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And neither eBay nor PayPal allow me to paste a secure password from KeePassX. sigh

Edit: I can now paste on eBay (not sure what went wrong the first time) but PayPal is still actively preventing pasting a new password.

I use assword, which works around paste blockers by typing the password into the browser window 1 character at a time.

I’ve not used Keepassx, but I have no trouble pasting from Lastpass…

You can paste in PayPal passwords on the password reset tool this week, but it's a new tool from last week when I last reset it. Wonder what made them update it?

I tried this around an hour ago and can't paste, it's being explicitly blocked.

Perhaps my region (UK) still uses the old password change page? For clarification, I'm using the change password function once logged in and not doing a forgotten password reset.

I'm referring to a new Bootstrappy dialog (blue and white candy buttons) available when you login from Paypal.com

Ah. I don't see that. I see the new front screen (with large HTML5 video background) but when I log in I've got a rather dated interface http://imgur.com/KVSREgH

This doesn't let me paste, giving the aforementioned tip that I should copy/paste.

Go through this screen and you can paste. Just did, but no pic here because I don't want to reset the password yet again.


I can do that just fine, must be your browser interfering.

You're right. It seems to be working now. When I first tried, I could paste into any field but the change password fields.

However on PayPal, when pasting I received a little tooltip-style popup saying something along the lines of "Please do not copy and paste passwords.", followed by their password criteria.

Pasting into other fields (including the login page password field) worked perfectly fine.

Ugh, companies misunderstanding password security is so infuriating. Yes, let me use my memorable 8 character password instead of my fully randomized 30 character password protected by a strong password I use only for that, and a keyfile I have stored on my computer. I feel so much more secure now that I'm using weaker passwords.

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