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I've since switched to SockJS for all of my projects (after struggling with memory issues in Socket.io 0.9.*). Any compelling reasons to give Socket.io another try?

The new engine.io module used behind the scenes is amazing. It will start with long polling, and upgrade to WebSockets seamlessly (so you get a very fast start every time, even in old browsers or proxied envs). AFAIK, this is the opposite of what was happening previously (trying WebSockets, then falling back to long polling). Engine.io is also much more scalable and robust.

Disclaimer: I work at Automattic, we've been using engine.io on cloudup.com for a while.

When I switched to SockJS, I tried Engine.io too, but I ended up going with SockJS mostly because Engine.io didn't expose the client's IP address to Node, which made IP banning impossible. It looks like it's still an issue, sadly.

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