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Show HN: My wife developed an Android app but she's too shy to post it on HN
61 points by zeeone on May 25, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments
My wife (28) developed an app to make fun of people who make the "duck face" in pictures. Any advice for her?


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These are the kinds of headlines you find on reddit.

That is awesome, and good for her getting a fun project done.

But I am curious, why is her age relevant?

No, you developed it. Clever marketing though, it seems so far HN is buying into it.

Do share with us why you believe that to be the case.

Great job! Do you know if she'll be making this for iOS?

Yes, she is. It's almost done. I set up a site for her at http://www.duckfacebooth.com. The iOS app will be linked there once it's done.

this isn't reddit, no one cares if it was your wife or girlfriend.

The application is fun, I spent the last 10min playing with it. I found a PNG file that makes it crash though.

Great job!

Was this your wife's first app?

If so, will she be making more? Assuming that this closely resembles what you do for a living, does she have a different perspective on what you do now that she's been in the trenches?

I develop web apps and have very little to no experience with mobile. Yes, her perspective on what I do changed dramatically. And that's just the beginning. Now she has to support it.

I love it and the fact that support older sdk is a big plus to me. Plus is very easy to use.

Edit: Something that i would like is that the icons popup a bit more, they are too thin.

this is hilarious :)

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