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One issue I see with this is that most home automation solutions (not all) run with a central hub, a server that talks to the other devices, and relays messages to/from them. This hub has an IP address that is reachable from home or away, so you can control it via your smartphone. The devices do not have individual IP addresses that are reachable. This would mean that to get a home automation system working, Apple would have to sell another device into the home. That's sometimes a hurdle for them. (Home automation server = new Apple TV??)

Yes, I know some home automation devices have the server built into every device (every plug, every camera, every light is a standalone "thing" in the Internet of Things), but this adds significantly to the cost. On the other hand, with some good software, it makes controlling everything without a central hub possible.

Back to my Mac already does a great job of building a private IPV6 VLAN for each Apple ID tht connects all the logged in devices.

In terms of dedicated hardware, what you are describing sounds a lot like an airport express/extreme wifi base station.

Yeah, they can easily leverage any other device already in the house: I would think the Airport or Apple TV would be the logical choice though. People get more creeped out thinking that their laptop might be exposed.

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