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I used to call these type of things, short-lived fads really: User Interface (UI) element of the week. Fortunately, UI isn't changing that often anymore. However, Javascript and the "mobile" platform are bringing "User Interface element of the week" back.

I am seeing lots of weird scrolly things these days. And, pages that blink out and then reappear, as they get rendered and rerendered and rerendered again by Javascript. Lots of other annoying Web 2.0 thingies that do little more than annoy. If I was a better writer, I could probably write a weekly WTF about "User Interface element of the week."

Yes, "fixed bars" are annoying. We've had "fixed bars" on non-mobile for as long as I remember: Main Menu Bar, Title Bar, ooh and now a "Tab Bar" which is just the modern version of Windows MDI, maybe Windows MDI, Navigation bar(s) which sometimes takes up a quarter of the screen height I kid you not, the Bookmarks Bar which gets hidden the first time I open the browser and all corporate links get deleted what a pain.

Including your "bar" in the contents and letting it scroll away might be easiest, and the author noted medium's clever idea.

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