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You can do that in Snappy Checkout by creating separate products. Here's an example of where I do that with one of my products:


I really like Snappy (from what I've looked at briefly) but I feel like the pricing options need to be on the main page...

Pricing appears on the main page twice -- "You only pay the standard credit card processing fee — plus either 2% or 50¢ per sale". I tried to make it as easy as possible, but it gets a little complicated if you're using Stripe and PayPal -- due to the way the Snappy Checkout fee is charged.

Sorry for not being clear. I mean the pricing for multiple tiers of an item I'd be selling. The link you shared (the page looks great) has a button that says "Buy" then takes me to a page with the various pricing options. Does that clear up what I meant?

The page (at the above link) with the various pricing options is the only page that is using Snappy Checkout. Inside of the Snappy Checkout admin, I added four products -- so each could have a separate price. And there is a buy button linked to each product.

Pricing for Snappy Checkout is the same no matter how many tiers your item has. It's 2.9% plus $0.30 (for Stripe/PayPal) and 2% or $0.50 (whichever is less) for Snappy Checkout's fee.

If I did not answer your question, then please email me at Mike@SnappyCheckout.com with some more details.

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