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I've sold about a thousand dollars thru Gumroad. http://gumroad.com

I like the design. I like the simplicity. People can just use their CC like normal. They take a percentage of your sales, but so far found it worth it.

I wish it had order tracking (just a box I could tick when I shipped something would be nice) but that is irrelevant for downloads.

Snappy Checkout has an icon to mark an item as shipped. Check it out here:


Might just be me, but gumrouad's website offers me no help in trying to make a decision. I'd like to see the actual checkout process and what it looks like but it keeps giving me a signup page.

I think Paystr is the way to go. They are new, but they offer a bunch more. Yes, they take a bigger cut than gumroad, but they offer a ton of services for your digital downloads, like support to your customers, if they have an issue, they call Paystr and they will resolve it, you do nothing. Also, if you sell enough, you can get paid THE NEXT DAY. Check them out at https://www.paystr.com. If you want to see them in action, go to http://www.joshuasring.com and try to buy the book, that's the checkout process. I love how the customer never leaves the site.

I clicked on a few links for Paystr and couldn't find pricing information (even on the FAQ). Even a Google search yields nothing. It's a gorgeous layout but I don't think I can bring myself to sign up for a website where they won't be even remotely transparent about their pricing.

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