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I have to respectfully disagree in the context of my post:

- I think you're coming from a North American perspective

- OP is not from North America.

- I have received a few emails to my post above I've encouraged them to build a history and not worry about what they lose. Long term clients understand value and they do exist on oDesk.

- Increasingly on oDesk, for software development, there is more and more of an appetite to pay. I certainly am open to it.

Regarding the North American race to the bottom: The race to the bottom is happening in every industry. There's a book called "A Whole new mind" that might interest you.

There are lots of North American developers charging NA rates for those who are inclined. I have hired and found some great folks from there.

Anyone who has been hiring long enough knows that paying a few dollars gets you what you pay for... work that no other developer can work in, and takes longer and longer (and more money).

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