am looking for a new opportunity in the bay area. At my current job I have focused mostly on front-end development, but I am eager to try out different technologies! Thank you!

Chicago,IL , Remote/Relocate, Internship, Full Time Python, Java, Objective-C, RoR, Android/iOS dev Resume: available on request Contact: nirajpant7@gmail.com Experienced Web/Mobile developer in high school. Bay Area/Chicago/NY preferred. Internship needs to cover living costs.

Boston, MA.

Stack: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, HTML5, CSS3

I just graduated thoughtbots Metis program and am now on the market. I have years of experience shipping software for clients, great front-end chops, and consider myself a bit of a UX/UI nerd.

Info: http://piratebroadcast.github.io

Poland, Europe | Remote | Full-time/Contract/Part Time

Stack: html & css, javascript, coffee script, any CSS preprocesor, UI/UX

I'm a front-end developer/designer with 4+ years of experience looking for opportunity to grow my UX skills by working with experienced people (while still writing front-end code).

Contact: hello@oskar.io

Austria,Remote (Contract)

Stack: Python, php, mysql, pgsql, rabbitmq, html5/css3, javascript, iOS, java, c, c++

Resume: http://linkd.in/1tZgswE

Contact: dev@schoash.com

Looking for new and interesting projects. Willing to consult to improve or create prototype apps. Just contact me and we can talk.

Kathmandu, Nepal Relocate to LA / SF (H-1B needed) | Sydney , australia ,Full time

Stack: C#, JavaScript, Mono for android, Android Java native

Email: arjuns.sapkota [at] gmail [dot] com

Developer with over 8 years of industry experience of developing, designing and architecturing small to medium desktop and web based solution.

Remote, Full Time|Contract|Part Time

Stack: All browser front end, MacApp w/ webkit, NodeJS, MYSQL, Redis, Mongodb, scaling, distributed architecture, security, etc.

Resume: Been CTO/ early lead engineer of a few companies, ability to develop fast MVPs, currently Nodejs lead for top10 app.

Contact: kevin@launchunit.com

Location: EU, Remote & Relocation, Full time,Part time

Stack: LAMP, SASS, Compass, Bootstrap, RWD, HTML5 APIs, jQuery, Angular. Also UI design (Sketch).

Contact: epicawsm@gmail.com

I am a full-stack developer who loves front-end more than anything. I'm looking to work with small (5-10 person) companies.

Vancouver BC, Remote | Local, FT


Resume: http://www.bradkilshaw.com

Contact: See profile or resume

Overview: I'm looking for interesting work, involving data analysis. Very interested in being able to grow within a company.

Gurgaon, India. Remote|Open to relocation. Contract Only.

Stack: nodejs,erlang,couchdb,lucene,elasticsearch.



Location: Currently in Switzerland, Relocation, Full Time

Stack: iOS(Objective-C), HTML, JavaScript(Backbone, AngularJS, jQuery), CSS, PhoneGap, Java(Spring, Hibernate)

Resume: https://db.tt/gQ0Mfdzy

Contact: gabathuler at gmail dot com

Boston, MA., Full Time

Stack: Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Git

Resume: Please contact.

Email: earnthis2714@gmail.com

Looking for a junior engineer position where I can learn as much as contribute, geared mainly towards Python however I'm very open to other tech given time to pick it up. Intrigued by OpenStack.

Poland or Remote Stack: PHP/Zend/Symfony2, C++/Qt, Ruby/RubyOnRails, JavaScript/CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, Openlayers, OpenCV, Java/Android, Debian GNU/Linux expert - 12 years of experience Contact: grzsp@10g.pl

India, Remote, Full Time Stack: C, Ruby, Rails, etc. Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k5cxz3uxs0i6vdw/resume_may_2014.pd...

UK, London, Full Time Stack: Android, WebOS, Embedded Linux, MPEG-2, C/C++. Contact: http://douglas.gemignani.org / douglas@gemignani.org

Europe, Remote, All Options

JavaScript, Node.js, AWS, CMS, ActionScript, mySQL, PHP, Photoshop, Flash

Resume upon request

grmail@gmail.com, github.com/igord

Front/back end engineer, years of experience and thousands of customers. I'm looking to join a remote team.

Saint Louis or remote

résumé — http://elm.nfshost.com/sansaddressforHN.pdf

innovate, think critically, communicate clearly, solve complex problems

rick at inboxpro dot com

Santa Catarina/Brazil, Remote, Relocate (H-1B needed), Full time

Stack: Python, Shell script, Javascript, HTML/CSS. MySQL, Linux, Asterisk PBX

Contact: root@thiagoc.net

Want to work with Python development and/or devops.

Remote/Relocation (almost anywhere), Part Time/Contract

Stack: F# preferred (could do C#/Haskell too), Linux preferred (could do others too)

I specialize in Mono+Gtk#+etc

References & CV on request.

Contact: knocte at gmail

Do I read this right that you do F# on linux as a preference? Could I ask how you manage this? Last time I tried setting up mono defeated me to be honest!

Yes it's correct.

F# on Linux works flawlessly.

I guess what defeated you is actually ASP.NET, not F# on Linux, right? ;)

What do you use as your IDE? Monodevelop or something else?

Debian GNU/Linux, C++ expert 18 yrs experience. resume at http://cv.mm-studios.com/

Kampala Uganda, remote, full-time/part-time

Ruby on rails, postgres, Amazon aws, heroku, engine yard, C#, .net and currently working on my first python app.

contact: capdiz@yahoo.com

Blackfoot, ID, Remote, Full Time

Stack: PHP, NodeJS, Python, Java, Lucene, etc.



Looking for a remote or local position with a meaningful project to work on and bring to a reality.

Toronto or Remote, Full Time. Stack: NodeJS, EmberJs, Rails, Flask, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, CouchDB, neo4j Resume: Available upon request. Contact: edude03@gmail.com

I'm looking for a company where I can continue to push my technical skills forward and build a product that people will enjoy using.


Stack: C# + .NET (ASP.NET MVC+Razor, etc),JS

Database :SQLServer,PostgeSQL,MySQL

ETL:SSIS ,Talend


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