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just yesterday, i was debating between Twilio or this email-to-sms option.

a more complete list is here: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5913116

it's free, but with Sprint for example, it prepends "Subject: " to the front of the text. not great, but i guess might be an ok compromise for "free".

This is the most comprehensive list of gateways I've found:


since twilio is so cheap, it's almost always better than email-to-sms. For example, you don't need to figure out which gateway to send to, and google voice users won't be prevented from getting sms.

depending on the context, and your userbase, it's usually not too much extra work for them to choose one of 7 carriers and saves you a database lookup & maintenance.

if you insist on keeping the huge database (around 30MB), i actually wrote a miner script a couple years ago to scrape the NPA-NXX data as a CSV from 2 different sources [1]. (you'll have to change the $src key and run it twice)

[1] https://github.com/leeoniya/npa-nxx-miner.php

not sure I understand this. You can lookup which carrier a user uses based on area code and next three digits? what if user ports their number from one carrier to another?

good point.

Figuring out a SMS gateway for your phone is pretty darn cheap.

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