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I was in this lecture on Tuesday!

I did not take notes, but another student takes very extensive notes for the class and posts them online. All his notes for the class can be viewed here (scroll all the way to the bottom):


Does he make the slides in class? I teach and hate powerpoint, but it looks like he draws the slides as he teaches?

No, they were already made. I meant to ask what he used to make them, but I never had the chance.

I draw my slides in Xournal on slide sized pages, and then export to PDF to present them. I roll a few patches to the software to make it easier to make build slides, but otherwise it's pretty self-explanatory. (https://github.com/ezyang/xournal) I do the same thing for diagrams too. (http://blog.ezyang.com/2010/04/diagramming-in-xournal-and-gi...)

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