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I only want print as statement again

Seriously? The first thing I do when writing python 2 is import the print_function!

Not at all, I can live without it, was only less thing to type when debugging.

Out of curiosity: why?

I use

    map(print, list_of_tuples)
quite a bit, but that possibly an artifact of my print-based debugging. I can only do this with print as a function rather than a statement, and the single line makes it easy to drop in or comment out as needed.

map(print, list_of_tuples) does not work on Python 3 unless you wrap it in list(). In any case it's a anti-idiom because it creates a useless list. Please don't do that.

Ah, I can see now that `map` will return a list of Nones, and also that Py3 `map` returns a lazy iterator. Thanks.

Seeing how my transition to Py3 got hung up on sending bytes in and out of ZeroMQ sockets, I might stop that now.

Back to the for loop or join the strings as suggested below.

    >>> from pprint import pprint; pprint(list_of_tuples)

Print '\n'.join(str(x) for x in list_of_tuples)

Not as nice, but doable.

I can never remember the python 2 quirky, inconsistent syntax, I always have to look it up.

PRINT TO A FILE, OR STDERR print >> sys.stderr, "blah" What are those '>' signs here? Why two? What happens if I use one only?

Compare this to (py3k): print("blablah", file=sys.stderr)

PRINT WITHOUT NEW LINE sys.stdout.write('blah') I can't use print to print?

compare to: print("blah", end="")

DISABLE FLIUSH In python 2 there are 2 or 3 different ways to do that, all more complicated than each other. Compared to:

print("blah", flush=True)

Finally, it's a function, you can do everything you do with a function, use map, return a print from another function, include it in generator expressions etc...

> PRINT WITHOUT NEW LINE sys.stdout.write('blah') I can't use print to print?

You can. Compare the output from:

  print "foo"
  print "bar"
With that from:

  print "foo", 
  print "bar"

I thought `repr backticks` were convenient, but alas "there is only one way to do it".

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