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Well, if we are going to speculate, I'll offer a guess: the crowd funded security audit made the developers lose their enthusiasm.

I believe I read in another thread that TrueCrypt did not get many donations. I'd be a bit depressed if I worked long and hard on a project that people seemed to appreciate, but not enough to crack open their wallets and toss a few bucks my way, and then some third party comes along and quickly raises $70k to audit my code.

Yep. And reading the pdf for phase 1 of the audit, worth about $40k, the findings didn't seem very impressive. Specifically the readability portion where they give a critique of naming conventions in the code. I could see the developers figuring for that money they could've done a lot more good with it.

I believe I read in another thread that TrueCrypt did not get many donations

Given the anonymity of the developer(s), how would anyone know this?

However, the downside of being anonymous is that it makes it hard to ask for donations (in places other than your website).

If, and it's a big if, the reason for them throwing in the towel like this, was compensation, I think it would have been handled a lot of other ways.

My money is on an NSL and this was their way of telling us about it.

That also seems very possible.

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