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OpenCL Rocks: Why You Care (chadaustin.me)
25 points by eries on Aug 24, 2009 | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

I'd love to play with OpenCL on my i7. Since no Intel implementation exists, I'll stick to CUDA on my Tesla. I am not sure learning OpenCL is a worthwhile investment yet. I am skeptical about the ability of OpenCL to run efficiently on a very heterogeneous devices.

...then again...I suppose people said the same thing about OpenGL.

I would really like to see hardware acceleration of encryption, especially for tls/ssl and full disk encryption.

Is there a working implementation of this somewhere? I remember searching for it a while back and couldn't seem to find one.

Yeah, I was playing with AMD's demos today. They're part of their SDK at http://developer.amd.com/GPU/ATISTREAMSDKBETAPROGRAM/Pages/d...

You can use username "chadaustin" password "password"

I think nVidia's OpenCL compiler is still in beta, which means it's only available to "registered" developers. Though if you want to register, you just need to fill out this form:


Does it get compiled to all targets, or is there some sort of intermediate code that gets compiled at the end point?

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