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Interestingly, I took part in an environmental project when I was in High School to thin out a deeply overgrown area of conifers that had been planted 20 years prior as part of a tree planting initiative to reclaim some undeveloped farm land that belonged to the county and was next to a school.

We had to cut down about 10% of the trees and haul out half of the felled trees, chosen at random, and introduce a half dozen clearings about a 1/4 acre each. The intention was to thin it out so that wildlife could move around more easily in it and become a small wildlife sanctuary. Apparently it worked as the site is now a dedicated bird sanctuary.

But I do wish we could have transplanted the trees rather than just cut them down.

Transplanting a tree that has been growing for 20 years would generally require a substantial amount of digging!

And a non-zero risk of loss after replanting.

That's another thing my grandfather taught me - taking care of a forest means cutting down some trees. Although they were never chosen at random, but carefully selected, marked for their intended destination (furniture, planks or firewood) and then hauled away for sale.

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