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Full-stack Ruby on Rails engineer not afraid to change it up – Camperoo (YC W14)
on May 20, 2014 | hide
Camperoo is OpenTable for kids camps. We have a marketplace for parents to purchase camps and activities and a SaaS to help camps (small businesses) with online registration, payment, and CRM.

Be our first full time technical hire and get in on the ground floor. We're truly enhancing kids lives and easing the pain of this generation of parents! Our business is seasonal, so every 3 months, our product focus slightly shifts--from optimizing e-commerce transactions to building out SaaS features and more.

We are venture backed by global prestigious investors and Y-Combinator.

Our mission and vision - To empower parents to find and register for awesome programs for their kids year-round and build a community around activities and camps - To empower small businesses to grow by reaching new customers and mitigating back-office headaches

About the Position

- Mid to Senior level, with at least 4+ years experience

- You'll never get bored, as we change focus from season to season, and because we're all about camp and camp is fun!

- Small team, great benefits (401k, health insurance, vacation, your choice of hardware, etc)

- The ability to make an impact, both technically and ideologically

We are open to relocation. We will pay for you to come from anywhere in the U.S. to the SF / Bay Area. We're originally from Texas, so it's a bonus if you're from there too! :)

Email jobs@camperoo.com if you're interested in finding out more.

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